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It’s Gooner Be Almost Impossible Now

It’s Gooner be almost impossible to turn things around now. Like me, I know right now all Villa fans are disappointed. What with witnessing yet another slip up last night, which probably was the final nail. But also with how our season as panned out. But come on, we all knew getting promoted was the easy bit. It’s staying up, which is the challenge.

It always been that way, and always Gooner be, mainly because of the existing quality in the Premier League. But given that we did spend big, should we have consolidated?. One would think so, but given how many new players we purchased, and their lack of premier league experience, was that Gooner ultimately cost us?.

Drill That Defence It’s The Premier League

I think the answer is no it was not the number of player’s or their lack of Premier League experience which was Gooner ultimately cost us. It’s been a lack of quality coaching, especially defensively. I say this because we lost so many games after taking the lead. Had we been able to shut up shop, and see games out, we would be sitting in the top 10, and not looking at playing championship football next season.

We all know your Gooner get punished at this level for the slightest mistake, Just ask Remi Garde. So there are no excuses, Chris Wilder as his defence drilled. So I am incensed and amazed that one of the best defenders this country has seen in recent years. Who’s an assistant coach with us, never had our defence drilled. John Terry may be learning his trade in regards to becoming a coach, but he already knows all about defending. I guarantee he would not have accepted our defensive displays if he was at Chelsea.

It’s also true our head coach, Dean Smith, had no previous experience at managing at Premier League level. But that’s no excuse, a coach with all his years of experience should at least make sure the basics are Gooner be in place. How can he not notice when players are fatigued and use the full depth of the squad that’s at his disposal. I know he’s a boyhood Villa fan, and he won us promotion from the championship in his first season with us. So he deserved his chance in the Premier League. But the Villa board should have found his replacement way back in January in hindsight.

Sack or Keep Smith

According to the poll, I am currently running, and at the time of writing, this 73% of the votes cast, want Smith replaced. I was all for giving Dean Smith this opportunity. As I was sick to death of our club doing the merry go round. I thought Smith’s reputation for coaching was Gooner be invaluable and enable us to build a brand of football, similar to what I saw his Brentford team produce at times.

Unfortunately, for us Villa fans for whatever reason, it’s just never materialized here at Villa. Maybe it was Smith winning promotion so soon, and then just the pressure of managing Villa in the top flight that got to him. He won’t be the first Manager to be influenced and succumb to the expectations of managing our great club.

Part of me wants to see Smith remain in place, and return us to the Premier league in 12 months. But when I remove my rose-tinted claret and blue glasses and stop looking for a fairy tale ending, I can see it’s possibly a recipe for disaster, Paul Lambert should have gone a long time before he finally went. I would hate to see the club repeat past mistakes.

What happens now is anyone’s guess, will the club keep the services of those who have failed?. Yes probably, perhaps under the guise that the club Gooner need stability. For me, they all should go, I am sick and tired of listening to spouted PR crap like this.

Hollow Words Here From Christian Purslow Before The Season Started

“The players that are coming in, are known or have worked with Dean Smith or the club before. We’re being highly strategic – it’s not collect a footballer. I think that will stand us in good stead.

Dean thinks we should win every game of football. He thinks if they score three, we’ll score four.

Be ready guys, he’s not going to go away at Manchester City and play for a nil-nil. Every game is play to win. We want to surprise people outside of the club. Nobody at the club believes we’re going to go straight back down – I think we’re going to have a fantastic season.”

New C.E.O

What our club needs right now with or without survival, is for our owners to admit they made some poor calls and rectify them. They need to demote Christian Purslow to a role he’s more suited to, like the head of commercial activities or something. Then hire a forward-thinking C.E.O with extensive Football knowledge. Vancouvervillan a long-time contributor to the avfcvillablog mentioned the ex Southampton C.E.O a few days back. Nicola Cortese, I believe was his name, anyway, someone of that ilk would be a step in the right direction. The days of Mr Villa, Steve Stride seem so distant now.  

Then the new C.E.O needs to dismiss Dean Smith and his assistants, John Terry included. Then show some vision and ambition and go all out to hire the likes of Pochettino or Rafa Benitez, or someone of there ilk. For far too long now, Villa has failed to attract and employ the right Coach/Manager. Yet we have wasted millions upon millions on players. If we’re ever to get back among the football elite, not only in this country but also in Europe, then this needs to change.

