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50 shades of Bruce

Fifty shades of Bruce.

I apologize to my readers Fifty shades Bruce as again become the subject of another match day post. It’s becoming tedious now. But how can you not mention the man when he blatantly twists the truth and makes false statements. In his post-match interviews, he treats us like fools. Didn’t you know Villa was 23rd in the table when Steve Bruce took over? Fifty shades is a referral to all lies told by Bruce. The truth is fifty shades Bruce came in and initially turned our fortunes around. He got us winning, and we climbed the table. After 12 games of him being in charge. We were 6pts from playoff places. What with half a season remaining twenty-three games. But again it was the influx of players that was our downfall. Which Bruce brought in the January 2017 window. He tried to immediately integrate all of them. That sent us in the opposite direction. So contrary to popular belief, it was not RDM fault, the table never lies. Steve Bruce’s actions cost us a playoff place.

Fifty shades as our club in turmoil

Fifty shades of Steve Bruce. Onto the present day. Steve Bruce is a lucky man given the tedious position he finds himself in following no wins in six. I say lucky because he couldn’t wish for a better fixture in Rotherham at home. To rectify that stat and ease the mounting pressure. Rotherham have lost all three games on the road this season.  Scoring one goal and conceding eight.  5-1 at Brentford, 2-0 at Leeds & 1-0 at Wigan.  But Steve Bruce will tell us there are no easy games in the championship.  Of course, he will. But every man & his dog will be expecting 3pts this evening. Especially knowing we aim to be there or thereabouts.

He’s now alienating the away supporters now if you lose them it’s as good as over, so it’s hard to see how he can survive much longer without putting a long-lasting winning run together, and given how we will soon be facing more difficult opposition it’s hard to see that happening, especially when he does not even know his best 11 or formation.

Never mind him saying being Aston Villa’s manager means your only ever a week away from a crisis. Surely he must realise Villa fans expectations are far higher than any other club he’s managed. He should also count himself very fortunate he’s remained in the job this long. It’s pretty evident to most now, no plan or philosophy is being implemented. No foundations are being laid for the following season under him. How can there be? When he makes statements like I am starting all over again. Fans need to be patient. All the chopping and changing of managers coaches players has to stop as it only hinders the club.

Practice what you preach

Fifty shades Bruce needs to take a leaf out of his own book and practice what he preaches. Because bringing in numerous players, every transfer window does not bring stability.far from it. How is he justified in making wholesale changes every window? Ironic that soon as fans want to make one change, he says they’re not helping the club attain stability. Double standards and it stinks of self-preservation mode has set in. Whatever his brand of football achieved previously. Clearly no longer carries any weight. Especially in an ever-improving league. Where modern-day coaches with more exceptional ability than his own exit. Fans must realise that without results, Steve Bruce offers our club nothing. Regardless of him being under pressure to deliver immediate success. It is Bruce’s duty as Manager to build for the clubs future. Not say well I am starting all over again because the loan players went back.

You need more about you as a coach even in the championship these days. You can’t just have the attitude that your players only need to put their boots on & pull their socks up. Football as progressed Steve.If Bruce thinks repeating what he did to win his previous promotion will suffice now. He’s even more deluded than I thought.

A win will buy him more time. His body language in press conferences and post-match excuses lately, suggests he knows his time is nearly up. He can be that stubborn twit all he likes. What he’s really saying is, I’m waiting for the payoff.