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A Glass Half Empty And Reality Kicks In

My glass is half-empty you will understand why if you read on. I had convinced myself we had a real chance today. Admittedly I had a few beers before kick-off, which helped sway that decision. The beer was flowing nicely, and my optimism levels were going through the roof.

Unfortunately, I did not have to wait long for reality to kick in following the team news. What I had earlier hoped to witness today was looking more like a pipe dream. The same old approach, my earlier optimism suddenly deserted me. I needed a top-up as my glass was half-empty. Had I consumed coffee and taken off my claret and blue rose-tinted glasses before kick-off. Then I would have realised our only chance of getting a result today was zero chance.

Reasons To Be Optimistic

Its, a good job that the need to believe and have hope is what keeps us going, especially where Villa is concerned. I am not sure if it was the beer kicking in or reality. But to my surprise, it appeared Villa played very well in the first half. By the time the half-time whistle came, I was believing again and had convinced myself we were going to get something from the game. We had not only contained the threat of Liverpool, but we looked dangerous ourselves on the break.

Douglas Luiz looked like a man possessed again, and Anwar El Ghazi was having one of his 1 in ten games. I needed another drink at this stage as my glass is half-empty, and I needed to gather my thoughts. Usually, The reality of watching Villa play is like watching a remake of the movie edge of tomorrow with a twist. Every game week, we get thrown another lifeline because of other teams results. Only to blow it and end up back where we started. But up to the 70th-minute mark today, we looked like we might change that. But it was not to be.

Quality Separated The Two Teams

I said yesterday in my leader our best performances this season, have been when we have been on the front foot and given it a go, and that we might as well go down fighting than go down with a whimper. Today they did not disappoint the players showed desire and commitment, and the only thing separating the two sides was perhaps our quality.

So shortly, after cooking a late Sunday roast, I am going to consume a lot more (homebrew). Mainly because my glass is half-empty, but also secretly hoping it will reach parts other ales cannot. Hopefully, with a little luck, it will erase enough of my brain cells for me to believe when I wake up, we have a realistic chance to put things right against Manchester United.

For the record, It’s not looking anymore ominous for us now than it was before kick-off, thanks to other results. But eventually, we will run out of lifelines, If we do not take advantage of the situations presented to us. Since the restart, we have had numerous chances to get out of the bottom three and yet failed to take them. Before the game today, no one expected us to get anything, other than being on the receiving end of a trouncing. That is, apart from perhaps our resident comedian Begley, and myself due to (homebrew) optimism.

How Long Before Villa Get Another Point

It’s hard to guess how long Villa must wait for their next point. But I can tell you now it will be a lot longer than me getting mine. No doubt if the inevitable happens, then we will probably look back on those games earlier in the season where we threw away leads which ultimately cost us our premier league status. But for now, I get to watch the remake of the edge of tomorrow on Thursday once again.


P.S I am sorry for my lack of interaction in the comments section at present, I am juggling the site and still doing a lot more chores at home than I would ideally like too.

8 Responses

  1. Big fat ron

    Who ever thought Taylor should get a game should be shot,2goals conceded nearest man to him either scored or created,same as the debate about Hutton just clean useless

  2. Vancouvervillan

    Coffee for me during and before the game (time difference) but I share your thoughts. We looked good enough for it to encourage some real optimism after I expected the worst. The quality that came off the bench and our non reaction to that disappointed me but up until then we were very much in it and dare I say it deserved a point at 70 minutes.
    It’s not over yet.