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Southgate Snubs Jack Grealish Again

Apart from Jack Grealish getting snubbed by Gareth Southgate, there is nothing much happening on the Villa front. Hence why I have not published anything in a while, I think we are all aware the Villa players are away in training camp in South Wales, and they will play a friendly behind closed doors against Bristol City at the weekend.

But I am flabbergasted over Jacks exclusion, lost for words in reality given what Southgate had previously said. It does now appear personal to me, it’s just not logical, and that’s not my Villa bias talking. Jack Grealish was by far the best English midfielder last season, and that was in a struggling Villa side. From a selfish perspective, at least Jack Grealish cannot pick up an injury on England duty.

Tik Tok Season Start Getting Closer

Anyway, In just 25 days Villa will kick off their 2020/21 premier league campaign, and yet to date, we have failed to make a signing. The clock is ticking down and there are only approximately 40 days left until the transfer window shuts. We all know it’s important to get players in as early as possible. But it’s even more important to bring the right players into the club.

It’s also worth noting Villa are not in the same position as last season. Three or four additions will suffice, so while it’s understandable that fans will be a tad concerned over our lack of transfer activity. We can afford to bide our time a little more this season. Villa is also benefiting from the fact that our opening game against Manchester City has been postponed. That gives us an extra week to work with the current group, and extra time to bring in players before our season gets underway.

Although we all know the club will be doing all it can to get our targets over the line. We don’t want a repeat of last season where we never saw the best of Douglas Luiz till near the end of it because he arrived late.

Johan Lange’s Arrival Changes Nothing This Transfer Window

Does the arrival of Johan Lange change any transfer plans Villa had in place? I doubt it, not in the short term anyway. Smith will have sat down with Lange just to reiterate, and make sure Lange knew exactly the type of players Smith wanted to bring in this Window.

Pure speculation on my part but I will be surprised if we don’t see some transfer activity at Bodymoor heath by the middle of next week. Like you, I am left to sift through a trail of breadcrumbs of speculation and rumours. I guess we believe what we like and dismiss what we don’t.

I don’t believe ITK exists, usually, It’s just people making an educated guess. What we do know is the majority of clubs end up in a transfer chain. Waiting on the selling club to get their replacement in, and once that happens we see the snowball/domino effect. Do you think if manchester united had offered 100m for Jack Grealish he would be allowed to go before we signed his replacement?.

Lets remember it’s quality players Villa are now competing for, alongside a whole host of other premier league clubs. As for Gareth Southgate, besides him needing to give his head a wobble. It will be interesting to see what he does in regards to Jack if a player withdraws or gets injured.

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  1. Vancouvervillan

    See we are offering Davis a new 3 year contract, makes great sense that. I like Davis I really think he has something to offer, he bullies defenders, currently we don’t have anyone capable of doing that, with those big CB’s we see every weekend around the league, i think hes a good option to have, Watkins, Traore might not have that same bullying raw power & im certain Samatta doesn’t.
    If he doesn’t work out we won’t have lost anything financially, he’s got to be worth 5 mil now with prices the way they are and he can’t be making that much, id guess 15k a week if that.
    Sign up KD ! πŸ˜†

    1. Vancouvervillan

      He looks a well balanced player, i think its right wing looking at that clip, probably well capable at striker as well. A new front 3 with pace is exactly what we need. Fingers crossed for Rashica too or am I being greedy πŸ˜†
      Also strikes me that maybe Traore is a Lange find amongst the numerous forward players out there. Not sure King romour i would have classed as down to Lange.

  2. Vancouvervillan

    Think its odds on we’ll start a senior team tomorrow, Smith already said he wants to have a serious stab at the league cup again and with missing out on a game this weekend I think he’ll use the game as a pre season run out for the seniors.
    Like to see a few youth on the bench though, a good lead and then use a few kids to see the game out πŸ‘

  3. AVFCVillablog

    There is an option to turn on predictions so everyone can then see who’s predicting what – not sure if people want that, be good to get some feedback as it stands i believe predictions are private.

