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It’s silly season – players are due back & pre-season

It’s the silly season, and most of the players are due back this week. If you’re anything like me, then I suspect this Villa football diet has gone on for too long now. But the good news is pre-season gets underway in just over two weeks. And as it’s silly season, anyone who owns a pair of boots is on our radar reportedly.

I expect the real activity to kick in from now. We currently have big holes to fill in several positions. Ideally, they will have signed before we jet off to America. But like any other pre-season who plays in these game rarely represents who we will start on opening day.

Villa’s Targets

Welcome, to Matt Targett while on the subject. In regards to our other targets, it’s anyone’s guess. We have all identified critical positions we believe need strengthening. Of course, the links to Brentford players will persist, and we all know why that is. It’s evident from Wesley’s signing thou, we’re looking further afield. You don’t hire Suso if you’re only going to target domestic players. Which is why I am excited at the prospect of who we could end up signing.

Our club is in a position, which means we must bring in more numbers than you would normally typically see. Needs must and all that, good or bad it is what it is. We have to deal with it. Investing in this window heavily and getting the spine of the team in place, and then only adding one or two, each window after that is what we will probably see.

Lots of references have been made to the impact this approach had on Fulham. But Watford and others have done it successfully in the past. We should all be looking forward to a season in the premier league. Lets not forget where we were twelve months ago. Get behind Dean Smith and the players and enjoy the journey. As exciting has the Championship was. I am so glad to see the back of it. Slugging it out on a cold Tuesday evening, our players getting hacked down, but getting very little protection from match officials.

No thanks, Villa belong in the top flight, and now we have to step up another notch and build to stay there. I trust Dean Smith to get it right, just like he did last season.


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