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Who you kidding Steve ? Yourself

Football back

Proper football is back today. You cannot count what Blues & Albion served up last night. They made Steve Bruce’s Villa look like Brazil. No wonder Bruce is so cocksure about his football style. He thinks he is onto a winner. Today we face Blackburn. This is not a Blackburn team of 1994. With the likes of Alan Shearer, Kenny Dalglish, Chris Sutton, ripping teams apart. This is a newly promoted Blackburn team from league one.

Who will no doubt be very happy with survival come May? It as to be three points today for me. Yes, we were in bad shape two years back. But that’s not a valid excuse now. Our club has invested heavily since. So we should resemble a Football side. We have assembled the most expensive squad in championship history. Yet we continue to play like we have spent peanuts on our team. No disrespect intended. Aston Villa should be brushing aside opposition such as Blackburn Rovers. Well, we should if we have any real ambition for automatic promotion.

I care very little about what Steve Bruce says about starting all over again. That’s absolute dog crap pr. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence can see through it. Bruce as gone into self-preservation mode. He’s under pressure and looking for an angle to spin the new owners. Undoubtedly the latest additions which were signed. Was on the basis that they would improve our football. Not in three months but immediately. John McGinn has had an impact, El Ghazi has been decent. So I really don’t see where Bruce is coming from.

Learning from your mistakes

Steve Bruce fails to learn from his mistakes. Just look at his style of football. If I was a betting man. I would put money on Jedinak starting today as CB. With Kodjia being played out wide to accommodate Tammy Abrahams. The core of our team should already be in place. We should have a clear pattern to our play, and the new additions should be complementing it. You can bet your bottom dollar Bruce will now tinker with the squad. You will see over the next few games. On the off-chance, he finds a winning formula. Then he will revert to the only style he knows. How many times did he tell us last season? That he should have freshened it up after an international break. I wonder how many of those who went away on international duty will start today ?.

Nothing but three points should be acceptable from any Villa fan. We should go out to play football and win, not contain. I hope someone lets the bloody leash off. When Bruce is under the cosh, he usually pulls a rabbit out the bag. I suspect he will again. If he doesn’t, he may just get a text message from the new broom.