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Norwich Super John McGinn

Norwich – Can Villa Farke Off The Canaries

Norwich away, and as games go this one is massive in more ways than one. Because, after Brighton, we have a challenging set of fixtures that takes us through to mid-December. They include Man City, Liverpool, Wolves, Man U, Chelsea, and Leicester. With the cabbage fixture sandwiched in-between. That will see a third of the season gone and us in mid-December.

I think it’s imperative we get a cushion of points as we head into that difficult fixture period. Or we are likely going to get sucked into a season-long struggle. The news on the grapevine is Norwich are struggling with defensive injuries, so maybe they will farke the bus.

Performances & Fans Expectations

I don’t think we’re too far away, performances are not perfect, but neither are they poor. The team is giving their all, and that’s all you can ask during this transitional period. I would have a different view if we were being overrun and appearing lacklustre like under the previous incumbent. If we cut out the silly mistakes and have better game management, then we will be fine. Imagine if we can get a few more performing like Super John McGinn.

Norwich fans will be expecting to beat us because they beat Man City?. Whereas us Villa fans, expect to win because it’s little old Norwich, and that’s why our Bournemouth and Burnley results were frowned upon. I’m sorry, it’s not 1982. We have a long way to go before we can presume any victory at this level, as we have fallen so far in the last few years.

Other than Sheffield United, and Norwich who both finished well above villa last season. The rest are established Premier League teams who have played more than seven games together. This is not to say we shouldn’t have expectations, but lets put everything into perspective instead of making out it’s all black and white.

Team news to come later.