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Burton In Cup Tonight and Jack Signs New Deal

Aston Villa visits Burton tonight, and it’s a repeat of our Carabao cup tie of 2018. Dean Smith knows he can ill-afford a repeat of that fiasco. But he will be aware that it’s a realistic opportunity to win some silverware and qualify for Europe. So he’ll want to avoid a similar outcome, and that’s why I believe he will play his best 11 tonight. It’s also Dean Smith’s last chance to cast an eye over the squad before our season gets underway.

I believe the team Smith puts out tonight against Burton will probably be pretty close to the team that starts on Monday in the League, even though it does offer the unique opportunity of putting players in the shop window. I suppose there is also a temptation there to avoid risking injury to key players ahead of the season opener. But the players will need the minutes, and in reality, they could get injured in minute one of match one, so why wrap them up in cotton wool.

Jack Grealish commits his future to Villa

Fantastic news, obviously the signing of the transfer window. Jack’s the heartbeat of this Villa team, so it’s great he’s committed his future to us after listening to the owner’s plans. Because lets face it, he could go and play for any team in the world.

I listened to the so-called expert’s on Jack, and it annoyed me. Even more so hearing ex-villa players jumping on the bandwagon, I always said I didn’t think he would leave this window. Jack’s at his boyhood club, and Captain, and just got his first England Cap.

It’s the stuff of dreams as Jack says. For Jack to top this euphoria he will need to win the League with Villa, given how driven the Owners and Jack is, who’s to say he can’t do that in the next five years.

I am told this contract as an increased release clause added to it. So if any club wants to sign Jack they will have to break the bank. Plus if any transfer targets we were making inquires about were reluctant to join us, because of being worried that we were on the verge of losing our best player, well that’s been put to bed and they have just been shown the clubs ambition.


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  1. AVFCVillablog

    After reading your comment about sending me email with post I checked inbox and junk but nothing make sure you never saved it as draft

    My entries is showing No post form as been submitted either i would normally be notified
    I do appreciate you taking the time doing a leader post please check and resend it an I will publish it thank you

  2. Vancouvervillan

    Late catching up but what a win, what a performance
    We’re back baby ! 😎

    1st time ever we won 1st 3 away games in any league.
    18 goals in 7 games !, 6 in 7 for Ollie ! 4 clean sheets !
    Watkins played so well tonight, held the ball up as good as anyone I’ve seen this season.
    Jack his unplayable best and not a bad performance from anyone.
    Well done lads.

    Shame we have another int break, but if we can keep this level of performance up going forward we should easily finish top half. Play like that we don’t need to be afraid of anybody.
    UTV !

  3. Vancouvervillan

    Southampton top then, fully deserved. Be interesting to know the last time a team was top playing 442, not generally very fashionable these days.

  4. Vancouvervillan

    Comment from text to bbc sport …

    “Good to see Newcastle being responsible and socially distancing themselves from any understanding of how to play the game.”


  5. AVFCVillablog

    Hi all prediction sheet updated

    its still extremely difficult for me to post a new leader as i still only got fone to do it on but I do appreciate you all keeping active on here

    Thanks everyone

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Couple of lines would do mate.
      Maybe you could put the prediction rankings up top ? On second thoughts let’s wait until Begleys toppled off the top 😎

      Hope all is well or getting better for you, hang in there bud.

  6. Vancouvervillan

    I think predictably there are a few OTT on some of the blogs I’ve read regarding our coach. I’m happy with Smith so far, I think what he’s achieved is far superior to what the previous incumbent did. None the less I think there are some concerns with the way we have played in the last two games.

    It looks to me as though we are trying the 4231 with Luiz & McGinn sitting deeper, Barkley further forward, problem with that is it doesn’t seen to suit SJM, previously he’s been the MF’er getting forward.

    We are simply not moving the ball quick enough, watching other teams counter attacking movement just highlights that, Leicester, Maddison in particular, demolished Leeds moving the ball quickly, we seem to have Jack & Barkley both wanting to drive at defenders carrying the ball Watkins’ runs are not being seen or used.

    Frustrating we conceded a goal from Southampton’s only corner on Sunday, whats with the defending all of a sudden, the average Bamford made us look pretty silly.

    It’s also looking like the long ball up to Watkins is becoming all too frequent, hes not that type of striker. What happened to playing the ball out ? Its looking like we can’t handle a heavy press from opponents and revert to the hoof, Martinez distribution is excellent but not if we don’t retain possession.

    I also have some concerns regarding Smith’s comments, publically divulging that the players think its a tactics issue is surely not the right thing to do. One thing putting the cat amongst the pigeons but not when you’re supposed to be in charge of the loft !

    Were we just lucky 1st four games ? Did we catch a few teams not up to full speed at the start of the season ?
    We need to find an answer to teams high press against us, if we don’t everyone will approach us this way. We have to start games on the front foot like we want to win, Sunday lunchtime we didn’t wake up until most had already had their lunchtime roast !
    We’ve been beat by two very good organized teams, not the end of the world, but disappointing after such great results against Pool & Leicester. Tactically we need to find an answer when teams come at us with a high press.
    Arsenal will be no different, its not the Arsenal of old, Arteta has then playing with more energy & the very same high press.
    Move the ball quicker ffs !

  7. Vancouvervillan

    Not sure why we didn’t show up 1st half. Not a great performance, im skeptical of the zonal defensive marking again. Trezeguet offers way more than Traore.
    McGinn & Barkley largely anonymous especially 1st half, maybe its time to involve Hourihane and/or Nakamba ?

    Not sure if it was the planned approach to sit back a little? but we had no press 1st half and looked half asleep.

  8. Vancouvervillan

    So Palace hard done by, it was a red card after ref is sent to look on the monitor but why can’t they fo that for the clear penalty ?

    I just want the right decision made, if its not being used to do that then little point in VAR at all in my view.

  9. Vancouvervillan

    “Clear & obvious error” coming into play yet again, I dont know why they don’t just give the correct decision regardless of what the ref thought in real time.
    I really hope we don’t have too many of these decisions go against us this season.

  10. Vancouvervillan

    Just realized game is 12 noon ish uk time so thats 4.00 am for me ! Plus our clocks go back this weekend, a week or two before you guys if I remember rightly.
    3.00 am a little early for me !
    Needless to say I’ll be absent from live comments but will catch up later (I can provide a note from my mother πŸ˜‰)
    UTV !

  11. Vancouvervillan

    So I guess the big question is do we change the starting 11 ?

    Imo no, I think we’ve made a fantastic start and those that are currently the starters surely have to have the chance to steady the ship. Having said that, (and I understand Smith likes to stick with the 11 he thinks are his best chance of winning), if things are not going well them we simply have to make use of the subs, and/or tactical changes in game. 60 minutes should always be the time to do that imo, unless game is won and subs are being used to run down the clock or shut up shop. 60 minutes gives players coming on enough time to get involved and try to make a difference.

    I think its going to be tough, Smith will need to be on his tactical game, Southampton had best record away last season after City & Liverpool, some very good players.

