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The Great Divide

The great divide has seen villa fans fighting again. The unfortunate thing about Steve Bruce’s tenure as not been his failure to promote Villa. But his ability to split the fan base. Last May at Wembley we saw skirmishes break out. Villa fans were once again fighting each other this weekend. Aston Villa was making headline news for all the wrong reasons. A lot of the damage goes unnoticed & unspoken. Villa social communities are being divided and ripped apart on a daily basis. Fellow fans falling out with each other over Steve Bruce.

Villa Fans Split Divided by loyalty

The only way either will cease is if Steve Bruce turns around Villa’s fortunes. Looking at our defensive issues the likely hood of that is quite low. But given how he’s not played Abraham & Bolasie yet its hard to judge. It may turn out the master plan is the Kevin Keegan approach. Impossible under Steve Bruce. You need shots on target. This goes against all that we have come to expect from a Steve Bruce Villa side.

Something As To Change

Well, something as to give. Either Bruce changes or Villa Change Bruce. It appears the board are equally divided In regards, Bruce. We cannot continue to limp through games. Trying to contain the opposition and in turn, hope to steal a goal. Steve Bruce as brought in some attacking players. Proven goal scorer. Lets hope they can defend also. Otherwise, we might be back to RDM days. Without stirring the fire, I think Steve Bruce is now going into a set of fixtures which will determine if he keeps his job or not. It’s not all doom & gloom for Steve Bruce he’s still more popular than Theresa May.  And she was elected.

Bruce’s first season was put down to what he inherited by the majority of fans, has why he never took us into the play off’s, This is wrong it was more to do with the influx of so many players he brought in the January. Then him trying to integrate them all at once. Up until that point he had us climbing up the table.

Waste Of Money

How many of those players he purchased in January 2017 started the new season against Hull last August?. Two Lansbury & Hogan. Three if you want to count Johnstone. This was after it being said they were brought in January to give them time to settle ready for the new season. How many started in the Wembley Final one Hourihane.two if you want to count Johnstone. How many started this new season against Hull two Taylor & Hourihane.

Why buy players if you’re not going to play them. He keeps telling us he won’t just bring anyone in. He chooses Gabby over Hogan. Grabban Over Hogan. Davis over Hogan. Lansbury top player in the Championship. Bruce will not give him a run of games. Yet he says Tuanazebe will get better if given a run of games. Why does Bruce not give his own purchases that luxury of a run of games?

Throw Them Under The Bus

Recently the Burton debacle. Players just thrown together never played competitively before. Yet he ridicules them. No one did themselves any justice to be knocking on my door. It was a bunch of strangers. Yet he expects them to shine. He threw them under the bus so no one can question his use of loan players. The players look equally divided between Bruce, to be honest. Yes, Bruce’s master plan lets not build develop a team. Which if it fails this season will have gained valuable experience. Bruce prefers to rinse & repeat loan players. So he can tell the media I basically have to start again.

One decent half of football this season Brentford. Villa Fans were very happy with that performance it’s the very least we expect. Bruce Is two years in the job, not enough time. He basically slammed villa fans because we had credited the football against Brentford. The best we had seen in years. No steve just on your watch. Trouble being those games are too few and far apart.