  4. Vancouvervillan

    You buggers, I just realized the prediction stuff your talking about is at the bottom of the page for everyone to enter. You kept that quiet πŸ™„
    I suppose I’m already behind in points as I didn’t enter ! Mind you you’ll need a head start once I’m in full swing, ill catch up, crafty beggars 😁😁😁

    Enjoy your lead while you can 😎

    1. AVFCVillablog

      I thought you was aware of it buddy, and just decided it wasn’t for you πŸ˜‚ the prediction form as been visible for weeks on right hand side there was also a countdown timer to when tournament began – you can also do it via top menu under fixtures and results there is a drop down menu

      I added everyone who was registered on site to it, so there’s no fecking about, you just make sure your signed in and put your predictions in – you can change them up to 15mins before kick off so if we name El Ghastly on team sheet you got time to change your score πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

      1. Vancouvervillan

        No worries bud, I should log on more often on the lap top instead of my phone. Got it now, just found out I get tomorrow’s game on dazn also.

        Like I said you feckers will need the head start πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

        1. AVFCVillablog

          I did test it on my mobile which is a android and it wa svisible but i suspect it wont be on all devices

          Great news you will see match

          I like a challenge – i almost wish i could restart the fecking thing dont want you moaning at end of season if only if only if only πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          1. Vancouvervillan

            I have android, I guess it appears at the bottom & drop down menu at the top, ill check it out on the laptop later, catching up on the Chelsea game, I already know the score.

  5. AVFCVillablog

    Reading between the lines here’s my take on Milot Rashica saga

    The reports in the press about Milot not fancying a move to Villa, is simply not true, Villa would have walked away immediately and not pursued this transfer had this been the case, imo It’s an attempt to attract other suitors perhaps by his agent after all Covid as affected how clubs act this window with finances tight.

    It appears both parties have reached an impasse Villa have have tabled a 4 year deal, valued in the region of 16m with a further 9m included in addon’s total cost could be 25m

    Werder Bremen are happy with total value but the issue arises around the initial 16m valuation Werder are insisting on an improved structure as they wish to strengthen themselves, Villa are not in a position to improve their offer or there is little leeway to seal the deal – you would think we could accommodate, maybe Lange as a poker face this could drag on, maybe we will even lose him.

  6. AVFCVillablog

    Must be some truth in these rumors to many to be crap unless of course they all run with same story once one outlet does, but there are quite a few outlets out of France all saying Traore medical is tomorrow

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Like I said think he’s a bit of a punt but nothing wrong with that.
      So Martinez, Rashica, Traore, Cash, Watkins in, i think that’s a decent window with possibly a few cheeky bids around deadline day ?
      I’m sure many won’t be happy but upgrades on what we have in my view.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        I can’t help but admire some of our fans knowledge of him,what’s even more impressive his their ability to keep tight lipped and not mention this quality player prior to us being linked publicly. I mean you would have thought some Villa fan somewhere given all the social media platforms would have said go get this guy he’s a game changer πŸ˜‚

        I am led to believe he’s a Yannick Bollasie mk 2 he shows amazing ball skills one minute, only to frustrate the next, sorry Neil Taylor frustrates, players like Yannick Bollassie excite. No doubt the sensible ones among us will reserve judgement till we have seen what he offers in claret and blue.


        1. Vancouvervillan

          Yeah, the knockers can seldom suggest any alternative to signings their not happy with πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

          I like transfer windows, I enjoy the speculation but try not to get too excited until I see them in the shirt on the os. Its unfortunate that some just knock everything and judge the club before the window is even over but I’ve a feeling dislike for the manager has something to do with that.
          Id rather wait until the deadline is over to judge the signings, positions addressed & spend.
          Even then their obviously not all going to be a success.