  12. Vancouvervillan

    Well in the cold light if day, im thinking we approached the game wrong. I think Wolves showed us how to deal with Leeds. Sitting back and shutting up shop, looking for the counter may have been a better plan. Just making ourselves difficult to beat like we did in the restart may have worked better.
    On the other hand a few of our chances go in and its a different outcome.

    Not too worried right now, being 2nd is awesome. I would like to see us move the ball quicker though, particularly when Jack makes the space but then doesn’t use it effectively. I’m also concerned about Traore, he looks the poorest of the signings, hope im proved wrong.

  13. Vancouvervillan

    We have made a great start to the season, way better than anything I expected, maybe thats why I’m disappointed in the way we lost tonight.
    We didn’t use all our subs, we were tactically outplayed, confidence disappeared after the goal, no changes were made to try to make a difference, Smith looked totally lost as to what to do and did nothing.
    To allow Bamford of all people that much time in the box is unforgivable.

    Let’s hope we can regroup and bounce back.

  14. Vancouvervillan

    Not a surprise, they are well coached, they were moving the ball before they could be tackled.
    I keep repeating myself but if Jack had moved the ball quicker today and found the obvious pass we would have reaped the benefits. It’s happened at least twice every game so far this season. Jack not the only one today.
    This dribbling around half the team when Ollie & Trez have already made the run is frustrating.
    I know to some Jack is a god but its a major flaw in his game, Southgate is a dick, no doubt, but he and others in the media see it, its why he doesn’t pick him. Football is a team game.
    He dribbled the length of the pitch today but missed the clear pass to Watkins & we ended up with a poor shot from narrow angle.
    In contrast the less talented championship standard Leeds players looked for the pass as soon as in possession.

  15. Vancouvervillan

    Rightly so, Trez off was like opening up an avenue to goal for Leeds and no MF subs made ? Very poor decision not to take off poor performing players.
    Traore is going to be a bust in my opinion, don’t see him adapting to the PL at all.

  16. Vancouvervillan

    At last, misery is over.
    Time to take a breath and think about this. We simply have to move the ball quicker in this league, they clearly showed us how to do that.

  17. Vancouvervillan

    Martinez has kicked out all game, we haven’t really attempted to play out like we have been.
    Poor performance

  18. Vancouvervillan

    I’m sorry but Jack just doesn’t move the ball quick enough, plays into their hands dribbling. We have been taught a lesson tonight

  19. Vancouvervillan

    Should be 1-0 really Jack unlucky. For all the “brilliant breaks” πŸ˜† they haven’t troubled Martinez, only 1 shot on target.
    Jack could easily have had a pen too.

  20. HenleyVillain

    A draw would feel like a defeat to me. If we can beat the reigning champions, we should beat a newly promoted team, despite them being the darlings of the media. Man for man, we are easily the better side.

  21. Vancouvervillan

    I’m tempering my expectations for now, the thought of top half & European spot is great, we’ve made a great start and look a handful & difficult to beat for any team, but it is only 4 games.
    I had predicted 12th to 15th, tbh anything but fighting against relegation would do.

    Although I’m happy we are finding a way to win, good teams are able to grind out a win like we did against Leicester, let’s see where we’re at after 12 games. Points needed to be comfortable top half certainly seem within our grasp, but this is AV πŸ˜†
    Don’t want to jinx it just yet.

    1. HenleyVillain

      Not tempering mine just yet. In fact, I have just backed us @66/1 to win the league.
      I know, it’s stupid but there you go πŸ˜€

  22. HenleyVillain

    I don’t think they showed much more than 5 minutes. They certainly missed a lot of Jacks great work. Imagine if Bale had come up with that delightful backheeled pass in the first half? They would have been drooling over it for the rest of the programme. Tw@ts.

  23. HenleyVillain

    Great performance. In a different way to the Liverpool game. Fitness levels as good as I’ve ever seen. Even Traore cameo impressed.

  24. Vancouvervillan

    I thought Trezeguet was motm today, he was unlucky not to score in 1st half and never stopped running, his defensive work was outstanding, bet Cash loves him πŸ˜† He was literally everywhere on that pitch, at one time I had to have a double take when he popped up on the left covering Targett and was heading away corners.

  25. Vancouvervillan

    Smith really seems to have his feet firmly on the ground, saying lots of teams haven’t hit their stride yet with a short pre season. Acknowledging Leicester with big injuries.
    Interesting he tweeked MF after 15 minutes I guess Barkley sat a little deeper.
    Looking forward to Leeds now

  26. Vancouvervillan

    Sometimes you need a bit of patience mate, football and life in general.
    We are looking a great team right now even with a few weak spots. This regime is really worth supporting, this time 2 years ago when Smith was appointed we were 16th in the championship.
    Rue the day ! 🀣🀣🀣

  27. Vancouvervillan

    I think we’ve played better but we deserved the win on that performance. Controlled the game for the most part.
    Could of easily had a couple more.

  28. Vancouvervillan

    Yes get in !
    100% record, 4 out of 4, clean sheet, 12 points !
    Nice goal from Barkley 😁
    Great away performance

  29. Vancouvervillan

    More of the same, we look very organized. Targett needs to beat the 1st man with his crosses now & again. I fancy Watkins to find the net 2nd half.
    Looking forward to see if Traore can add something from the bench.
    COYL !

  30. Vancouvervillan

    So far I don’t have a single point from today’s predictions πŸ™„
    So many goals, comebacks and shocks, not sure why but going to be an exciting season.

  31. Vancouvervillan

    Sanchez been outstanding for Spurs, now seen off Antonio, he never gave him anything. Its not often he’s so dominated by a defender.

  32. Vancouvervillan

    Its taken a while but so nice not to be guessing the team selection. I expect Traore to come off the bench and replace Trezeguet at some point 2nd half.

  33. Vancouvervillan

    I don’t know how Brighton didn’t win that game, deserved it. So tired of seeing Zaha moan & complain πŸ™„

  34. Vancouvervillan

    I was shocked Josh King didn’t go anywhere yesterday until I read somewhere he was on 140k a week !!!

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Watching the Chelsea game, Ings looks a great striker again after his injury ridden time at Liverpool, Southampton got a real deal think he when for around 20 mil.

  35. Vancouvervillan

    Morning all, haven’t seen the Liverpool game yet, seems VAR playing a part again, so sad.
    I’m on 10 points after two games, stop the Chelsea game now or a boring 2nd half canceling each other out 😁

  36. Vancouvervillan

    Think the LB was the obvious position to strengthen after the incoming but Targett & Cash are the attacking FB’s Smith wants with the two back ups ending contracts next June, Guilbert work in progress. I think we’ll be alright defensively with Konsa, mings and Luiz DM, all are very mobile.
    Injuries might be the issue but we were very unlucky last year, you’d think it won’t repeat.
    Only 12 games until next window anyway.
    Looking forward to Sunday

  37. Vancouvervillan

    Its done, bbc reporting Benrahma signed for Spam on loan. 5 mil fee with an option to buy minus the 5 mil in the summer.

