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Aston Villa The Enigma That Baffles Fans

Aston Villa again frustrated it’s fan base, with yet another lacklustre home performance against high flying Hull. The first ten minutes looked promising, we started brightly but were unable to capitalize on our dominance.

Not for the first time thou, fans early optimism soon turned sour, again it was down to some woeful defending, which proved costly. So much for expecting a reaction from their away-day blues at Wigan seven days earlier. Villa have developed a habit of shooting themselves in the foot, time and time again it occurs, Villa desperately needs to address this curse, or we could find our season over by the end of the month.

After the setback of Hull opening the scoring, Villa’s afternoon got worse, When Hull netted their second. It was all Villa’s own doing, had it been a worldly goal, then you accept it, but it came about from more dire decision making. After that, it was an uphill struggle. And it looked like there was no way back.

The Fightback

Just before half time thou Villa netted and gave themselves a lifeline. What Villa fans must be asking thou, is why could we not put in a display in the first half like we did the second. The second half saw us pressing, playing higher up the pitch. A slight tweak to the formation and a couple of subs made all the difference. And although we still looked vulnerable to Hull’s counter, Villa was by far the better team and should have won it.

Aston Villa rolled the dice

Aston Villa Ceo Christian Purslow rolled the dice when he dismissed Steve Bruce. The club chose to bring forward their long-term plans. It was a risk based on the hope or chance of a fortunate outcome to the current season. However, the appointment of Dean Smith also aligned with the direction the club wants to take going forward.

Aston Villa fans are fully aware of what Dean Smith inherited. Especially the frailties of an unbalanced defence. Smith Came to Aston Villa with a reputation of playing a progressive brand of football, and the ability to coach it. However most fans realized he would need to plug the gaps somehow until January, and if he could do that and keep us in touch, reinforcements would then help us push on. However, thus far, reinforcements have not been forthcoming.

Bruce – Smith comparisons

This makes interesting reading for Aston Villa fans. How do we measure Smith’s impact so far ?. Some are already comparing Smith’s record to Steve Bruce’s. Fairly or unfairly it happening. Even thou bruce had 100 plus games and four transfer windows to surround himself with his players.

Lets look at this season only for a fairer comparison. If we look at what Bruce’s team did in terms of goals for and against and do some simple assumptions and then compare them to what Smith as achieved, I think some Aston Villa fans will be surprised to find out that there has been very little difference.

Using the fact Bruce managed 11 games, and conceded 18 and scored 19. As an average, had Bruce still been here, Villa would have conceded approx 45 goals and scored 47 to date. Smith’s team has conceded 25 goals and scored 31. Meaning overall we have probably conceded just as many as we would have done, had Bruce stayed, 45 goals. yet only scoring 4 more goals as we’re sitting on 51 currently. Bruce left us in 13th place, and we remain there.

Aston Villa Fans really need to show some patience

The appointment of Dean Smith or it’s longterm benefit cannot yet be truly measured. However given the resources wasted, since relegation we now have to build a team capable of winning promotion, rather than try and buy it. That is factual not fiction and applies to any future incumbent. So be very careful what you wish for during the turbulent times ahead.

As fans we currently find ourselves, facing the prospect of a fourth season in the championship and our club needing a complete rebuild. None of us envisaged this would be the case three years ago. Only a fool would think to continue with Steve Bruce would have brought about the promotion we crave.

Interestingly the sheer lack of activity in this transfer window supports we are still faced with ffp. So expect the rebuild to begin in the summer.


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