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Burnley – One Man Rubbish Is Another’s Treasure

Burnley visits Villa park today, and so do two former players. Matt Lowton and Ashley Westwood. Both were deemed not good enough by the Villa Faithfull. Is it a case of one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure?. We shall see today.

Both players have performed well at Burnley. Ashley Westwood was voted their player of the season by both the fans and his teammates. Yet at Villa he was nicknamed the crab. I always thought he had just become another scapegoat. He did his job and played it simple. Like all players, their instructions come from the Coach.

Talking of scapegoats, we do have a habit of targetting players and treating them harshly. If we’re not careful, some of the new players could become the next Ashley Westwood.

The Game

Anyway, today game is a real six-pointer, and so are our following two games. It’s got to the stage where we cannot be saying it early days, even though it still is. We need to get points on the board, and our next three games give us this opportunity. But it’s easier said than done, as we have found out thus far.

So something, as to change, or a combination of changes are needed. Personal and game management are obvious choices, but simple tactical changes might be all it needs. After all, we’re not too far away, and we could have a lot more points on the board than what we have got. But the fact we haven’t means that something is not right. We can’t merely blame match officials. We need to overcome opposition regardless.

Match Facts

Burnley have lost only one of their last eight top-flight games against Aston Villa winning 3, drawing 4.

The most recent encounter came in May 2015, when the Burnley won 1-0 on the final day of the season at Villa Park.

Aston Villa is looking to record three consecutive Premier League clean sheets at Villa Park for the first time since 2012.

Aston Villa has not conceded a first-half goal in five of their six Premier League matches this season.

Burnley have won their last five Premier League games against newly-promoted sides.

Burnley has not kept a clean sheet in any of their last 10 top-flight away games. They are winless in their last five away league matches,


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    First off the accusations of me having some hidden agenda are wide of the mark, and is water off a ducks back to me, but sadly they have really deflected away from why James got the ban.

    You all know from personal experience how James can be at times i simply cannot have anyone causing disruption so i acted as i saw fit. If you ask me he’s was the one with the hidden agenda coming on here to incite and re-ignite hostilities time and time again.

    Anyway considering all the accusations being thrown at me since from James about me having some hidden agenda from the beginning of stealing his posters this is what i am proposing and prepared to do.

    Talk about cut your nose off to spite your face

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    I don’t run advertising for revenue nor do i have an hidden agenda to get you here – it’s not just a blog it’s a villa site for villa fans showing fixtures lists,results and league tables covering every Villa team age group and all club transfers, the blog commenting area is just an extra area for fans to engage and interact if they wish to do so.

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    1. Pace

      As a long term reader and occasional poster of Villa blogs I would like to see the comments on. We need a villa blog with a sense of humour where we’re not taking everything too seriously.
      Soccer AM as opposed to Sunday Supplement. However if it’s going to end up a vehicle for people to have a go at each other I’d turn off.

  2. With Kodjia back in contention Smith as a dilemma with who he puts on the bench, all season it’s been 2 def, 2 mids, 2 forwards and GK, surely he can’t drop Davis, so what will he do to accommodate Kodjia?

  3. Vancouvervillan

    Gnabry was great to watch as was Lewenoski tonight, Spurs falling apart with all wanting away by looks of it. Can see Poch going to Real and taking Kane with him.
    Difficult to believe, new stadium, decent team, good coach, got to be some poor management going on there somewhere.

    Sorry i missed you guys today, work stuff, another time.