    At least we won’t have to put up with more speculation, just the neverending Sancho saga now πŸ™„
    I did at one time see Benrahma as a replacement if Jack left us, but he was never going to come for best part of 30 mil to sit on the bench. Jack ripping it up at LW. I think we got the one we wanted from Brentford in Watkins, they got a good price too, after having to pay that much I think we likely moved on from interest in Rico Henry.

  38. Vancouvervillan

    Predictions in lads ?
    I’m gunning to catch Begley for top spot this week, 3 points behind ! πŸ˜‰
    Think he’ll have to change his underware πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    1. HenleyVillain

      Well, rather unfairly I missed out whilst on holiday. Otherwise I feel sure I’d be right up there !
      Where do I get to see the leaderboard ?

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Tap on fixtures and results from the drop down menu top right, then tap rankings.

        BTW. I missed the first week so proof you can catch up, its a long season (hopefully πŸ˜‰) be great to get all involved and have some fun with it.

        I just checked im actually only 2 points behind. Do Asda do boxers ? 🀣

  39. Vancouvervillan

    Seems Leicester have a few injuries, Soyncu (great CB) hamstring will be out their new 40 mil CB expected to make debut. Vardy, calf issue, Maddison not fully fit yet …
    I hope we keep the 100% record and stuff em ! πŸ˜†

  40. Vancouvervillan

    It would make me smile if all the media driven transfers don’t actually happen. King, Benrahma, Beaundia, Sarr …
    I wonder why we needed an extra 12 days or so for the champo deadline ? Both deadline days been a bit of an unexciting bust.

  41. Vancouvervillan

    How embarrassing for West Ham, it seems fairly obvious they don’t have the money.
    Latest I read is trying to get last gasp loan move done for Benrahma. πŸ™„

    1. Vancouvervillan

      This is the danger isn’t it, they spent heavily but still have Noble involved and Antonio leading the line playing counter attack kick and rush. Poor managers & poor management. There isn’t a season goes by where I dont want them relegated. Talk about bailouts ! Stadium fiasco is a slap in the face for all other clubs.

      They do have Karen though πŸ˜‰

  42. Vancouvervillan

    Purslow has said we are done, Smith mentioned one or two out. Josh King who I’ve always liked doesn’t really fit the remit. Benrahma gone to Spam (not sure we were ever really interested after Jack signed his new contract). Only 12 games until we are able to re enter the market if we need to, Heaton & Wesley back by then. After the Liverpool game we don’t look like we need additions.
    Keeping in mind our front three are interchangeable and by the looks of it thats a deliberate trait we looked for, IF we are looking for someone last minute to add some depth then King looks a good bet to add for a fairly reasonable price and he does have that interchangeable ability. Capable of covering ST, LW & AMF I could see this making sense. I got thinking about this when I read a rumour about Guilbert to Bournemouth on loan today.

    We’ll see tomorrow, but I could still see us adding depth if it made sense.
    UTV !

  43. Vancouvervillan

    I’m okay with a new scheme to provide money for the lower leagues, I’m just not happy with the PL being controlled by the big six. I think its important that all involved in the PL have a say.

    I read somewhere that the championship is the 3rd or 4th most watched league in Europe, not sure whether this is attendance or watched on TV, I assume TV.
    It strikes me, if that is true, that the prize money and TV rights for the championship are valued too low, not sure when its due for renewal and I understand PL is the one most are prepared to pay for, but can’t help thinking that a little bit more financial reward might alleviate their current situation.
    I know I was prepared to pay to view whilst we were in the championship and I’m sure fans of other clubs would too. Tbh, championship playoffs are often just as interesting as relegation battles, but with so much money at stake for promotion you would think those involved would be able to reap more financial reward for being involved.
    There are rich owners in both leagues but support is needed at this time with no fans and particularly for teams in leagues one & two.

    I’m hoping some common sense rises out of this, support for lower leagues but not a controlling veto & mega money for the so called elite PL teams. Most important for me is the unique promotion & relegation format the English leagues are built around remains as is, it really is what makes it special.

  44. AVFCVillablog

    Thanks everyone for your contributions towards keeping site active during my extended absence I will put new leader up asap

    Ps maybe I should stay away given our start to season UTV

  45. Vancouvervillan

    Yep, they seem to be trying to take advantage of the fact the football league want to have the PL clubs help bail out those in leagues below them, despicable !!!

    I see the government is also involved with statements of disapproval, it really is a power grab to keep the sky six status quo but at this time when clubs and fans are struggling and many on considerably reduced income the optics aren’t good.
    Amazed that Rick Parry is in favour of this.

  46. Vancouvervillan

    So any last minute signings from championship teams before Friday ?
    I read Benrahma to Spam could be off, apparantly they want to concentrate on King now ? If true then why make the offer / contact ?
    I can only assume it’s paper talk, last gasp effort for clicks before Friday.
    Funny these two been linked with us since about day one of this window.
    As much as I’d like some depth added and maybe its a good opportunity for us to do that, I think we are done.

    Rumours of Lansbury back to Forest but wages probably preventative, unless he takes a pay cut to play football.
    I also read Guilbert has publicly critised the club, saying he was lied to about his standing in pecking order as RB, can’t see that going down too well with this regime, bad move to do that for his current or future employer’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s off on loan somewhere if that’s still possible.

  47. Vancouvervillan

    OMG what a dire England team selection !
    Another clueless England manager. 3 RB’s, 2 DM’s, calamity Pickford back !
    Dear oh dear

  48. Vancouvervillan

    To add, think this is probably N. America orientated it maybe slightly different options & price in lovely Henley in arden.

  49. HenleyVillain

    Annoyed about the pay-per-view for our games on sky.
    I have subscribed to skysports via nowtv and also btsport, and will now have to pay an additional Β£15 per game to watch us. I think I’ll just cancel my subscriptions to both of them and just stump up the Β£15 per game. I know others watch us on iptv but not sure about it – anybody recommend that option??

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Β£15 per game sounds a bit steep. Think Β£5 they might get a few more people sign up.
      Is there not an option for a seasons pass at a cheaper rate ?
      I dont know anything about iptv but at the cost you mention per game, must be worth looking into, can’t be that difficult to set up.
      Good luck

      1. HenleyVillain

        Happy to pay the Β£15 per game for our games – some of that will be going to the club, and it’ll still be far cheaper than a season ticket. I have just got used to seeing every game available on bt/sky platforms and rarely watch any games not involving us (exception was last season when I became a temporary supporter of every club playing against any of our relegation rivals).
        I guess that if we continue in this form we’ll be scheduled with sky for more of their games anyway?

    2. HenleyVillain

      Just reading about it (see V.V’s post above)
      Looks like I might also need an Amazon firestick though?

  50. HenleyVillain

    Lifted from
    Sorry about the length of this article, but thought it well worth a read.

