About AVFCVillablog.com And Me

About AVFC Villa blog and me, I am a lifelong Villa fan who was born a stone’s throw away from the ground, Aston Hall Road to be exact. Just up the road from where the King Edward public house used to be.

Like so many of us, I do not remember having a choice. I was born into a family of Villans, that’s who my Mother, Father, big brother and sisters supported. So I naturally followed suit all my immediate family are Villa fans.

I consider my self one of the “lucky ones”. Imagine being born a blue nose. I have followed Villa up and down the country and have fantastic memories and experiences, good and not so good. From our relegation to the third tier of the English football pyramid. To the good times under Ron Saunders, our League title & European successes. I hope that future generations of Aston Villa fans get to see our great club achieve similar success. My passion for the club I love as never waned.

I am a Villa die-hard, who has been described by my friends during matches as ‘emotionally unstable’. I will talk Aston Villa and football in general with anyone possessing a modicum of brain cells, oh and the means to buy me a Pint!.

A Little Bit More About Me

What with my passion for our great club and after using various blogs and forums for several years, I started to contemplate the idea of setting up my own Aston Vill fansite. In hindsight, it was probably a crazy stupid idea, given that I had no prior qualifications for building a website. Anyway, after doing some research, I decided to go ahead with my creation and so an alternative for Aston Villa’s online fan-base was born.

Due to the fact, I was born during the typewriter revolution. Most of my family and friends were mighty surprised that I even knew what a blog was, never mind that I had set one up.

We all need to dream

In the back of my mind, I’m still an undiscovered world-class football talent. I live in hope, that somehow by stepping up my dog walking it will enhance my fitness levels and increase my chances of becoming the oldest player to make his Aston Villa debut and become a club legend.

About The Blog

A little more about the blog/website, Originally we were called Villablog.co.uk and we were founded in September 2017. I changed hosting platforms in August 2018 to improve user experience. Unfortunately, this meant having to change the domain TLD name. So we have now settled on avfcvillablog.com.

AVFCVillablog is an independent fan site and blog and we remain an impartial voice, we have no connection paid or otherwise to Aston Villa football club or its employees.

Since 2017 our aim has been to report and reflect on all the latest Aston Villa FC news, honestly, consistently & with integrity while providing the wider fan base with a platform to voice their opinions. 

After changing our name I did lose 12months of vital S.E.O work, but looking back, it was a small price to pay to ensure a better end-user experience. The site is now ultra-responsive and more user-friendly on all devices. Visitors now get a painless, uninterrupted browsing experience. After all, no one likes those pesky little adverts in their face. And site visitor statistics since switching has shown it was the right decision to make.

Avfcvillablog is a non-profit entity, unlike many other websites which use advertising to help fund their costs. We are a self-funding website, so I bear the burden of all the annual running costs. These are quite significant when you total everything up, but they’re needed for the site to run as smoothly as possible.

I do want to eventually try and integrate everything that a fan might want to find. Everything under one roof so to speak, for example – league tables, fixtures & results, squad/player details, match highlights, match analysis, etc. I am also considering expanding the site to incorporate an online store. So fans can also purchase Aston Villa merchandise and memorabilia.

Blog Hopes And Aspirations

Hopefully, in due course, avfcvillablog.com will become the number one place to share views & opinions with like-minded Aston Villa fans on all things claret n blue. In reality, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook seem to be the fans choice for this. Maybe it’s a generation thing. I have put a lot of hard work into building this platform, and It has certainly been testing at times, but I’m not one to give up. Besides my passion for Aston Villa makes it more of a hobby than a chore. I do enjoy reading debating everything Villa, and also learn from listening to other fans views & opinions. And everyone likes a bit of banter, don’t they?. So please join in debates and share your thoughts. I don’t bite.