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Christmas Miracles Can Happen Believe Villans!

Christmas is a time that is used by clubs, pundits & fans as a measuring tool to assess, and guesstimate how the rest of their season is likely to pan out. What is needed by clubs when the transfer window opens. From those chasing European ambitions to of course those clubs facing a relegation scrap. Thankfully for us Villa fans since Steven Gerrard came through the doors any worries we may have had of a relegation scrap ahead, have been quickly put to bed. With Steven Gerrard guiding us away from the relegation zone. Obtaining four wins from his first six games in charge.

Before I ramble on some more, It’s only right that I raise a glass to everyone who visits or comments on this site. So Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you for providing me with an excuse to crack open a bottle of single malt and get into the festive spirit early. As we enter into the busy Christmas period fixtures come thick & fast. And if our games go ahead, we kickstart the festive period with the visit of Chelsea. Then two days later we’re off to Elland road for our clash against Leeds Utd.

Huge Tests Ahead

Chelsea is yet another huge test for Steven Gerrard’s new look Villa. Hopefully we can go one better than we did against Manchester City & Liverpool. Yes it’s a big ask, but at Villa Park I fancy our chances. Especially given the transformation we have witnessed under Stephen Gerrard to date. Mind you losing our very own inform N’golo Kante in Marvelous Nakamba to injury has not helped matters. I am not suggesting had Marvelous been available we would definitely beat Chelsea. I am really just stating the obvious. That given his impressive form under Steven Gerrard their big boots to fill for whoever gets the nod. 

Leeds will be a different type of challenge. I think the days when fans would say teams come back into form when we play them is a thing of the past. I dont think players will be allowed to drop the standards set by Steven Gerrard. Anyway before we know it, Christmas will be over and the FA cup will be upon us. Talking of which, if we are to progress it will mean us needing to beat Manchester United twice in one season at Old Trafford. You never know we just might beat them three times this season. I guess you’re thinking that single malt is working it’s magic? You’re right, so that’s all for now.


Merry Christmas Everyone

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    1. AVFCVillablog

      Yeah buddy thanks ! Although i’ve had far better winter breaks 🤣 to be honest i’ve kind of lost interest with blog, due to lack of activity on it.
      I have put a lot of hard work into building this platform, and It has certainly been testing at times, i guess my love for Villa along with me being stubborn and not being one to give up, is probably the main reason why I have kept going, while slowly watching it die of death.

      My about page pretty much sums up why I started the blog but after much contemplating I have decided to call time
      So when my hosting service is up for renewal i wont bother renewing.

      I only provided the platform for fellow Villa fans to engage and interact on, but the reality is, it’s the users who decide the fate of such platforms, for whatever reason fans have decided not to continue useing this ad free platform.

      anyway I would like to thank yourself VV, and everyone else who contributed to this site over the last 5 years. Sincere best wishes for the future.


      1. HenleyVillain

        Hey BB. Must be pretty frustrating for you. I can understand the effort you have put in, and appreciated it. ATB. UTV.

  1. Vancouvervillan

    Will Digne get done, seems to be dragging on a bit, like to see him start on Saturday.
    If we are going down the tried and tested, experienced, older route I’d sign Lingard in a heartbeat, I think he’s worth more than a few few points to us after what he did for west ham last season and for 10/15 mil? Pl starter or game changer from the bench.
    Really need that DM too.
    The more options we give Gerrard to get us up the table the better, still only 9 points of Europe spot all doable still if he gets the experienced ammunition he seems to be looking for.
    UTV !

    It’s a bloody terrible accent !

    1. HenleyVillain

      Looking nailed on to get him over the line now. Agree, we need some spine to our midfield. All a bit too lightweight for me.

  2. Vancouvervillan

    I’m probably bias, in fact there’s little dpubt about that, but I think that’s possibly the worst case of VAR interference since they started using it. There was nothing wrong with the Ings goal and even if there was, the goal was given so there wasn’t a clear and obvious error either. How can it be clear and obvious if it took nearly 4 minutes to find an error?
    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that had that been a utd goal it would have stood plus if that had been Cash giving a forearm smash to a utd player late on after a caution and 4 or 5 nasty tackles it would have been a late penalty and a sending off. Shaw got away with murder.