    No wonder Man Utd wanted Grealish: Villa’s George Best is an extraordinary talent
    The England ace was one of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s transfer targets but the attacker has no regrets after committing his future to his hometown club
    Saturday marks the two-year anniversary of Dean Smith’s arrival at Villa Park. Few clubs anywhere in Europe have enjoyed such a rapid ascent in that time.
    When Smith replaced Steve Bruce on October 10, 2018, Aston Villa were 15th in the Championship and, clearly spooked by their brush with financial ruin that summer (a bailout came within days of administration), Europe’s most deeply comatose giant looked set to join Nottingham Forest in second-tier obscurity.
    Fast forward two years and Villa sit second in the Premier League table with three wins from three, floating on air after a scarcely believable 7-2 victory over Liverpool in which new signings Ollie Watkins, Ross Barkley, Emiliano Martinez and Matty Cash all starred.
    And yet despite their on-field success, the most significant moment of Smith’s tenure so far came on September 15 of this year when Jack Grealish signed a new five-year contract, despite interest from Manchester United, who were considering bringing him to Old Trafford only to be put off by the Β£70 million ($90m) asking price.
    It’s no wonder Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted Grealish, though. He is an extraordinary talent. Once-in-a-generation doesn’t go far enough. This is a player with the close control, first touch, and head-up vision of David Silva; the weaving dribbles and foul-drawing of Eden Hazard; the swaggering charisma and omnipresence that, to Villa fans at least, recalls George Best.
    He is the kind of player you build a team around, as Smith acknowledged after the contract was signed and as Gareth Southgate, perhaps, will soon come to realise following his man-of-the-match performance against Wales on Thursday night.
    That is why committing his future to Aston Villa is such an important achievement for a club with genuine hopes of becoming a force in Europe once again.
    Villa have spent over Β£200m ($260m) on players in the last two years – a testament to the aspirations of chairman and owner Nassef Sawiris – and having bought well this summer, it is noteworthy that Grealish repeatedly mentioned the club’s ambition as the main factor in his decision to sign on.
    β€œIt’s my club, my home,” he said after signing the deal. β€œThere are exciting times ahead and I am very glad to be part of it.”
    And there is reason for Villa supporters to be optimistic that their old place in the top 10 – a position held consistently for the first two decades of the Premier League – is within grasp. Not since Martin O’Neill took the club to within a few wins of the Champions League have Villa been in such a position of strength.
    Grealish remains the focal point of the team but, unlike last season, he is no longer the solitary threat. John McGinn, who was winning plaudits at the beginning of last season before a serious injury derailed his progress, is now back to his best and set to become one of the most prized midfielders outside the β€˜Big Six’, while Douglas Luiz continues to develop at the speed Manchester City and Pep Guardiola had long anticipated.
    If the Liverpool win is anything to go by, Barkley completes a Europe-ready central midfield three for Villa, while Watkins’ movement and finishing give the club the goalscoring potential they badly lacked last season.
    Remarkably, Aston Villa created the sixth most chances in the Premier League in 2019-20, thanks almost entirely to the brilliance of captain Grealish.
    With Watkins there to finish more of these opportunities, and with the likes of Barkley, McGinn, and Cash drawing attention away from an over-marked (and constantly fouled) Grealish, Smith’s side ought to win considerably more games in 2020-21.
    However, it would be naive to assume it’ll be plain sailing for Villa this season. Smith faces the challenge of combining this new attacking prowess with the defensive resolve that formed the foundation of their narrow escape from relegation last season.
    The manager’s instincts, and indeed the tactical philosophy he was hired to implement, are towards a progressive style of possession football, but as he learned the hard way – and almost too late in 2019-20 – an expansive system is too idealistic for relegation candidates in the Premier League.
    On July 11, Villa were 19th in the table and seven points from safety with four matches remaining. The fans were beginning to accept their fate, but Smith and his players still believed – because they could feel their post-lockdown tactical work starting to come together.
    Smith and John Terry had spent the period prior to Project Restart working on a sunken defensive shape, more or less abandoning their attacking football for a deep block and counterattacking system: an admission their previous efforts were failing.
    It was this new-found steeliness, led by Ezri Konsa in particular, that won Villa eight points from their final four, including a famous 1-0 victory over Arsenal with just 31 per cent possession.
    Clearly, Villa have reverted to a more proactive game. You don’t score seven against Liverpool with conservative instincts, and despite Villa also recording 31% possession last weekend they were notably less cautious; more open to being counter-countered.
    Smith must work out how to re-establish his attacking vision for the club without sacrificing the defensive resolve that kept them up. It’s a conundrum that could take some time to solve.
    But it is precisely Smith’s bold attacking vision – his desire to bring glamorous football back to a club whose rich history he experienced first-hand – that has inspired fellow Villa fan Grealish to sign up until 2025.
    Grealish has described Smith as a father figure and no doubt the Villa manager tells stories of standing in the Holte End as Villa won the old First Division, of travelling to Rotterdam to watch them lift the European Cup.
    Villa and Grealish are some way off emulating those achievements. But with such ambitious owners, talented team-mates, and soaring optimism following Sunday’s miraculous result, it is easy to see why Grealish became convinced that Villa Park is the place to be.

  51. Vancouvervillan

    England WB’s got forward what twice in 1st half ?
    Sooner Southgate moves on the better.
    How many of this team actually play 3 at the back for their own team ?
    It really is madness.

  52. Vancouvervillan

    Jack moving deeper and more central to get the ball, they won’t pass to him !
    As I speak Jack gets ball on the right crosses for DCL’s 1st England goal.

  53. Vancouvervillan

    If the new starters play well tonight, Southgate is going to get pelters if he changes back to the privileged and we don’t do well.
    I thought this picking players on reputation alone ended in the late 70’s πŸ˜‰

  54. HenleyVillain

    Jack starts, Mings on bench.
    Don’t usually watch friendlies but will have to make an exception tonight.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Not normally bother either in meaningless games but Jack starting, can’t miss that 😎

      Haaland also starting for Norway, great player, absolute deal of a signing for Dortmund.

      1. HenleyVillain

        I can’t believe the defensive line up he’s gone for.
        Fcuking idiot, anyone would think we were playing a team who could beat us.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Reading comments on BBC from neutrals many cant believe Mings not starting & Trippier over Alexander-Arnold ? mind-boggling this team from Southgate, but thats nothing new.
          Nice to see Callum Robinson starting for Ireland.

    2. Vancouvervillan

      Gomez is just an average player not sure why he’s even in the squad. He was battered by us the other night.

      I’m also not sure I want too many Villa players playing for England etc. means there is an increased risk of injury & they don’t get a rest over the break but it is nice to have our players recognized as amongst the best and helps transfer values i guess.
      Just not sure with England under Southgate they will get played properly or be able to oust the usual favorites, Gomez good example of that.

      1. HenleyVillain

        Looks like a second/third string lineup. I bet McGuire will be chosen ahead of Mings. The man really does not have a clue.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          I get the need for a little experimentation maybe, but with two “real” games coming up wouldn’t you want the 1st 11 starting together for as many games as possible? Its not like they play together every week is it.

