Rules page

Joining the prediction league

It’s easy to join the prediction league, all you have to do is register to become an site member, all existing registered members are automatically added to the prediction league, it’s entirely a users choice if they wish to participate or not. To register simply use the form on-site, simply think of a login user name and a valid email address. If you lost your password, you can generate a new one. Or ask the admin/webmaster.

Predicting the matches

Predict the end score of all the matches in the premier league or cup competitions. You will have until 15 minutes before the start of a match to add or change your prediction.
The server time is used. No discussion about that, so be on time if you want to fill in your scores.

As you may have noticed only the current week’s matches are displayed, Once the scores/results are in and the ranking table has been updated, the next prediction sheet set of weekly fixtures will be added, Your predictions for these games can also be changed until 15 minutes before the game starts.

The bonus questions

You can earn extra points during the prediction League season by answering bonus questions that might get added to the weekly prediction sheet. These questions must also be answered before a given date and time. Each question will show the points you can earn.

The scoring

You get points for predicting the correct winner of the match or prediction of a draw. This is called the toto score. And in case you also predict the exact amount of goals scored, you get extra points. We call this the full score.

If you got the goals correct you get the extra goal bonus, even if you didn’t get the match result correct (e.g. match ends in 1-1 and you predicted 0-1 you will still get 0 points). The last scoring options is the goal difference bonus: if you predict the correct winner, not the exact score, but you predicted the correct difference in goals, you get the goal difference bonus (e.g. you predicted 3-1 or 4-2 and result is 2-0).

toto score[fp-totopoints]
full score[fp-fullpoints]
goal bonus[fp-goalpoints]
goal difference bonus[fp-diffpoints]
bonus questionmaybe different for every question

If you want to view the ranking, then go to the ranking page and pick the correct league. If you’re logged in, then the league for which you have been allocated too subscribed is automatically picked.

The golden ball

Each player has one golden ball. If you place this ball next to a match the score for that match is multiplied by 2. You may place the golden ball next to every match and you can change your mind and move the golden ball, as long this match is still changeable. The golden ball is activated after the prediction for the match is locked. Once activated the golden ball cannot be moved anymore.

Same ranking?

When multiple players have the exact same amount of points, then the following sorting rules are applied on the ranking (most important one at the top):

amount of full scores;
amount of toto scores;
amount of correct bonus questions.