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Our FA cup exit has resulted in Dean Smith saying “We’ll benefit from a week’s preparation now, but I’m not sweeping this under the carpet. The players will look back and debrief this on Monday, as they should. I want questions answered about certain performances. Then, we’ll move forward.


Smith’s radio interview following our fa cup exit as got fans speculating about the dressing room. New manager bounce suggestions, He’s lost the dressing room etc. Disharmony within the group. I think the cold hard facts are, our squad needs serious renovation work.

Regardless of what Smith said on his arrival. That’s just PR, Smith’s not going to say negative things about a team he’s inheriting. But I think some players are shying away from what he’s asking. And others are just incapable of doing what’s asked of them. It’s been highlighted more with the loss of Jack and no one has stepped up and performances and results show this in recent weeks.


I think there as been an overreaction to our FA cup exit. Mainly because of the performance itself. I get the feeling going out 6-5 in last minute would have been far more acceptable to the fans. However, the performance did highlight the squad’s lack of strength in depth.

The majority understand the league as to take priority. As much as winning silverware means to the club and fan base. Personally, I saw it increase the risks of injuries to players we will need if we are to make playoffs. But that’s just me. I understand others feel differently and would have prefered a cup win over promotion.


One loss thou in our last Eleven league games, which came against table-toppers Leeds. And in between some tough opposition and teams in form. All things considered, it was a far better outcome than most of us envisaged would occur.

The crazy thing is thou it could have been so much better had we turned them draws into wins. But given our poor start and serious lack of defensive options which Smith inherited. I think he’s done well steading the ship after initially walking through the doors. But that’s just me because I don’t think our squad is as good as what some fans think.

Twenty points from a possible Thirty-Three then. But Smith as got us into the January window still in touching distance of playoff places. Which is what most was hoping for when he came in.


It’s now down to the regime to back Smith, but given our finances, I think Smith’s minor surgery comment was more a hand tied behind his back PR comment rather than what he truly wants and believes he needs.

The cold hard facts are Villa have built nothing in the last three seasons. The squad as a serious lack of quality within it. Very few players have any sell on value that will enable us to sell and reinvest. And too many are on wages no one else will pay so we’re stuck with them till their contract end.

Five goalkeepers, One recognised CB In Chester, Two now Tommy’s back. Numerous Rb’s, yet the best one has been loaned out because his face didn’t fit. You only have to go through the team from back to front to see the unbalanced squad Smith’s inherited. Some are too old some frankly not good enough, others not suited to the style Smith want’s to play.


Smith IMO is trying to get the best out of what’s at his disposal. Trying to play to our strengths. Our persistent wide play tells you this. As we resemble nothing to his Brentford team.

To expect Smith to perform miracles is a bit naive or you simply hold a different opinion about the quality of our squad. It’s going to take more than one window to fix. Perhaps even more than a preseason and summer window. I have my doubts that the fan base will be as patient with Smith as they were with Bruce, even thou that’s exactly what is needed.


Aston Villa current problems are far deeper than Smith’s game management ability. The Team is the reason we cannot hold a lead and have lost 23 pts from winning positions. I am not sure parking the bus would be accepted or work.

He just needs the right tools to do his job to best of his ability just like the rest of us do. Currently, he’s hanging a picture and using the backend of a pair of pliers to knock the nail in.


You can trace the start of our wastage back years. But our current financial plight is down to Xia’s takeover and his decisions to feed his own ego. The appointment of RDM, followed by his allowed spend to show Xia as some messiah. Decisions which followed were to raise Xia’s own profile amongst Fans and his twitter followers. Rather than what was best for Aston Villa.

Xia then turned to Bruce because of his championship promotions on his cv. Hoping he would get him out of a financial mess. It was only when the specialist failed him at Wembley that the real financial mess came to light. Luckily for Villa NSWE turned up and have started to put Villa on more stable financial footings. But complying with ffp is still an issue and why we now have to be more prudent. Don’t expect too many through the door this window.