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Big Test Ahead For New Look Villa

It’s another big test for Steven Gerrard and his new look Villa team. The biggest to date, because the Premier League Champions are coming to town. Can we beat them? Yes, anything is possible. This must be true because if it were false that would be horrible. Will we beat them? Probably not. I suspect that’s the mindset of the majority of Villa fans going into this game. Lets hope Steven Gerrard and the players think differently. Anyway this means subconsciously I have already written off this game as a loss. But in reality I am praying to be proved wrong.

My illogical logic

You see my logic and reason goes out the window where Villa is concerned. I always convince myself were going to win. And against all the odds I have already convinced myself were going to beat Manchester City. Only trouble being, it may not be this Wednesday. But then again it could be, it’s going to happen at some point. And based on that logic and reason I just cannot accept our fate before a balls been kicked. Honestly I just can’t bring myself to do that. I am not made that way, so until that final whistle goes and the scoreline says differently you wont convince me otherwise.

Am i in denial? No because we are Aston Villa, we are not Norwich City. We don’t just roll over and accept our fate. This is a big test but so was Liverpool last season, and we won that 7-2. There is no question about Manchester City’s credentials. But they will still need to be the better team on the night. So it won’t stop me hoping that Villa can produce one of those magical nights under the lights at Villa Park. Hopefully one which sees us put Manchester City to the sword. 

Murphy’s Law

Big test or not, my logic says because Manchester City are the only top six team Villa have failed to beat since our return to the Premier League. That victory against them is long overdue. Which means it’s going to happen sooner or later. So because of that, it now means I need to bung a few quid on us every time we play them. Let’s hope that Murphy’s law doesn’t come back to bite me. It’s a funny old game, and with my imagination it’s not taken me long to convince myself that perhaps this could just be our time. As I said I am forever setting myself up for the fall.

Hopefully the footballing “gods” will shine down on us. And as an added bonus I will be rewarded with a nice little earner to help spread some Christmas cheer. 


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    1. HenleyVillain

      I’m surprisingly very impressed with Gerrard. And I find myself nodding like one of those dogs on the back window shelf of almost every older persons car in the 1970’s at just about everything he says. That most likely means that he is talking in cliches and maybe stating the obvious. But I like to think he’s clued up and has the correct answer to every question posed because he knows exactly what he’s doing. Looking forward to the game tomorrow night. And I shan’t be arriving at Villa Park dreading getting beaten out of sight. COYL

      1. Vancouvervillan

        It is a bit cliche at times but I know what you mean. I do like the close knit private stuff he talks about with the players.
        You never know, I remember last season dreading the Liverpool home game and it turned out to be possibly the most enjoyable and remarkable game under DS’s tenure. Will we beat city 7-2 ?
        Unlikely but you have to believe right 😎
        Enjoy your night mate.

  1. HenleyVillain

    Like you BB, I live in hope. And you are right – we’ll beat them one day, so why not now? Don’t think I’ll be joining you putting money on it though (and by my logic, that on its own will give you a better chance of collecting).
    Best get the prediction form updated, slowly but surely I am catching you up !

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Thanks for reminder The Prediction form for tonights fixtures is now done I will add tomorrows and Thursdays games a little later