If the above happens, then I am confident we have a real chance to not only, bounce straight back, but build something that as longevity. However, If the club’s hierarchy does nothing, and believes Dean Smith gained some valuable premier league experience. From which Aston Villa will be better for, in the long term, then Aston Villa is Gooner be out in the wilderness for quite a few years to come.

It’s the Gooners up next in our quest for survival. I cannot see us taking it to the final day. But no doubt I am Gooner end up watching from behind the sofa if we somehow do.


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  1. Vancouvervillan


    Lolley seems a good winger but that hasn’t been able to help Forest. On the other hand Bowen has slotted right in at Spam (hope i’m not tempting fate here !) hasn’t looked out of place at all.
    From what i’ve seen this season it would be nice not to have a complete overhaul and build on what we have.
    The other issue is we haven’t really had huge success buying the best of the championship in our recent past.
    Not sure when the new season starts but seem to be reading it’s likely a short break.

    1. HenleyVillain

      September 12th start, May 23rd finish. Start is 3 weeks after both the European Cup finals.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Thanks mate, I knew the transfer window ended in October but wasn’t sure when the new season actually started.

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  3. HenleyVillain

    Ever heard of John Swift, anyone? I read that he’s being lined up as Jacks replacement. 25 year old Reading midfielder. Ex Chelsea academy. Played for Brentford 2015/16 on loan. That looks like it would be a manager choice as opposed to a Suso one.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Not heard of him but I think we are getting towards silly season for transfer speculation. I read talk of Lolley again after their crash out of the play offs.
      Tbh only championship player i think we need is Benrahma

      1. HenleyVillain

        Yes, and a short silly season that will be too.
        Others I have read about are Luiz and Mings to Arsenal.
        Rumours will start in earnest this coming Monday

  4. It’s the 3rd season in a row that our last game of the season will determine if we play Premier League football the following season.

    A single goal win for us at West ham and that would mean Watford would have to win by 3 clear goals at Arsenal to go ahead of us because our GF column is superior.

    The only way Bournemouth can leap frog us is if we lose and they win 

  5. HenleyVillain

    If we stay up then I believe they’ll have to give Smith another chance. And if they do, I’ll support him. Maybe just shifting Suso would be as helpful as anything.

    1. Thanks for sharing and sorry for the waiting for approval pop up that appeared, it’s something to do with the settings when links are attached, i will get round to sorting it

          1. HenleyVillain

            I’ve just logged out and back on again, and that seems to have corrected it for now. But I’ve done this previously and it has just reverted back again. Maybe it’s better on Microsoft Edge? I prefer Firefox though tbf.

  6. Hobgoblin14

    I have been meaning to ask you how did you find my blog?

    I deleted your comment below for obvious reasons

    Not sure if you misread my comment or you have just been on the beer and i have no idea if you are confusing email with comment ?

    when you speak about i cannot see VV email to me – did you give him your email address?

    if your confused and meant a comment he’s not sent one on here to you

    My comment yesterday was about you only posting a comment on here regarding VV it was not the amount of comments you make or have made on here or elsewhere or at what time. It’s a villablog after all.

    I have two usernames and two emails for you now

  7. Vancouvervillan

    Ultimately I’d like someone of Rafa’s ilk to manage us, it may also help us attract better players. We have the money, i was a little surprised with rich owners we went for Smith in the 1st place, but mate, this has been far from a regular season with the pandemic’s intervention or even having to reconstruct best part of a whole squad on a budget with little experience. Difficult season to judge him on.

    What I do like to see from any manager is some ability to learn from previous mistakes, its usually a sign that improvement is possible, tbh I think he’s done that.
    The reorganization with a better shape and being harder to beat has certainly improved, think the restart has proved that.
    Then there’s the JT factor, has he been overuled or ignored and Smith taken over defensive coaching as well ? Probably not something we’ll ever know for sure.

    Bottom line I’ve seen an improved team and Smith has to have had some influence on that. Yesterday and previous few games he got the starting 11 right & even the subs right for me.
    IF we stay up I dont see Smith leaving, a poor start next season might see him go though.
    Given the strange season I think he probably deserves another shot at it. I would send Terry on his way and take a serious look at Suso’s recruitment though.

    ? Be well mate

      1. Would have been funny if the dog had bit him ? Whatever emotions we all experienced last night, Sunday’s will be on whole other level all together. Not sure i am ready for it.