          The narrow minded want a big name manager to sign his own expensive players, pay em a fortune, before buggering off when things go south after 18 months, leaving the club with unsustainable debt & no way of finding decent replacements. We’ve seen this over & over again.
          Unfortunately there are fans that just don’t get it, evidence of that clear with fans calling for us to sign Danny Rose & constantly looking for every opportunity to blame DS.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        He was good defensively yesterday. I haven’t checked Targett’s stats for last season but someone said he has some of the best attacking stats in the league behind Arnold & Robertson.
        Smith was having a big chat and explanation to him yesterday when they walked out for the 2nd half.
        Surely he’s better than Hutton ! 🀣

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Notice the smoky background ? We have really bad air quality atm all the wild fires in Oregon & California smoke is blowing up to BC !

          1. Vancouvervillan

            Sorry not getting what your saying here ? πŸ˜†
            Bit of a hobgolin post that one πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
            And you want to sell Konsa !
            Have some Sunday dinner & a lie down bud πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

          2. Vancouvervillan

            From what I read he’s a humble family man who just wants to play every week. Think he’s going to be a great signing and his family are going to love the warwichshire countryside.

  7. Vancouvervillan

    Think we should try to move these on, some will be difficult though …
    Taylor, Lansbury, Jota, Hogan, El Ghazi, Samatta, Kalanic, Nyland.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Bookies and algorithms sensibly work on the fact we finished 17th, no surprise. Wait till spam, baggies, palace, sheffield, fulham have played a few games.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          I despise the love sky have for Leeds United it does my nut in, big team my arse in years bygone maybe when they had good players with the likes of Billy Bremner, Peter Lorimer, Norman Hunter, Trevor cherry, Johnny Giles, Alan Clarke, Terry Yorath,Eddie & frank the Gray brothers, Gordan Mcqueen etc

          I will always associate Leeds as dirty leeds, but i do think West Brom are a bigger club – well at least they have been up and down in recent years and not had to wait 17 years to return🀣🀣🀣

          Last season after we lost to spurs sky pundits said similar about us we would be ok if we played like that, it will be interesting to see how Leeds cope going forward because yesterday is probably as bad as i have seen Liverpool defend in 3 years, Shocking….

          1. Vancouvervillan

            Yeah, not very often van dyck makes mistakes. Early days yet, I dont mind the Leeds love in, shows you how ridiculous the media are, lets see how they go with Bamford as no.1 striker πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  8. Vancouvervillan

    Have to agree, it doesn’t look like we are after Benrahma any longer, I think Brentfords hardball negotiations over last season & this means after getting Watkins maybe we’ve had enough. Rashica deal progress & Traore link suggests we’ve moved on.

  9. AVFCVillablog

    Reports circulating Aston Villa have agreed a deal with Lyon to sign Bertrand TraorΓ©. medical on Monday
    In our previous edition, we announced that the English 1st League club had made a refused offer to Lyon for the transfer of BurkinabΓ¨ international Bertrand TraorΓ© . Well, this Sunday, September 13, things seem to have evolved. Indeed, Lyon and Aston Villa have agreed to transfer BurkinabΓ¨ Bertrand TraorΓ©.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I like the idea of this guy. YouTube i watched he seemed to be playing quite deep at times, which had me thinking he’s possibly another signing thats comfortable in a variety of positions. Attacking MF or Striker, Winger.

  10. AVFCVillablog

    Fcuk me that Womens Super League is brutal, the Villa Women have lost their first two games but sit 3rd from bottom outside relegation zone, Arsenal sit top having scored 15 goals in their fist two games

  11. HenleyVillain

    Will be off to Greece soon and will miss both of the first 2 games. Do we know if they are being shown on Sky or BT ? (could watch SKY games in a bar no doubt and can watch BT games on an app)

    1. AVFCVillablog

      all games in September are live – our first 2 games are both on Monday evenings the 21st & the 28th with 6.00pm uk time kick offs on sky sports

      1. HenleyVillain

        Ta. I think there’s a smart tv in the villa, so I can sign in to my now tv account. Good to have options, I can also listen to radio commentary on my phone.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Very brave of you, i admire your loyalty, but stressing over the Villa on your holidayπŸ‘ Perhaps a good idea to make sure the sofa is away from wall in the VillaπŸ˜‚, as you know we never do anything the easy way.