  55. Vancouvervillan

    I think you’re opening yourself up for bit of a jibe there mate πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    I know for me, they will all be a bit too tight fitting !
    Do they make a “pub fit” ?
    I do like the white camo 3rd strip.

  56. Vancouvervillan

    So I think ourselves, Everton & Spurs probably had the best window, maybe you could include Liverpool in that group too.
    I’m just amazed at Man utd, & Arsenal to an extent.
    I really think maybe there’s some room for more upsets this season.

    Same as any window, we are not privileged to a lot of what goes on but I do love it that some of the arrogant players we’ve heard from this window, Zaha, Rashica, Sancho are left at the same club πŸ˜† perhaps the players don’t have all the power after all ?

  57. Vancouvervillan

    Costing 200k a week !
    33 yrs old, no PL experience, slowest striker in the league?

    Utd are f*cked with OGS & Woodward.
    Europe here we come ! 😁

  58. Vancouvervillan

    Barkley probably one of the deals of the window for me. He was superb last night, no bedding in required.
    Van De Beek at 40 mil looks championship level.

  59. Vancouvervillan

    You know it’s not been an exciting deadline day when …

    One of the top publicized deals is Walcott on loan! 😁

  60. Vancouvervillan

    There wasn’t a bad or average performance from any of our players yesterday, but one player I feel like I’ve been defending for over a season, Trezeguet just keeps getting better. It took him nearly a season to get the nod over El Ghazi, despite goals and work rate but he really looks like he’s getting better and better. His work rate is phenomenal, Traore is going to have to work hard to take a starting place from him imo.
    Easy to knock the cheaper, unfashionable signings but for a Suso signing he’s possibly the most improved for me.

  61. Vancouvervillan

    Flappy Nyland gone then, glad we shifted a keeper surplus to requirements.
    I guess El Ghazi is clearly now back up for Jack on LW as we haven’t moved for one, unless we look to EFL. Still got to 16th before Benrahma rumours are finally put to bed, so glad Rashica saga is over πŸ™„

    Just reading below only 12 weeks until next window ! Ffs I must be getting old.

  62. Vancouvervillan

    “Ollie Watkins scored a first-half hat-trick and Jack Grealish had a hand in five goals as Aston Villa deservedly stunned champions Liverpool with one of the most unbelievable scorelines in Premier League history.”
    BBC 😁😁😁

  63. Vancouvervillan

    Wow, just WOW !
    what a wonderful performance, so proud of that, great feeling. Well done to players, Smith and all involved.

    I think you have to give motm to Watkins 1st PL goal and goes on to be a perfect hatrick !
    But honestly I think you could have given that award to any of Trezeguet, Jack, Barkley, Cash. Targett defended really well as did they all, just a brilliant confidence building performance, lets hope we can really kick on from here and make the media sit up and listen.
    So proud
    UTV !

  64. Vancouvervillan

    Wow, what a shock, and tbh we deserve it, ripped em apart on the counter, Barkley had 3 good chances himself could easily be 6 or 7.
    Defense looks solid, a couple of wobbles but sound.
    Made up for Watkins.

  65. Vancouvervillan

    Olli, Ollie, Ollie !
    Frank’s been on the phone, wants to change his mind 😁

  66. Vancouvervillan

    As expected then, imo we have to play our strongest 11 and that includes Barkley, Traore is not ready to start a PL game yet.

  67. Vancouvervillan

    Antonio is really not helping my predictions, 10 goals in his last 11 games, previous to that took him over 80 games to get double figures πŸ™„

  68. Vancouvervillan

    I’ve no love for utd but Lamela, cheating scumbag, not sure why VAR can’t make the right descion here, a yellow for each or hash word should have been enough, both guilty.
    Lamela has aways cheated.

  69. HenleyVillain

    Barkley for Hourihane, otherwise the same I guess. I think he’ll stick with Trez after witnessing Traore’s performance against Stoke. 2 key players out for Pool that’s gotta help. Just hoping we aren’t embarrassed.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Can’t see Smith dropping Trez but I think we’ll see Barkley start. Late sub for Traore possibly, he can’t possibly he match fit tbh but he needs to get his head down and work hard now to impress me. Thought he was very poor against Stoke.

  70. Vancouvervillan

    Juventus’ Mattias De Sciglia has rejected a move to Villa according to B’ham mail, Celtic were also interested apparently. Described as a versatile FB, can play either side.
    Maybe we are not done yet ?

  71. Vancouvervillan

    On a serious note, I see players hugging each other, managers still doing that, no masks for some managers, players spitting (only natural) and I think its only a matter of time before most teams have a player test positive.
    Now in theory the tracing protocols that you and I are expected to adhere to should also apply should they not ?
    The whole team should now be isolated for 14 days ?

    Of course I don’t see this happening, just playing devils advocate, but it is a rule everyone else is expected to be complient with. A couple of weeks ago the NFL fined several coaches 100k each for not wearing masks on the touch line. There are large fines here in Canada if you don’t isolate after coming into contact with a person who’s tested positive and I’m sure same in UK & Ireland.

    PL is a welcome distraction from whats going on in this crazy world but there may well be consequences to that. To add, not sure England duty and the foreign travel involved is a priority right now either.

  72. HenleyVillain

    Whoever it was that thought of giving the no. 8 shirt to Lansbury should be sacked.
    That was Brian Littles shirt. Should never have been given to a parks player.

  73. Vancouvervillan

    Dire performance and sorry but Traore looks truely awful, I can’t think of a player that had less influence on that game.
    Got to hand it to Stoke, good tactics, some good seasoned pros like Vokes and we couldn’t handle them. They deserved the win.

  74. Vancouvervillan

    Stoke slowing it down quite nicely tbh, I keep saying this we really need to up the pace, get a forecheck going

  75. Vancouvervillan

    Can’t blame Hause imo, he’s just a no nonsense hoofball clearing CB. The real issue is there is no deep playmaker, Nakamba is no Luiz and no one else in MF dropping deep.
    Really need to up the pace.

  76. HenleyVillain

    Jota (the very good one that is) starts for Liverpool.
    Selling him and Doherty will cost them their place in the top ten methinks.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Jota (the good one πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†) understandable when klopp comes calling but Doherty was a surprise to me, lure of London ?

  77. Vancouvervillan

    Side is as expected then, really looking forward to seeing Traore again (not on a dodgy stream) and hoping to see Davis find the net today.
    COYL !

  78. HenleyVillain

    So, for me (and most others besides I guess) our weak link is now on the left hand side with Targett not up to it defensively and Jack tracking back to help out often asking for trouble. We will be attacked down that side mercilessly and any team having quality options on their right side will be a major problem for us. Still not happy with CB cover either but wtf – this side/squad is definitely not relegation fodder. COYL.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Id love a LB to come in ,Telles less than 20 mil, Henry, Sessegnon ?
      But I am greedy πŸ˜†
      I think we are maybe done, apparently Purslow says so, but I still think a back up RCB also on the cards before Monday deadline. Engles a sick note & slow, Elmo at CB again tonight ? Not ideal, but hey it ain’t my money πŸ˜‰

      1. HenleyVillain

        Defo need a LB, can’t see Targett improving and tbh I would prefer Taylor there instead (neither options good enough). Replacement required, that is of course in an ideal world. We should be shipping out Hause, the dogheads saw us coming there. Engles might be ok I had thought he was supposed to have plenty of speed, I haven’t seen it. Rico Henry would be worth having. Not sure about Sessignon though.

