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comment policy

Comment policy

The AVFC VILLA BLOG comment policy. Firstly AVFC VILLA BLOG is an Aston Villa Football Club focused Fansite. Comments and discussions should focus around Aston Villa Football Club and Football in general.

However, It’s entirely conceivable that sometimes discussions will drift away onto other subjects, that have no connection to Football.

In small volume, these types of discussions will be allowed. But when any subject/discussion other than football becomes the main focus of discussion. Then AVFC Villa blog, admin or moderators, reserve the right too at its discretion to delete such comments.

Comment policy rules and conduct.

Rules are rules, so do not post the following. As you will be in breach of our practices and Comment Policy. All users of website. Must abide by these rules. They have been put in place to maintain some order, and to prevent chaos ensuing. Below are some examples which are guidelines only. These include but are not limited to, the types of behaviour that will be deemed unacceptable.

Do not post Racism and xenophobic remarks. Or make targeted or systematic harassment. Or hate speech perceived by the victim or any other person. To be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person’s race or perceived race. Religion or perceived religion. Sexual Orientation or perceived sexual orientation. Disability or perceived disability. Transgender identity or perceived transgender identity.

Direct threats or intent to harm others

Do not post or make threats of harm towards an individual person, or group of individuals. Anyone who feels they have been subject to this type of behaviour. And feels a crime has been committed or is imminent. Should contact there local authorities & flag the comment for my attention.

Do not post sensitive identifiable information. Examples of confidential, protected information. Are credit card numbers. Home and work addresses. Phone numbers. Email addresses etc.

Inappropriate content and spamming

Do not post inappropriate content. Such as graphics media containing violence or pornographic material.

Do not post the same comments to promote a product or service in large volume. Or to push an agenda by repeatedly posting the same comment to cause disruption to other users.

Punishments and summary

Any Punishment for breach of these rules is at AVFC VILLA BLOG sole discretion. They can range from warnings or temporary ban to permanent bans. Repeat offending will result in a permanent ban.

Decency and respect go a long way. Please use common sense. It’s a football blog, and at times discussions will become heated.

By all means, say what you want. I am not here to police your thoughts. Or force my opinion on you. You may not agree with me, and I may not agree with you. Just show decency & respect to fellow posters.

All opinions are right, That’s what makes it an opinion. It’s yours to have, yours to make, and you get to be right. so let’s not make the common mistake and confuse opinions with facts which so many do.

A fact is a statement backed by physical evidence, on this site we voice our opinions.

I trust you will find the comment policy above transparent and fair.  If not, ask for clarification.


Lets debate and not berate.