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Is It Right To Complete The Season?

Is it right to complete the season?. There will be 100 days between the last PL game played (Villa v Leicester) and the first game of the continuation of the PL when Sheffield United visit us on Wednesday 17th. To put that in a little perspective there were 77 days from when we beat Derby in the playoff final and our opening Premier League game away to Spurs. I think it is fair to say that the PL has had more than the equivalent of a summer break.

I have seen & heard many people, and pundits say that it is right & important to finish the season for the integrity of the football. This is just complete BS in my opinion. Leagues 1 and 2 have completed their leagues based on Points Per Game (PPG) and so too has the Women’s League. Which resulted in Villa’s Women team getting promoted to the Super League. Does this mean that those leagues have no integrity?. Regardless of what your view of Covid-19 is and how it was handled. The fact is that nearly all sport in nearly every country in the world was cancelled and people understand why. There was no loss of integrity!

Is It Right Its all about the money

I feel the PL is forcing the league to be completed without actually taking into consideration all of the implications of continuing the league. That decision was based more on the finances, rather than the best interests of players, fans, clubs and the game as a whole. Before the practical, legal and logistical concerns. I am concerned about the risk of injury to players and how this could impact teams. There is only a maximum of 3 full days between successive fixtures. Players have only just resumed contact training and we have only had one friendly game. That was against the Baggies in which we apparently used 3 different teams.

A 13 month season?

The PL is now due to for completion on July 26th, and there is talk of a 2-week mini-tournament to take place in Portugal to finish the Champions League. So many players will not finish until the middle of Aug. But last season the PL kicked off on Aug 9th, so when will players get a break to prepare for next season?. Maybe we could extend the 20/21 PL season later into the summer of 2021. But the Euros are now scheduled for then. Are we going to have 13 months of nonstop football?. Wasn’t there talk about players playing too many games?. Didn’t the PL just introduce a winter break?. Where is the integrity with that speedy change of priority?.

A Legal Minefield

There are also lots of legal & contractual issues. Is it right that the transfer window will not be open during June and July?. Therefore clubs cannot add new players to their squads?. However, players who have contracts due to expire, normally at the end of May can leave their clubs. Lyle Taylor has refused to play for Charlton when football returns to the Championship. His contract is up and he does not what to risk injury and the subsequent unemployment status. At 30 years old I can’t blame the lad. But with Charlton sitting in the relegation zone. I think they will desperately miss his goals.

In writing this leader I did some snecklifting on the subject and came across a comment from bfr94 which sums up my thoughts nicely. “The whole thing should have been voided immediately, and all efforts made to ensure next season is as trouble-free as possible”. Trying to minimise rebates to media organisations should not be prioritised ahead of next season successful completion. I am not sure how the leagues should be closed off, be it PPG and relegation like Leagues 1 & 2 or like France who announced there will be no relegation from the top tier Ligue 1.

Keeping The Integrity

So, to keep the ‘integrity’ of football we will now have games played in empty stadiums and potentially at neutral venues. Rather than the club’s home ground. It is proposed that Leeds v Derby is played in Southampton. The players will have had a minimal preseason, increasing the risk of injury. It looks like there will be no break for the players for a very long time. Squads will be depleted as players contracts expire and they leave.

If the season can’t be finished as it should be. Then that could possibly damage football more than if they had the balls to cancel or void the season. if that meant relegating the club I love so be it. Money is driving football, Yes, the quality of football is better than it used to be. I watched the WC final on Ch4 last week and to be honest, the football was fairly shyte albeit Geoff Hurst had a good game.

Is It Right Football’s Back For The Wrong Reasons

We need a balance between the benefits of so much money in the game and becoming slaves to the money in the game. To me, that balance would have cancelled or voided this season. After all that, I have to say I can’t wait for football to start again. I have really missed it, and I am so looking forward to seeing our game against the Blades. Followed by about 60 days of continuous football matches. I am sure Sky is quite happy to receive my subscription payment for SkySports and BT Sports too.


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