  79. HenleyVillain

    Hey Folks.
    Back in time for tonight’s game !
    Some start to the season eh ?
    And sooo pleased with the signings 😁

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Hi bud, hope you had a great break. What a window !
      Improved the team no end at reasonable cost.
      UTV !

      1. HenleyVillain

        Yep. Good to be back – no more fannying about trying to get to watch/listen to the games !
        Cash and Watkins are fitting right in. McGinn finding some of his old form. A lot to look forward to imo.

  80. Vancouvervillan

    So team for tomorrow, I see the same team as last cup game with Traore starting, possibly Hourihane involved as I think Barkley will start against Liverpool, he’s cup tied anyway so can’t play for us tomorrow. Engles instead of Elmo if fit.
    I imagine we will rest Jack again, ready for Sunday so think El Ghazi will be on the left wing. Watkins and Davis to share CF duties again.

  81. Vancouvervillan

    I’m realizing that the window is still open for couple of weeks after the 5th Oct for domestic signings from lower leagues, so I guess no rush for Henry, Benrahma …
    I think realistically we will want to get Lange’s Copenhagen RCB cover over the line before the end of the window but other than that maybe not such a rush now.
    Think we’ve done exceptionally well signing players in the right positions and they all look like very good players.
    A far cry from starting recent seasons with only 1 CB, Brucie πŸ˜† or being teased with Courtino & Aubameyang and then signing Westwood & the ST from Chesterfield under Lambert ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  82. Vancouvervillan

    Wow, thrilled we got Barkley, what a great signing. I wrote yesterday I thought it was unlikely, so happy to be proved wrong.
    Now a decent LB please 😁

  83. Vancouvervillan

    I dont see where RLC fits in tbh, seen him playing attacking MF and left wing, left side of a 3 in MF for us ? Not so sure.
    Barkley is the box to box with the DM experince for me and I think seeing how much he’s been involved for Chelsea lately then I’m thinking its unlikely, loan or otherwise.
    Have to say I’m not sure we’ll sign a LW now either, Jack has made a great start on the left of the 3 and dont see him moving to CM.
    We need a big strong box to box that can play DM with Luiz, think that’s what we are looking for, possibly with an eye out for an improvement at LB.
    Smith says one more and at this stage everything seems to point to a CM.
    Should be fine at ST.

    Just on the possession, not too worried right now, although our nemesis last season was not being able to see out games with the lead, think we may have given up as many points as anyone from a winning position, imo keeping the ball is the best way to do this.
    All good teams can keep the ball & kill off games.
    We didn’t do that very well yesterday, needs improvement.
    Thrilled with our start 😁

  84. Vancouvervillan

    Need to keep the ball at the end against that type of opposition especially, but I’m being picky, good performance, 2 wins, 2 clean sheets.

  85. Vancouvervillan

    Id be amazed if Traore works as hard as Trezeguet, he’ll need some match fitness anyway but Trez working so hard.

  86. Vancouvervillan

    Be nice for Watkins to get off the mark 2nd half, might settle him a bit. Great running off the ball haven’t seen that in recent times.
    A new LB would be nice, Targett not having a great game for me. SJM looks back to his best today.

  87. Vancouvervillan

    Penalty question is a good one, you would think after so many given so far we would have a designated PK taker now even if we didn’t before. I think it was Grealish ? (been a while since we were awarded one !), but I think hes also missed a couple if memory serves me correctly.

  88. Vancouvervillan

    I didn’t expect Traore to start, think he’s carrying a knock to the ankle from Bristol game. As you were opening game winner’s sensible for me.

  89. Vancouvervillan

    Hi mate, hope all is well.
    You are quite right, who makes these rules ? It was obvious this was going to be an issue. Before long we are going to have strikers trying to hit arms instead of the goal πŸ˜†

  90. Vancouvervillan

    A few links I’ve heard today …
    Pukki ? Not sure he fits the remit but as a back up maybe not important, he does have experience.
    Copenhagen CB, their 21 yr old captain, obviously a Lange connection.
    Also apparently bookies odds on RLC to us has dropped considerably.
    Not sure what to believe anymore πŸ˜† but it is nice to be connected to players.
    After the season start perhaps with hindsight we should have signed Vardy & Antonio when we were linked a few years ago πŸ™„

    Crazy results this weekend, can’t believe the Leicester, Spam results ! but both were deserved.

  91. Vancouvervillan

    Players now have two targets, the goal, and defenders arms !
    Absolutely ridiculous rule.

    I really don’t understand why this change was necessary, the days when a ref gave a subjective view of whether the handball was deliberate or accidental worked just fine.

    Thankfully ref was more sensible in the Burnley game but Kevin Friends decisions in the utd game were outrageous. He is without doubt the worst ref in the league I dont know why he’s still employed with his track record. Blowing the final whistle and then restarting the game afterwards is simply not on, he needs to go, hes making the refs a laughing stock.

  92. Vancouvervillan

    Kai is krap πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    I’d get Giroux on asap at least he knows how to handle big defenders.

  93. Vancouvervillan

    Wow, there’s a shock !
    Bet no one predicted that, thought i was doing okay with two wins. Some crazy scores, results so far this season.

  94. Vancouvervillan

    Never seen a game end then restart ??? Had to be man utd didn’t it.
    Ridiculous penalty for Everton, I knew the new rules would be silly, nothing Ward could do about the ball hitting him, common sence needed, there was nothing wrong with the accidental handball decision for me. The law is an ass as they say.
    I don’t want referees deciding games.

  95. Vancouvervillan

    Watching Forest game, seems championship dont have the canned crowd noise or very low volume. I’m just waiting for a repeat of yesterday … “apologies for any industrial language you have heard just then” πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  96. Vancouvervillan

    Interesting stats on Elmo at CB, more touchs than any other player, 85, 71 completed passes, 14 of 16 attempted long range passes came off, 2 interceptions, 2 clearances, 2 tackles.
    Not bad for 33 yr old making his debut at CB πŸ‘

  97. Vancouvervillan

    Another shocking note this week, Dominic Calvin-Lewin valued at 80 mil !
    Puts the Watkins price in perspective a bit.

  98. Vancouvervillan

    LB, RCB, CM, LW, ST
    I see as potentially positions we would look to strengthen, but if we addressed all those that would be a total of 9 new signings !
    Keeping in mind most of us originally wanted 2 or 3 additions to improve the 1st team, so as to not upset the apple cart, this could be some window.
    Based on what we’ve done so far, adding quality over quantity, you would think 20 mil average per player rather than last summers 10 mil punts.
    I just don’t see us addressing all these positions.
    Loans might be the answer, I’m liking the JT connection for this.