  8. If you referring to social media, then it don’t surprise me. I have said what i think needs to happen with or without survival. Survival will certainly increase our chances of attracting a top coach.

  9. Buddy that’s just the label everyone gets who has not registered – If you find registering too daunting i can set it up for you, and you would just need to follow the instructions you get sent in an email to change password to one of your choice.

  10. I don’t care whats occurred elsewhere.I will not allow it to over spill onto this site.

    In fairness to both of you all i see is a response to a question and your response to that response. 

    From my perspective i am more concerned that after the most important game in Villa’s season your only comment following the game does not include anything about the game, or the victory or what it means going into Sunday’s game.

      1. Off to finish my beer but yep your pts are increasing ok now, so all’s good
        i could do with watching a re-run of the game now without being stressed doing it just to unwind over a beer before i go bed ?night

  11. Vancouvervillan

    Freddy was great, I was worried but for once we saw it out pretty well.
    With a little bit of luck ?

  12. Vancouvervillan

    Really solid performance, Arsenal were really subdued never really tested Reina
    Fair play congrats to Smith

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Cant see watford or Bournemouth winning another game, but i guess you never know, 1 more point should be enough

      1. Bournemouth i would say are out of it they need to win by a few goals at very least and Everton have not lost at Goodison under Ancelotti

        Watford need a point or win at the Emirates we just need to not lose i suspect

  13. I was thinking that but fresh legs will help Davis for Samatta for deffo just on chance he can hold ball up because its beginning to keep coming straight back

  14. Vancouvervillan

    Excellent 1st half, could have easily been another goal there.
    Defended well, sensible solid play took one of our chances, 3 shots on taget by my reckoning. Samatta strolling around could do better for me.
    Just have to keep this up, I’m sure there’ll be an onslaught but should leave us clear for a counter attack or two.
    COYL !

  15. That’s half the job done we grew in the latter stages of that half, our goal gave us a little confidence, just need to see this out and i don’t mean park the bus either, that said i don’t care how we win i just want them 3 pts now.

  16. Mate i have sent him 2 and that’s my lot, i am not going to bombard him, the last thing he will be doing his checking his email for a while if something as happened and turned his life upside down.

  17. So as it stands we could still lose tonight as long as we beat west ham and Watford lose to the Gooners by a bigger score than than we do tonight and that Bournemouth don’t win at Everton

      1. Did i tell you i walked in the bedroom 2 nights ago and the Mrs was stark bollock naked and doing a handstand up the wall – i said WTF are you doing?
        She said well seen as you can’t get it up nowadays i thought you could try dropping it in ???

  18. Vancouvervillan

    At the subscription button I only see two options
    New follow up comments or New replies to to my comments.
    I unsubscribed as I didn’t want either

    1. That fine, its for notification purposes only, it will not have anything to do whats causing the issue – its only available to me but your profile shows no comments made or no up or down votes yet which i know is incorrect. you have made well over 2000 comments to this site

  19. Vancouvervillan

    Unchanged side according to BBC
    I don’t understand how he doesn’t start Davies given evidence last game if not before. Smith doesn’t do himself any favours

      1. Vancouvervillan

        okay so I did register but as well as clicking on the bell I think I also may have unsubscribed ? because my phone notifications were going crazy everytime there was a new comment.

        1. Not sure if you followed and clicked the verification link in email you got after registering or if i just approved you that way.

          If anything i will set up another account for you, then email you the details and include the link for you to change password. but tonight it’s footie

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Yep, thanks bud. Maybe I overreacted but am actually quite amazed no one else sees what I see. He deliberately misquoted me to wind me up, mission accomplished lol.
      I have a pretty good idea who he is, just another twat reinventing himself.
      He gives himself away with a few things, never talks about football, always more interested in the posters, arrogantly uses the word “we” like he speaking for us all.
      Remind you of anyone ?
      He remains the only poster I have ever blocked in what must be 5 years or so. Makes a mockery of the posters I enjoy reading and respect but hey we all have a choice who we respond to.
      Thanks mate, alls good

      Back to the footie ?

  20. HenleyVillain

    Massive gulf in the quality of these two teams.
    And when you look at the players on the bench, then, well ….

  21. Vancouvervillan

    Looking forward to seeing the team sheet. Davies has to start for me, other than that surely an unchanged side is required ?