    My bias aside I find it really disturbing, this is not what VAR was brought in for.
    I expected our manager to kick up so much fuss about this both during and after the game and if necessary take a fine if need be, by barely saying anything I think he let us down. Someone needed to stand up and voice some outrage and I expected our manager to do it.

    If the late subs, wrong subs and passive attitude had been Smith he would be getting absolute pelters from everyone. It’s 4 losses now, his players or not we know this squad can perform better, how long before we are allowed to offer a little critism?

    I’m venting a bit but it’s 2016 since we won a cup tie !
    After a few games are caught up, yet again we’re going to be sitting idol every cup weekend and doing nothing in midweek.
    We’ve spend a f*cking fortune compared to most clubs in this league, the football is barely any better, the approach more conservative and we still aren’t winning football matches!
    How much longer?

    1. AVFCVillablog

      WOW feel free to vent your frustration buddy, but SG’s been here like 5 minutes not 3 years

      and apart from the Brentford loss our other 3 were against the top 3 sides in premier league which can happen so think your being a tad harsh on SG if I’m being honest.

      Probably out of frustration but SG ain’t the problem
      Makes me laugh when fans decide after the event when & who the subs should have bee
      Ain’t hindsight wonderful🤣
      in regards Var it’s corrupt end of, possibly linked to in play betting a other tool to help keep the top 6 at the top of the table
      Put it this way until fans get to hear conversations between Ref and Var officials like 9n other sports it will be corrupt in my eyes

      In regards SG speaking out what do you think that would seriously achieve ? It would change nothing and he would only end up with a fine but I guess that would at least make fans feel better about it.

      Oh the FA cup buddy winn8ng it is a pipe dream, our squad ain’t good enough to win it like it ain’t good enough to qualify for Europe this season, imo it would only have been an indurance to us.


      1. Vancouvervillan

        Leicester can do it so can we. When are you going to allow criticism of the way he’s managing the squad, his or not. Subs were ridiculous and killed the fightback.
        SG speaking out would highlight the perceived bias to the top six and maybe start some conversation and comparisons? Why isn’t Purslow also saying something its getting beyond a joke.
        We’ve spent a lot of money, sorry I’m not buying into the usual excuses anymore, palace have rebuilt overnight with a rookie manager and sit midtable, just one example.
        If we were no where near winning a cup or Europe then why didn’t we sack Smith sooner? Imo we were playing entertaining football and in the running. 11th from nothing.
        The jury is out, not his players, needs time, I get it, but one hell of a starting point surely. Top half investment. We look no better and same excuses after what appears to have been nothing more than bounce.
        Worst utd side in a decade and we are okay with losing these two games? Nice try villa ?

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Excuse me : When am I going to ALLOW criticism of the way he’s managing the squad ?

          Are You serious
          Please show me where I have said it’s not allowed to give criticism ? All I did was give my own opinion am i not allowed?

          You will find thats just your perception because of my response to your comment below about him have only been here here for 5 mins

          I mean it’s not like he lost to the bottom 3 teams is it obviously my opinion differs to your own in regards SG start in the Villa hot seat, that’s fine but please dont insinuate your not allowed to say this or that because thats simply untrue that’s the kind of rubbish excuse & response BFR & Begley came out with before they vanished.

          1. Vancouvervillan

            “Allowed” maybe the wrong word to use. What I mean is you dismissed my critism based on the fact he’s not been here long. Inheriting a better than everage mid table squad I actually expected better and think he needs to be accountable.
            It’s not too soon to question imo, why wait to use the subs or make the wrong ones and kill our own fight ?
            Don’t really care what happened with the other posters.

          2. AVFCVillablog

            I dismissed your critique has a rant and put it down to your frustration with our recent results but that was obviously a mistake I can see it goes much deeper with yourself, if you want to criticise that’s your prerogative, however personally I just think given SG’s short time in the job a little patience is warranted especially given who we lost to as most other clubs will suffer similar fate against them. Sure we can be upset that we come away with nothing when our performances probably warranted more but it’s no real surprise against the so called big boys, i guess the million dollar question is would Smith have faired any better ? Results prior to his sacking suggest not. By the way, I was not one of the ones calling for smith’s head I felt he had earned the right to try and turn things around, but the powers that be, felt differently,