    In theory if we have Watkins, Traore, Davies all capable of playing lone striker & Wesley to come then perhaps ST is not as urgent as we think. If Jack is staying LW then again how urgent is a new recruit ? CM would surely be Jack’s if we do sign a LW. RCB can be covered by Hause (& apparently Elmo) with sick note Engles also presumably available at some point.

    By my logic the most urgent position to be addressed has become LB, Taylor is poor & Targett has had injury bouts previous seasons.

    My heads exploding !
    Maybe I’m thinking too much and I do seem to be changing my mind regularly here but leaving rumours, star names, players I want to see, out of the equation & assuming two more in max it makes sence the two positions to address are LB & LW.

    Pls. Note I reserve the right to change my mind, again, next week ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I have wondered that, im guessing not as think we would have seen him there already. Hause can though.
      See above, Elmo at CB seems like it worked πŸ˜†

  99. Vancouvervillan

    I only saw 10 mins, end of 2nd half (hope we get the opportunity to see a rerun) but by reports and audio it’s great to see so many players really trying to stake a claim. No wonder personality is a big part of signings for the club, it does seem we have a real squad togetherness right now.

  100. Vancouvervillan

    To add, Elmo at CB tonight !?
    What is happening with Engles ? Could we really see 4 more in, surely not.
    Reports were Lansbury had a good game too, amazing when a player is played in the right position & gets fully fit.

  101. Vancouvervillan

    I’m really intrigued by this window, decent LW signs and its odds on we’ll change our formation.
    I keep saying CM OR LW but the club are sure keeping us guessing.
    I can’t believe we would not sign a LB with only Taylor as cover, unless there is a youth player around I don’t know off ?

  102. Vancouvervillan

    Great to hear so many fringe players had a great game, hearing Davies looked unplayable. Lansbury & Ramsey good too according to Daley.

  103. Vancouvervillan

    I dont get tv companies, its already low viewing figures with 2nd string selections and rather show big boys against minnows than a potentially more even match ?
    TBH i would have paid another $9.00 to villatv to watch.

  104. Vancouvervillan

    Just catching up on a few things, I like the new strip white camo !
    Any news on why Elmo at CB ?
    Engles must be on his way maybe, wondering if we’ll see a CB signing now.

  105. Vancouvervillan

    Shit !
    Didn’t realize started at 11.oo am, found a link but no sound on clickfree
    Where you guys watching ?

  106. Vancouvervillan

    Capoue & Pereyra both handed in transfer requests i hear. Any takers for PL experince ? Pereyra good player in my view.

  107. Vancouvervillan

    So big question for tomorrow is will Traore start or replace El Ghazi early 2nd half ?
    I think we’ll start Jack & Ollie again, Ollie needs the game time and maybe they need as much time together as possible right now. Davies to replace Ollie after 60 mins or so.
    Steer for Nyland, and other than the Traore factor i think we’ll see same B team start tomorrow’s game.

  108. Vancouvervillan

    Interesting reading some comments around the blogs. Not sure if anyone agrees with me but if we sign a LW then not sure we will be signing a CM. My theory is if LW comes then Jack becomes more of a MF player. Its where he allegedly wants to play & makes sense. No one decent wants to come to sit on the bench.
    Even if we start playing 4231, surely Luiz & SJM are the 2 in that formation.

    I think we will sign two more & right now striker back up & LB probably priorities on paper. I’d really like an exciting LW though, still hoping Rashica deal has some legs.

  109. Vancouvervillan

    Excellent news on Davies signing his new contract offer. I’ve changed my mind on loaning him out i think he really offers something different, linked up well with Watkins when Watkins went slightly wider late on last night.
    Well done lad.
    I still see another ST coming in unless we are looking at Traore to play that role from time to time.

  110. AVFCVillablog

    Hi guys a great win just the start we )were all craving for. Apologies I tried to write a matchday leader post but it was just to much hassle on the mobile phone I wrote the first paragraph and gave up it’s going to be 14th October at earliest I get access to my shit at home so if anyone wants to post a leader plz do so via write for us form stay safe,stay busy,be lucky utv

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Your welcome, I’ve been in some crazy situations in the past myself, best thing to do is just try to keep smiling through it. Life throws us some curved balls from time to time. Things will get better. 😎

  111. Vancouvervillan

    He made a great run in to the box to recieve Jack’s pass midway through his stint and got ignored, Watkins got it right with Davies a couple of times. Be nice to see some of our shots from distance actually on target.
    Early days, work to do.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Yeah, looks like he ran it off. I know only 10 men and hardly a bushel of class strikers in Sheffield side but he mopped everything up and brought the ball out well without hoofing.

  112. Vancouvervillan

    3 points good start, all we needed, obvious work yo be done. Davies made a difference a little smarter from a few and we would have had a 2nd.
    Some goalkeeping debut that win, clean sheet, saves a pen ! Well done lad. πŸ˜†

  113. Vancouvervillan

    Great keeper ! πŸ˜†
    Need to move the ball a lot quicker and catch em out, add some one touch pace otherwise they’ll just sit there.
    Come on villa !’

  114. Vancouvervillan

    They’ll be mentioning the hawkeye none goal when we qualify for Europe πŸ˜†
    We’re unfancied Villa we have to change our perception through playing good football, nothings changed really.

  115. Vancouvervillan

    I know, not ideal I fully expected to see Fred & Cash fight it out for RB. A Taylor alternative is essential for me.

  116. Vancouvervillan

    If he’s not injured you would think Freddy on his way somewhere ? Frustrating i thought he did okay, always room for improvement but ?

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Needed 14 players !!!
        Rome in a day springs to mind, we stayed up, well kick on.
        Taylor still there most concerning for me.

  117. Vancouvervillan

    On the LB situation, Targett will improve i think especially with Jack staying (left side) the real killer is only Taylor as cover. I really don’t understand why we let Steven’s go a few seasons ago & young Mitchell Clark we let go last summer, both looked as good as we’ve got right now IMHO.

  118. Vancouvervillan

    I think its odds on we will look to sign another striker with Samatta going. Left winger would be nice, im still hoping for Rashica or Benrahma but that does leave a question about where Jack plays.
    My head is saying ST & box to box to come, maybe LB if someone avaliable, my heart says buy em all !

  119. Vancouvervillan

    Traore done then, hope he’s a good signing. Also reading Samatta gone, season long loan with option to buy, again good news for us. That means just Watkins & Davies, I’ve a feeling we’ll see another striker in.

  120. Vancouvervillan

    I hadn’t realized Diago Jota was only 24 yrs old, 35 mil to Liverpool a fair deal i would think. Scored double figures every year at Wolves.
    Looks like Liverpool will spend afterall.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      More im thinking about this it’s an excellent deal, I think he wants to go for European football but even so coupled with Alcantara, less than 60 for the pair !
      Nice if you’re a club with some pulling power .

  121. Vancouvervillan

    Reading if Liverpool sell Brewster they will be looking at the ever trendy buy back & first refusal clause.
    Keeping in mind the Luiz situation not sure I’d want that.