          1. HenleyVillain

            I’ve had about 60 years of stressing over the villa. Should be getting less of a problem as I get older, but it seems not to. I have too much time on my hands since I retired😁

  12. Vancouvervillan

    Just catching up, golf this morning and watching the games this afternoon. Pool, Leeds was a great game.
    Later on I did cave in and pay for the villa game.
    Agree with most of what BB says below, utd in charge 1st half but we took charge of the 2nd half, a few good chances, Steers saves were excellent both more or less point blank, both from Lindaard, who was very good. I was impressed with Jack, Luiz & SJM we controlled the ball, mf and saw the game out well.
    Cash got a bit of a wake up call, but did well, as did Ollie, took his goal very well.
    We were pressing high up and looked very good 2nd half with some great passing moves. Trezeguet was my motm, worked very hard, pacy runs, excellent cross for the goal, seemed to be involved in everything good.
    Bonus we saw out the game late on by keeping possession 😎
    Id say we deserved the win after growing into the game, we didn’t look overawed or unfit, gave as good as we got.
    Encouraging performance.
    Samatta barely touched the ball coming on for Watkins and Smith gave Cash a break with Elmo finishing out the game.

    Thrilled to hear Martinez is still happening, Rashica close, & the Traore link.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Traore looks pacy & tricky, valued at 10.5. Could be our wildcard signing. Watching him on utube, he is an attacking MF/Striker but I could easily see him playing box to box ?
      Looks possibly better value than King ?
      Fingers crossed for all the signings.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        Bertrand Traore he’s left field alright, I will be honest I know absolutely zero about this player, however, he’s giving me a red flag, because he only played 13 full matches last season, now that could be through injury, or it could be formation change by Coach, or Covid, i have no idea, but taking into consideration we could be looking at extended settlement and adjustment time, he does seem an high risk gamble to me.

  13. AVFCVillablog

    I can only comment on what I’ve seen, and the result today did not reflect the play, I think Man U will feel Villa were a tad fortunate. United dominated possession for large parts,especially first half.

    Matty Cash
    It was a real baptism of fire for Matty Cash, having the quality of Rashford, james, igaloo and Van de beek running at him, You can tell he’s new to the rb role, Perhaps it’s unfair to judge him on today, but given the quality of the opposition is similar throughout in the premier league, it’s going to be a proper step up for him. On the plus side he’s a speed freak and also as a long throw on him. He made one really poor challenge on Daniel James and could easily have got a straight red.
    Jed Steer
    Steer did his chances no harm with a great display, made a couple of decent saves to keep united out.

    Ollie Watkins
    Ollie Watkins had a decent debut, he took his goal well, he scored with an instinctive diving header from a Trezuguet cross. I have no worries with Watkins stepping up this season, he stood his ground and was shadowed pretty much all afternoon by the honey monster McGuire. Ollie had a half chance to get his second but was leaning back and lost his balance.
    Jack Grealish
    Jack was Jack, on another level to most on the pitch, he even sold Van de beek a trick or two.

    I am not going to go through the whole team but we still need strengthening in a few area’s if we are to make a push for EuropeπŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    All said and done you would expect United to boss possession but Villa grew into the game, It was a good workout for us in a game played with a competitive edge.

  14. AVFCVillablog

    Conor played today
    starting 11 agaiunst United
    Steer, Cash, Konsa, Mings, Target, Luiz, McGinn, Hourihane, Trezeguet, Watkins, Grealish

  15. AVFCVillablog

    Just waiting for Ian Taylor to confirm we have beat Man U πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Ollie… Ollie… Ollie… Oi.. Oi.. Oi

    1. AVFCVillablog

      I aim to please πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

      Yes i decided to take a look last night and decided to rollback to the previous version which worked

      I have notified the developer of issue so i have to wait for them to identify issue and provide me with a fix before i can update without losing that functionality again