            I think the appointment of SG took most of us by surprise but overall so far i dont think he’s done to badly upto now, The United FA Cup game aside, our other losses came against Man City Liverpool Chelsea & Brentford. The latter we certainly should have won it was typical Villa, shot ourselves in the foot, how many times have we seen us do that?, look It’s not a case of me just accepting losses against the big boys I am being realistic given the gulf between us at present. Were a mid table team at best. In regards the cup game and Gerrard not publicly blaming Var have you not thought that maybe Gerrard’s unwillingness to go public and blame var for our exit from the cup could be for psychological reasons, It removes any chance of the players using var has an excuse going forward when it’s not going well for them on the pitch. SG came out and said nearly is not good enough for himself or Aston Villa. Personally I think he says all the correct things and without the need to rant publically. Besides I think if we need to blame var for defeat then ain’t we making excusing for the players performances over 90minutes.

      2. HenleyVillain

        I don’t reckon it’s half as bad as you are painting V V. Was always going to be a tough game to win. And when you are playing the ref and VAR, nigh on impossible. I think Gerrard has decided not to be the type of manager who rants and rages at things. And in fairness to him, in the long run, it ain’t such a bad thing. Being calm and rational might get him more out of the game. Perhaps if we hadn’t of had to have played Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd of late we could have a better idea of where we are at. I’m still hopeful we could have a stab at getting into Europe this season.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Well it was a rant, granted, but you said it yourself “when you are playing the ref and var” shouldn’t someone at AV officially make that point? Haven’t we tried the passive route?
          I get losses are realistically on the cards given that opposition but half of them games we didn’t play to win either.
          Are we going to make top six Europe if we don’t try? We’re not Norwich

          1. HenleyVillain

            I did say that, and meant it too. Thing is, remaining dignified is a logical way forward. Everybody knows how bad some of these decisions are, the media especially. I’ve never been one to admire the ‘hairdrier treatment’, or the throwing of cups around the dressing room. Ther’s another way, and it can be just as, if not more successful in the long run. For me (and I too never wanted to see Smith leave) Gerrard is looking like a very good appointment. No, we are not Norwich. But we are not anywhere near the levels of the teams that have beaten us recently either. That’s what get forgotten in the heat of moment after an undeserved defeat.

  3. Vancouvervillan

    Looks like Gerrard is trying to add one or two more players and looks like experienced players is the aim, Digne looks a formalty, Randolph as a back up keeper and rumours of a bid for Bissouma carry on. I’m not expecting to see Coutinho until the league game, but i read somewhere he was dealing with a work permit on Friday, you never know.

    Would absolutely love a cup run this season, I hope we put out a full strength side and take the game to them.

    1. HenleyVillain

      Pretty full strength it appears to me.
      Not sure I agree with Ings / Watkins up front together though.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        One or the other for me and more pace instead surely and I’d of started Sanson. I’m beginning to really resent Luiz he brings nothing and hasn’t improved in 3 seasons.
        We have to sign a DM and get rid of him.

        “Haven’t won a cup tie since 2016 ! ”
        Terrible stat 🙄

        1. HenleyVillain

          Have to agree. Not the player I’d hoped he was.
          Have you seen the Holy Trinity Show yet. His best yet !

  4. AVFCVillablog

    Aston Villa can confirm that Wesley has joined Brazilian club Internacional on a 12-month loan deal.

  5. AVFCVillablog

    Done deal

    Aston Villa and FC Barcelona have agreed terms for Philippe Coutinho to spend the rest of this season on loan at Villa Park.

    The agreement, which is subject to the player completing a medical and receiving a work permit, also includes an option to buy and Philippe will travel to Birmingham in the next 48 hours.

    1. HenleyVillain

      Didn’t see this coming. Just have to hope he’s somewhere close to the player he was at Liverpool. Did pretty well in the Bundesglia last year.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        To be honest I thought Cascarino had lost the plot when he mentioned it earlier in week he now looks a genius 🤣🤣
        It certainly shows our ambition and our intent o move forward.
        I kind of agree with what Gabby said on TalkSport that Gerrard aint come here to be mid-table to lower half team.

        Also the owners now have a markee name in Gerrard who as the pull to attract big name players through the doors that will hopefully propel Villa higher up the table. That was probably never goi g to happen under Deano in fairness.

        Crazy to think that 12 months ago the media spotlight on Villa came from the likes of John Terry and Jack Grealish being at the club, yet within 6 months of them leaving they have now been replaced by Stevie G & Coutinho, who in all fairness have put us on a different stratosphere and back on the global stage.