        1. I manually added some pts to your tally earlier i will have to do the same later. I’m not sure if anyone else is affected yet – mine and Henley’s get added ok, but if it’s turns out to only be you then perhaps re-registering might do it – I am not suggesting doing that just yet though.

          1. Yes, just waiting to get team news at present, i’m like a kid at Christmas in anticipation, i’m just hoping we don’t try and park the bus. that would be shooting ourselves in foot. the best form of defence against the Gooners is attack

  22. HenleyVillain

    Been checking out the Watford blogs. Can’t seem to find a supporter that doesn’t think they will be going down. And I thought our fans were morose !
    Sample quote: “I hope City score double digits so every one of our team has to live with the shame for the rest of their careers, and are immortalised in history as the worst side ever in the PL.”

    1. Vancouvervillan

      You’ve always got to feel for the fans, disappointing season for them not a bad team on paper. Dacoure has seemingly given up after not getting his move in January & Deulofeu injured their best attacking player.

      1. HenleyVillain

        I feel for fans, but mostly only for our fans, and most definitely don’t feel for SHA fans ! ?

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  24. Vancouvervillan

    Amazingly we are still in this, I reckon we need 4 points. Prefer to get 3 of them at home to Arsenal, tall order but it is in our hands. Tuesday cup final day and at home ?
    Going to Spam needing a win fills me with dread, guess its time to pull the sofa out away from the wall ?

    1. HenleyVillain

      Getting 3 points out of the Arsenal game fills me with dread to. I am overflowing with dread.

  25. HenleyVillain

    So. If Watford lose by 3 against ManC and we beat Arsenal by the odd goal we get clear of the relegation zone on goals scored. By my reckoning anyway. Thankyou Southampton (and VAR) ?

    1. That’s the spirit, stay positive even if it means torturing ourselves. There are a few permutations only trouble is they all include us suddenly learning how to defend. ?

  26. What did Nigel Pearson do wrestle one of the players to the ground in training ? ?

    what a strange decision, especially given where Watford were before he took the temp job.
    They obviously didn’t fancy their chances of survival, but how do their chances increase now ?

    1. Vancouvervillan

      ? you can picture him doing that, got form. They didn’t show up 1st half of that Spam game, unforgivable but in these PC times maybe a few objected to getting their throats throttled afterwards.

  27. Was he not Alan Huttons understudy at spurs? I bet Alan Hutton made a lasting impression on the young 19 year old Kyle Walker when he joined spurs.?

    If you remember Harry ended Kyle’s loan spell with us & McDuff wasted no time in signing Alan Hutton & Charles sick note Nzogbia.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Yep, sums up all that’s been wrong for me. He was really poor the last time we were in the PL, gave away some shocking penalties, always out of position.
      We paid big money for him at the time, I seem to remember 60k a week that 1st contract.
      Shocking from mcduff

  28. I expected Watford to get at least a pt last night if only i had published the leader today.?
    It’s highly unlikely that saints or City will slip up, but results have gone our way for a while now, so i’m not ruling out an unexpected result occurring when it’s least expected.

    It also crossed my mind what if Villa beat Arsenal, to give us all false hope the great escape is back on, only to throw it away at spam.

  29. Vancouvervillan

    All going well towards our unlikely rescue plan so far, 3-0 Spam, a few more goals would be nice.

    1. HenleyVillain

      Well, my wife has no real interest in the game, except maybe when she thinks I will be in a foul mood if we lose. ?

  30. HenleyVillain

    OK. So we more as like than not are gooner get relegated. But for me, it’s not quite the end of the world. I recall with some fondness watching every game, home and away in the old 3rd division. Happy days getting promoted from there. For me, the Championship isn’t such a bad place – we can at the very least expect to see us being competitive. All I can hope for is to see us promoted again with a team that does not need completely overhauling, and with a manager who has the nous to get us winning games against the best in the country.

  31. Vancouvervillan

    Its gooner be tough ?

    Yep I wanted to believe in the fairy tale and have Smith return us to the PL a much better team as opposed to a bunch of individuals too but I think the evidence suggests its time for a change.
    This is based on the poor defensive displays and a seemingly inability to get the simple things right. It was always going to be a tough job but I think I’ve seen enough to know we would have done better with a more experienced coach.
    As you say we have wasted millions on players over the last decade but never really got the manager or coaching quite right.
    Time to correct that and maybe an ideal opportunity.