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NSWE Why Villa Fans Need To Be Patient

Villa fans need to be patient

Why ?. Because NSWE rescued us from administration & so far have been supportive of the Manager. I guarantee if they were to interfere in footballing matters. Some fans would then use it as a yardstick to beat them with. Saying how can anyone work in that sort of environment.

I hold the total opposite view. We should be impressed with how NSWE are going about their business. Its a much better approach than broadcasting on Twitter Or that of Randy Lerner. Being popular does not bring about success.

More Patience

When our new owners did speak publicly. We were told things will take time. It’s a term we have heard numerous times over the years. So it’s understandable Villa fans are out of patience. Given the last decade. Then Bruce’s two-year reign. The relief from fans when news broke NSWE had rescued the club. They probably hoped it would put an end to their suffering. Primarily where Bruce was concerned. I guess he’s not their immediate priority.

Bruce was obviously seen as a safe pair of hands. While NSWE fully immerses themselves behind the scenes putting things in order. Which will ultimately enable them to put the building blocks for success in place for the future of our club?

Our new custodians are not billionaire playboys. Who see Villa as their latest fad. They will have a business plan. Which they will stick too. After all, it’s brought them success elsewhere.

Villa has potential. Our owners saw an opportunity to make a profit in the long term. Nothing more, they are not Villa supporters by choice. Given that we were days from financial ruin before they stepped in. It’s safe to assume a lot of work needs to be done behind the scenes. This as to be done before they can implement their own idea’s. Hopefully which will give Villa the best opportunity for success in the future.

NSWE plan

None of us really know if promotion this season is the remit. We assume it is given they’re backing the Manager in the Transfer Window. Considering how close he got last season. They probably think with their investment in wages this season. Such as Bolasie etc. we can go all the way this time.

If you take Gabby’s and John Terry’s wages off. Plus the likes of Robert Snodgrass, Sam Johnstone, Lewis Grabban and Josh Onomah. Even with the new additions. I am guessing there’s still a reduction overall. So you can see how it was possible to pay Bolasie the reported 75k per week. Without increasing last years wage bill.

One person alone is responsible for us not being top of the table. It’s the guy who picks the team, not NSWE. Given how long they have been at B6. I think any finger-pointing at Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens right now is unjustifiable. How long Bruce remains is anyone’s guess. I guess it depends on what their aims and ambitions are for this season and beyond.

Fans concerns

Fans rightly will say success for any club is determined by results on the pitch. Very true. It’s a big ask for any coach regardless of calibre. If the club does not have the correct support structures in place. Ultimately it will result in failure. We have just seen some changes. With the dismissal of several of the club’s technical staff. A cull if you like.

It remains to be seen if Villa fans patience will bring about success. But we have to trust that the new regime has a proper vision, which Dr Tony Xia never did. He thought he only had to throw money at the club. Then hire someone who had previously had success at this level. He’s now paid the price for his naivety. A recent document at company house suggests his shares are being watered down.

Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens are in a different league to Dr Tony Xia and Randy Lerner. Both financially and as successful businessmen. It is my opinion they’re doing things quietly and efficiently behind the scenes. Addressing long underlying issues at the club. In the meantime.  All us fans can do is pray Steve Bruce keeps us there or thereabouts. Before he is replaced. Why will this happen ?. Simple the club can never progress while he remains. He was a quick fix appointment which failed.