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Cup Action At The Bridge

Cup action at stamford bridge tonight, and a change of heart from me. Following our victory at the weekend, I was all for us playing the kids in the cup and resting the first team ready for the weekend. But on reflection I now want us to field our strongest team tonight. 

Football is all about winning trophies at the end of the day. And since Villa have not yet got European football in B6. I don’t think we should be wrapping our senior players up in cotton wool, especially this early in the season. Besides given our next league opponent’s and our horrendous record against them. Will any of us be that surprised if it continued this weekend? So why risk an early cup exit. It’s not like it’s April and European football is within touching distance.

A Cup Run

So I would rather we try and win a cup and finish 10th or thereabouts in the league. Then to just prioritize the league and then only end up finishing 8th or 9th. Because we still won’t have European football. Dean Smith can still give some of the Kids cameo roles, afterall, we don’t want to hinder their development.

Tonight is a perfect opportunity for our first team to avenge their 3-0 loss in the league. Personally I believe had we taken our chances, and not made silly mistakes, I think we would have won that game. But football is unforgiving and is always decided on mistakes, or moments of brilliance.

Even if Chelsea were to field their second string tonight. It’s still going to be extremely difficult to get us into the hat for the next round. Because Chelsea are blessed with a wealth of talent. However I do believe that our first team will feel like they have unfinished business and will want to avenge their league defeat.

Of course playing our big guns could result in unnecessary injuries that could impact our season. But injuries can occur in any game, and if we are going to go on and win the cup we’re going to have to field our best 11 at some point, so why not tonight.


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  1. Vancouvervillan

    Another fantastic performance from us yesterday, is there any doubt this 352 is working?
    We were the better team and created the better chances yet again and this time got some luck after once again being surrounded by bias refs, linos & media.
    I’m absolutely loving this high press and our attacking energy, Hause was immaculate and dominant as the replacement and not a bad performance out there.
    Can’t wait for the next game

  2. AVFCVillablog

    Emi Martinez shithousery is never ending & top draw

    Following on from his gyrating gesture towards the United fans after Bruno Fernandes penalty kick into orbit, after the game he was asked what was the difference between himself and Christiano Ronaldo?

    “Martinez replied I don’t see any difference, we have similar playing style we both wait in the box for the ball”😂😂

  3. AVFCVillablog

    Ain’t Karma a bitch 😂😂😂😂

    The Double Standards

    “I didn’t like that they crowded Bruno, the penalty spot, the referee all that malarkey,” said Solskjaer.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Lol, I liked him as a player classless idiot of a manager.
      Bothers me he as much as asked for a pen in the match build up & Dean, after ignoring Maguires clear foul on SJM, couldn’t wait to oblige, no way was that a clear pen imo.

  4. HenleyVillain

    That was quite some goal.
    No wonder the set piece coach was celebrating.
    Must have been right off the training ground that one.

  5. AVFCVillablog

    Absolute top class performance from start to finish could of won by a lot more had we took our chances

    Tactics spot on Villa all over United like a rash.

    So much for Smith having taken us has far as he can brigade

    On the piss my lord

  6. Vancouvervillan

    I think its the way to go against top six away, worked well for us so far at least performance wise if not results. Hause was brilliant last night and should start for Tuenzebe. I think SJM will be missing (concussion) so expect Nakamba to play DM. Ramsey & Luis will be fresh I think we do need to pack MF a bit, Buendia can play there too. I think without numbers in MF the press won’t be so effective and that’s what worried Chelsea.

  7. Vancouvervillan

    Apparently Sanson had a good record too, neither a sick note, although they have both moved to a faster more physical league. International break maybe good timing for us once again.

  8. Vancouvervillan

    Too bad about the injuries and to two players who were just looking good for us after a crazy non pre season. On the plus side I guess it means the selection/rotation debate kind of solves itself in the meantime and at least they are strains not tears or worse. Glad Sanson wasn’t a recurring knee issue.

    I was thinking about the 5 subs debate today and now we have a squad (or will when fit) would it not now work more in our favour?
    For example would it have allowed us to maybe start or include more first team players yesterday knowing we could make more changes? Would it help our rotation & options going forward?

    I also hadn’t realized we are the only top 5 European league that doesn’t currently allow 5 subs.

  9. AVFCVillablog

    Archer took his goal well both Bidace & Carney did ok when they came on
    considering we only started with one youngster & rest were mainly our second string they can be proud of their performance.

    The only difference on the night was penalty takers, Smith took away the burden from the youngster’s and protected them, I don’t imagine anyone other than El Ghazi practices penalties.

    One disappointing thing for me is weve missed an opportunity to maybe get an easier route into Europe.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Maybe, but to get to Europe we still would have had to get past a top six team in the final.
      I thought Marv held the midfield together really well. Would Ings or Watkins on the bench made a difference, hard to say.

  10. Vancouvervillan

    Yeah, good performance, unlucky in the end. Nakamba my motm looked very good with youngsters and handled changes well after Sanson went off. Buendia did get better as the game went on but not great tonight, clearly not match sharp yet.

  11. AVFCVillablog

    Southampton game rearranged after being selected for live TV coverage.

    Villa will now make the trip to the south coast to face Saints on Friday, November 5 (ko 8pm), live on Sky Sports.

  12. Vancouvervillan

    I was thinking about this yesterday, watching the Liverpool game it occurred to me there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule, gents agreement, with PL sides that you play your 2nd string in the early rounds of the cup, especially the league cup. I wondered who’d be the first team this year to catch an opponent off guard and name a full strength team an hour before kick off and whether that would work for the win.

    Of course there is some risk to that, injuries being the main one and with the PL the competition that in effect pays the wages, you can understand teams not risking their first team players, but those players could be injured any time and it’s not like we’ll be playing 3 times a week most other weeks.
    On the other side of the coin it allows fringe players & youth & returning from injury or out of form players to get involved. Some might never be involved in another squad all season, it could be a morale booster, experience builder, reward for effort in training, could even put a player in the shop window? Do the top six show off their youth potential to help later gaining loan fees or sales?
    As far as senior players it might be a time to try a different formation or partnership, regain match sharpness get more practice at a new approach, see what players are like starting instead of off the bench, or in our case today get some revenge?

    So taking all these thoughts into account and having slept on it, the fact we played so well at the bridge last time with a new formation I’ve come to the conclusion, I simply don’t know what i’d do 😎
    UTV !

  13. HenleyVillain

    Not sure I can agree with you. I’d prefer us to give some of the squad a run out – we are much stronger in every department than we were last season, and I reckon we still have a very good chance of pulling off a win tonight with many of the first team rested.