        1. HenleyVillain

          We seem to have changed policies somewhat. I kind of liked the idea of buying up and coming talent, bringing the kids through the ranks.

          1. Vancouvervillan

            Agree and I still think we will be doing that. TBF we have a shed load of kids and prospects, mixing the right seasoned pros in may give us the best of both worlds.
            If anything for me Coutinho ‘s arrival shows we have far from given up on Europe this season. I’m expecting a couple more in but I think they will be more along the lines of younger players we can develop.

          2. HenleyVillain

            I think all we can do is hope and pray that he comes to us fit and strong. Doubtless an exceptional talent. But so was Barkley. Exciting times.

  6. AVFCVillablog

    Wesley jets into Porto Alegre for his medical ahead of penning 12-month loan to @SCInternacional.

  7. AVFCVillablog

    Some of our fanbase deserve the likes of Tom Carroll or Danny Drinkwater or even Boja Baston on loan instead.

    I just don’t see how the hell a 29yr year old Phillipe Coutinho cannot be good enough FFS, he’s quality and better than anything we currently have even on his bad day.

    Yet some of our entitled fanbase are saying NO to signing him, like I said below it doesn’t matter who we sign world class or not some of our fanbase will want them out in the summer.


    1. Vancouvervillan

      Only thing I’d say is if he’s not match fit then he’s not going to have an instant impact, which is sort of why you buy in January isn’t it?
      If he’s anywhere near the Liverpool player I knew I’m looking forward to seeing him in claret & blue.
      I only hope we dont suddenly throw the transfer mandate out of the window and start signing anyone slightly connected with Liverpool or Rangers. For example I’d much rather see Konsa grow than sign a Gomez.

      The moaning will continue regardless unfortunately, the way some have been laying into the squad shows a real lack of understanding. I think most of us have learned new signings, especially the European ones take some time to settle, arsenals perseverance with Martinelli who looks world class should be an indicator.

  8. AVFCVillablog

    Reports from Spain saying negotiations between Barcelona & Aston Villa for the loan of Phillipe Coutinho have began, Barceloba need to shift players to register Feran Torres,
    Transfer gossip suggests we are also interested in Joe Gomez & Aaron Ramsay

    In regards Coutinho if it’s true then i hope we have done our home work, and he is at the same level he was at Liverpool if so, Absolutley brilliant, but I dont want us to end up with a Brazilian Barkley who offers nothing and keeps young Chukwumeka from getting minutes.

    On the other hand I remember being worried when we signed Merson, thinking his best days were behind him, how wrong was I because that never turned out to bad did it.


  9. HenleyVillain

    Disappointing to say the least. Not often we dominate a game and fail to take anything from it. Just not sharp enough up front for me. Imagine if Mings had made the same errors at the back today as Hause and Konsa ? He’d have been slaughtered on social media.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Agreed we shot ourselves in the foot buddy you know fans need a scapegoat to deal with their disappointments i am kind of use to our players going from hero to zero in week🤣

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Some despicable comments on the players being bandied around, SG can do no wrong of course.
        I thought Gerrard was pretty clueless with starters, subs and game plan tbh let’s hope it’s a one off slip up.
        The majority of our squad were ripping it up in this league (granted with JG) but to lose to a poor Brentford team like that with dodgy management decisions and tactics?
        I wonder how long it will take before some critism is acceptable. Thought it was dreadful management tbh.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Put it this way, it doesn’t really matter who we sign in this transfer window. They’ll no doubt go from being world class to shit within a few games and a fair few of our fans will want them replaced in the summer🤣

  10. Vancouvervillan

    Seems forever since we played hopefully that may work in our favour. We might potentially even have a new player in the fold by the 2nd.

    Happy, healthy and prosperous new year to all 🥳
    Best wishes 😎

    1. AVFCVillablog

      I think it’s a good time to play Brentford and I am expecting us to pick up 3pts, a good start to the new year. Only expecting 1 quality addition to squad this window unless the powers that be feel a European place is obtainable in which case i cam see 2 coming through the doors.

      Wishing you & your family good health for the new year buddy.


  11. HenleyVillain

    Looking forward to the Boxing day game. I love all the sport around this time of the year. Seasons greetings to you and yours BB. COYL