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European Cup winners Aston Villa fall from grace, has resulted in some sections of their fan base, happy to become the new Brentford. Think about that for a minute. None of us, had those aspirations when we were a premier league club.

But now it seems ok. Guess what Villans ?. If we aspire to play like Brentford, then we’re only going to become Brentford. Any idea’s or dreams we may have, about with better quality players at Smith’s disposal, will enable him to take it too another level, is a pipe dream, wishful thinking.

Look at the game in midweek. Brentford outclassed Villa for large parts of the game, But they still only beat us because of a silly defensive error. And some sloppy finishing by us. And let’s be honest we were poor. It’s hardly a ringing endorsement to become them.

Three years Smith spent building that Brentford team. Ten of his signings were on show in midweek. And a lot of the scouting and directors of football were already in place. Yes, their brand of football is easy on the eye. But they’ve still been a long way off challenging for playoffs to date.

Do the former European cup winners and its fans really want to be the new Brentford ?. Are we as fans, really willing to wait 18 months, two years or longer ?. I don’ believe the fan base as the patience for it. And I don’t believe the owners will have either.

Dean Smith is not beyond critique

I am a big Dean Smith fan and I think he should be given the time to mould his own team. I liked what I saw when he first came into avfc. But I have to question why it’s all gone Pete tonk.

My only criticism of Smith has been his inability to adapt to the squad he inherited. Why as he not been able to tweak the system or try alternatives. I along with many others were very critical of Steve Bruce repeating the exact the same thing. And then expecting a different outcome. Smith is also doing this.

If Jack Grealish being injured is the reason. It doesn’t bode well for next season either, because I expect a big turn around in personnel. That in its self means new players will need time to settle.

Patience is needed but rarely given

If Dean Smith is to be given time to build and teach his philosophy. Then villa fans and owners alike need to see signs of progress. Dean Smith as to earn that right. Where has blind faith got us previously?.

There is still a big question. How far will Smith’s brand of football take a club who were European cup winners? A club the size of Aston Villa cannot just settle for turning into Brentford MK ll. Currently, Smith’s results are similar to what cost RDM and Steve Bruce their jobs. So today will be a great time to start turning those draws into wins.

Villa v Baggies and match facts

Dean Smith’s reign started brightly, he was hired for his brand of football. And up until the late drama at the Hawthorns back in December, he was delivering it. Look at what Darren Moore as achieved so far, and it’s because of that, and other comparisons being made, why I am afraid for Dean Smith.

Ultimately it’s all about getting results while developing your team.

  • European cup winners Aston Villa host West Bromwich Albion for the first time since their Premier League relegation season in September 2015, when then boss Tim Sherwood’s side lost 1-0.
  • Six of the last 10 league meetings between Villa and Albion have ended as draws (plus two wins each).
  • Villa have fallen behind in seven of Dean Smith’s 10 home league matches as manager – but have only lost once.
  • Albion are looking to keep four consecutive away clean sheets in all competitions for the first time since a run of five in April 2002, when Baggies boss Darren Moore was a regular.
  • Villa boss Dean Smith has lost just one of his last 22 home Championship matches played on a Saturday – a 1-0 defeat by Norwich City, with Brentford, in January 2018.
  • Under Darren Moore, Albion have won all 10 away league games when they have gone ahead.


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