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Dean Smith has been tasked with mission impossible this season. One which I am not even sure (Ethan Hunt) could accomplish. Smith did not inherit diamonds, just a fat collection of cubic zirconia. (An unbalanced bloated squad, of which the majority are unsuitable to how he plays the game).

So it kind of begs the question why did they choose Smith ?. Seen as so many of the players would need changing. I think the average age of players is 29yrs and everyone knows you can’t learn an old dog new tricks.
The stamina and fitness levels required to play Smith’s brand are probably unattainable from the group of players he inherited.

Single Carat In Cluster

Lets be honest the last incumbent built nothing, foundations built on quicksand, he surrounded himself with loans & relics which would be more at home on the (antique roadshow) rather than at villa park. And even thou our owners can shop at Tiffany’s or Cartier our only real jewel is Jack Grealish.

Mission Impossible

Having been chosen to rejuvenate Villa’s fortunes, thus far Smith’s has not been given the necessary resources to change anything. Just the odd breadcrumb a band-aid, which will make no difference to our overall outfield play.

The reality is Smith was hired because of his brand of expansive football, and his ability to coach it. And here lies the problem trying to implement that at Villa currently. Without support from the board, fans need to show some patience

Villa fans have seen glimpses of what’s achievable under Smith. But it now seems obvious that was down to a tweak in tactics and players trying to impress the new broom. Because in recent weeks, you would be hard-pressed to distinguish between, what’s been on show under Smith, and that under the last incumbent. And even thou Jack has been a big loss it does not explain recent performances.

Temp fix

In the meantime, Smith’s mission must be to continue to try and play to our strengths and find 11 players who are willing to bust a gut every game. Because it’s pretty evident there are some rogue players currently being selected, who are shirking their duties. If Smith can do that and get us into the playoff’s come May, mission impossible will of been accomplished.

The only trouble with this approach is, just like last season we were going to be reliant on moments of individual brilliance to get us there. And we all know how it ended when we came up against a footballing side.

Mission Reinforcements

The big question remains will Smith get reinforcements in this window. Imo without further additions, Smith’s mission is impossible this season, and it’s going to be extremely difficult to make the playoff’s. The board might prefer to do some business in summer when a lot of players contracts are up given our ffp position. Or maybe the sort of players Villa are targeting to play Smith’s brand are not available this window.

Fans Frustrations Stir

Recent performance has not been good enough and the majority of Villa fans know the full extent of the issues we face. we certainly don’t need to go into meltdown every time we lose and recreate a toxic atmosphere. Smith at least deserves this season, the summer window and preseason before we become judge and jury.

The Wigan game left us all frustrated and understandably tensions ran high. but it’s only because we care and have aspirations and expectations for our club. Smith has got my support and I hope your’s too there is no magic fix. Smith as lost 2 league games in last 13, whilst getting to grips with the mess he inherited.