    1. AVFCVillablog

      If the Fa had used their noggin they could have had the Manchester derby today Postponed and we could have played Burnley πŸ˜€

      1. AVFCVillablog

        Yes there is that advantage, but I doubt an extra week will make much difference, but as Tesco says every little helps πŸ‘

  16. AVFCVillablog

    Steer been playing in our friendlies he’s just not fancied and Smith as concerns in regards when Heaton will be fully fit
    Wes is apparently due to start light training with rest of squad next week

    Both Heaton and Wesley suffered knee ligament damage and steer had a partial tear of is Achilles

    1. AVFCVillablog

      I don’t think he will be off, it’s healthy competition he will have to take his chance when it comes around he’s 34 now so i don’t see him being to concerned with losing the No 1 spot

  17. AVFCVillablog

    Emiliano Martinez had a better save success rate (83.8%) than any other goalkeeper in the Premier League last season

  18. AVFCVillablog

    Aston Villa have agreed a fee of around Β£20m for Emiliano Martinez. Goalkeeper due to undergo a medical this evening.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I get access to the Kelly & Wright show through my dazn subscription, enjoyable show, yesterday for season preview they had Sherwood on and Darren somebody ? (black guy with glasses) recognized his voice from the sports bar journalist that comes on, what a great speaker, analyst that guy is, breath of fresh air talks a lot of sense.
      Hope he’s on more often, shows up Sherwood & Wrighty, although I like them two as well.

  19. AVFCVillablog

    It’s got a slight issue at present the bubble which is suppose to be at the left hand side and display when a comment is posted is not currently working, however it does display all new posts in highlighted yellow

      1. AVFCVillablog

        🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Unfortunately fcuk all i can do till an update comes out
        I thought you guys deserved a break from my ramblings, i am still chuckling at Jesus Corona

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Plays in partnership with Moses Heineken πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
          I loved the gif with the guy in the Mexican hat.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I did notice that missing, and the “howdie vancouvervillan” with avatar at the top right when you log on. Small issues though.

  20. Vancouvervillan

    Hi mate,
    Yes seems the window is improving us, the owners and set up is well organized.
    I think its worth noting that should Smith fail, (you know i don’t think he will), but the regime also has a PL experienced manager on the team ready to step in, I’m talking about Shakespear. Last season the only ready to go alternative was Terry.
    I just like the way they are going about business with this management team.

  21. AVFCVillablog

    I don’t see any aspirations or intent by the club, Gareth Bale, Edison Cavani, Mario Goetz are all available and were picking up Championship players, how the fcuk are we suppose to improve on 17th i feel another struggle is inevitable this season?πŸ˜‹

  22. AVFCVillablog

    I mean since when did we need to sell to buy? Sky still have not realized just how wealthy our owners are, earlier they said in regards Martinez we needed to sell before we could buy – I believe that is Arsenal not us the fools.

  23. Vancouvervillan

    I know Rashica is rumoured to be flexible, winger, attacking midfield but I believe he primarily plays on the left side, can’t see both Rashica & Benrahma coming in.
    With Jack favoring the left (even when he’s played more centrally) cant see how all 3 fit in.
    FM Trezeguets going to have a tough time on the right if they do all end up at villa ! πŸ˜†

    1. AVFCVillablog

      I have never believed Benny was coming to us this or last summer, he just seems like a luxury player we can ill afford at this level

  24. AVFCVillablog

    Watford kick off their championship campaign in less than an hour – does anyone know if Var is being used in the Championship this season?

  25. Vancouvervillan

    With small club Brentford faced with losing 4 or 5 first team starters again, I think it really says something about their recent managers. I’m not just talking Smith up but with Frank, Warburton & all, with constantly selling their best players & bringing in unknowns to develop i think Brentford coaching job is a real test of coaching ability.