  122. Vancouvervillan

    Some really interesting approaches from teams this window, I can see OGS really fukcing up this window spending a fortune on overrated & older players, beaten to Regellion, considering Khadia and still pursuing Sancho.
    Mourinho getting 31 yr old Bale ! Apparently as no transfer/loan fee & Madrid paying half his wages, he’ll cost Spurs 20 mil for thecseason, talk about a last punt for CL πŸ˜†.
    Meanwhile Klopp quietly gets his man Alcantara for 20 mil.

    More fireworks to come i imagine

  123. Vancouvervillan

    Talk of strikers not getting service or not working out, I think we might see this continue if Jack doesn’t start releasing the ball earlier. Sorry to be criticizing king Jack in any way shape or form but this is a continuing theme with me, don’t get me wrong hes an amazing player but this is one of his shortcomings, evidenced again on Tuesday night, he can beat the 2 or 3 players drawn to him we know that, but he’s not using the space created to the full extent if he’s not trusting others runs or ability and hanging onto the ball.
    I think we could see some unhappy forward line players if it continues.

    Okay, tin hat is firmly on fire away πŸ˜†

  124. Vancouvervillan

    So Hogan gone, Samatta looking likely to go, Vassilev out on loan. Are we clearing the decks for an additional striker ?
    Even with Traore able to play striker if needed i think we’re looking at another coming in.
    Watkins, Davies, Wesley means we’ll start with just two recognized strikers, can’t see us taking that risk.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      If I remember you’re not a Wesley fan ? (Apologies if I’m wrong) I’m amazed that Samatta gets this, we dont play to his strengths, give him time, there’s a player in there, patience & respect. Hogan never got that, Wesley got pellets from the off. Posters were quickly slagging Wesley off at every opportunity.

      Prediction table should be a breeze with your good self & Begley thinking there’s a player in Sami ! 🀣🀣🀣

  125. Vancouvervillan

    Work permit delays again, this infuriates me. We dont hear of issues for any other clubs, did Fernandez et al have issues ? He’s already played in UK.
    Its not like he’s going to be looking for tax payer support in the near future is it.

    Due to finances I think we are going to see much more of the dreaded buy back & 1st refusal clauses in near future. Also intrigued by RB Liepzieg statement on Augustin, apparently Leeds agreed a permanent signing if they were promoted and seem to be renaging on the deal whilst spending millions elsewhere …
    Dirty Leeds?
    I wonder if this will have implications for similar deals in the future.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Thanks for sharing, interesting listen. No doubt covid will give us more leeway regards FFP but worth remembering in simple terms its like a business leasing brand new vehicles, yes its tax deductible over a number of years but you still have to make the monthly payments.

      I think its a loophole our owners will take advantage of, we are lucky we have wealthy owners that probably see this as an opportunity, i think the non essential keeper & RB signings probably point to this.
      I have also been saying for a while that the transfer market will turn in our favour towards the end, clubs will get increasingly desperate, much more so than previous seasons.

      Jack smiling from ear to ear and stating that he can’t say anything !? I have a feeling wexare far from done in this window.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        To add, he does slip up a bit in the interview when he says because of an average over two years instead of one year accounting for FFP this season, that its a further year at 13 mil maximum losses, its not, we are in the PL so over the 4 yr period (instead of 3) we will have 2 yrs at 35 (PL) & 2 years at 13 (Champo) so we will get an extra 22 mil in allowable losses for last season and this.
        All looking very Rosie imo.

        It seems Ebenezer Levy also sees this as an opportunity, despite Spurs huge debts.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        He’s not the first player who’s not worked out and i’m pretty sure he won’t be the last. It’s not his fault a clown signed him and had no idea how to play him.

  126. AVFCVillablog

    We play Sheffield Utd on Monday 21st but we also have to play out 3rd round Carabao Cup next week, before we play Fulham on the 28th so basically we will be playing 3 games in 7 days.

  127. Vancouvervillan

    Welcome to Villa Emi !
    Great to get this done, think he’s going to be our best no.1 in a while, with Heaton pushing him & Steer in the background im happy with this.
    Hopefully we can move Nyland & Kalanic this summer.

  128. AVFCVillablog

    Dean Smith:
    we moved for Emi when we saw the opportunity, as it is rare to be able to buy a top class GK who hasn’t reached their peak age and who can therefore be a key player for the club for the longterm

    so not a planned position to bolster but to good an opportunity to overlook

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Yeah, so as we suspected clear targets in key positions they identified but also leeway to pivot for opportunities.
      I think its just me getting over excited but I can’t help reading into Jacks excitement yesterday that someone high profile might be on the cards ?

      1. AVFCVillablog

        Don’t hold your breath mate, were not at that level yet Jacks getting handsomely rewarded for allowing owners time to show their ambition, he will still be in his prime 26/27 if things don’t develop over next two season to be able to still get that big move away. like he said it was to good a deal to refuse really.

  129. AVFCVillablog

    This was my predictions last week, that Liverpool prediction with the golden bonus ball only stayed orange once time elapsed so i could no longer switch it, it did not stay orange after i saved it – it went grey until time elapsed where i could no longer change my mind.

  130. AVFCVillablog

    What a tool Darren Bent Henri Lansbury was quite impressive today he’s not had much game timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  131. AVFCVillablog

    Jack saved the day up to then it was dire, we huffed and puffed but Burton must have been coached by Bruce because they parked the bus well, and our only creativity was that Boy Jack, to be honest i was fearing the worst, Looking at the Man u Friendly to this is like stepping into two different universes.

    we will find out Tomorrow if it Bristol or Northampton, we are through and that’s all that matters from a cup tie i guess.

  132. Vancouvervillan

    Well its a misfit side but grew into it, liked Marv, Ramsey, not sure Lansbury has made one forward pass. Watkins should have two, missed a sitter, hope he gets some sharpness to bury all those this season.

  133. AVFCVillablog

    Begley i think you said give Lansbury a shave and shove him in the Womens Team – i think they will do better without himπŸ˜‚

  134. AVFCVillablog

    No more Werder Bremen on Rashica’s profile on Twitter or instagram this suggest a move for him is imminent or he’s on a wind up.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Been offered a new 3 year deal apparently, i am not sure if he’s signed it yet, pretty sure they would have put it on O/S

  135. AVFCVillablog

    The fact Smith said earlier you know from past experience how i feel about this competition we will be fielding a strong team πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ poker face

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Wow, totally got that wrong then 🀣🀣🀣
      Even El Ghastly involved, cup team it is then, last chance for some I expect.

  136. Vancouvervillan

    BTW, did my picks this morning, i am assuming I get a joker every week to play ? or have I blown it for the season/month now ?

  137. Vancouvervillan

    Nice post BB
    Yep, think he’ll start with his intended starters for Monday night at Burton and get them some game time.

  138. Vancouvervillan

    Congrats to Jack on the new contract, well deserved. Now could you work on moving the ball just a little quicker πŸ˜„