    Too bad Smith has failed πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  26. Vancouvervillan

    Jesus Corona anybody, 27 yr old Mexican international, 40 odd caps, plays for Porto, 25 mil release clause plays various positions, RB, Winger, MF. Portugals most valuable player last season. Wolves interested.
    “Appeared all over the field for Porto last term” πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  27. Vancouvervillan

    There’s obviously something very wrong and worrying about our recruitment Martinez is not from the championship and has PL experience πŸ€”

  28. Vancouvervillan

    Daily star, yes I know πŸ˜†, saying Martinez done deal.
    4 years at 60k a week.
    Reading some background on him sounds like a really great character, family man, who’s bided his time and now wants to be a no.1.

    I might be a little p*sse’d off if Arteta uses the 20 mil to buy Benrahma !

  29. Vancouvervillan

    Just wanted to put this out there, Lacassette is rumoured to be available for 45 mil.
    If he would come for 100k a week say, would you sign him ?

  30. Vancouvervillan

    So still linked with keeper, box to box MF, playmaker MF, LB, 2nd ST, Wingers.
    I have a feeling we are going to like this window.

    Initially I’d imagined 2 or 3 signings to improve us but possibly we are seeing this window as a real chance to bolster the squad, taking advantage of others limited spending power. The fact Rashica is mentioned again seems to indicate there is a lack of spending money generally, think that bodes well for us.
    We’ll see but really happy with those identified so far.

  31. Vancouvervillan

    See a new link today, Clement Grenier from Rennes, 29 yr old midfielder, play maker type.
    Doesn’t fit the remit but interesting link. I’m sure we are casting the net far and wide.
    Apparently Wenger really rated & followed this guy.

  32. Vancouvervillan

    If Ollie scores a hat trick in the pre season gig on Saturday, villa will have enough income to buy Martinez out right at $5 a pop ! 🀣🀣🀣

  33. Vancouvervillan

    DD interview annoyed me, saying things like its not about the money ! Plenty of people in real life go through alcohol problems, career issues etc & many live in poverty as a consequence.
    Sorry but no sympathy from me, hes also virtually made himself unemployable.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Fair point, I’m giving Smith a pass for January though, didn’t get a 2nd striker last summer, Luiz wasn’t performing, Nakamba work in progress & Suso calling the shots.
      Huge mistake signing DD & should have used the Samatta money in the summer.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        To add, I think this will be a big influence on summer dealings, we’ll want to get as many targets in as we can & some insurance, to try and avoid having to get desperate in January again.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      They’ll all be waring Beskitas shirts by the end of the year if Sammatta moves !
      Talk about fickle fans πŸ™„

      1. Vancouvervillan

        I did have a thought that talk of only 1000 fans allowed as new “test” for spectators, these guys as the 1000 fans at VP would be a great PR stunt.
        Could watch their hero on the bench πŸ˜‰

  34. AVFCVillablog

    Aston Villa’s trip to Craven Cottage later this month has been moved and selected for TV coverage.
    The fixture, which was originally due to take place on Sunday 27 September, is now scheduled for Monday 28 September.
    The new kick-off time is 6pm, and the match will be broadcast live on Sky Sports.

    so that’s our first 2 league games both now on consecutive Monday evenings

  35. AVFCVillablog

    Brentford fans say Ollie Watkins is the Bees’ kneesπŸ˜‚ I hope Ollie realizes if he’s a hit at Villa he’s likely to get labelled as being the Dogs Bollox πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  36. AVFCVillablog

    Villa have not advertised what their budget is, I can only presume you perceive we have let clubs know we have big money to spend because of what we have paid for Cash & Watkins – the rumored 100m either came from the press or fans, neither get a email from Purslow dropping in their inbox saying Villa have x amount to spend this window.

    In regards to Ollie Watkins it was a scenario where lots of clubs were sniffing around, except Brentford were in no rush to sell, a situation pretty much like us with jack in essence, unless someone meets their valuation he’s was not going anywhere.

    Purslow negotiated fee and signed off on it, so Villa believe he’s worth the fee – it makes no odds what us fans think

    To add If Watkins was our number one striker target – who we identified and he’s not a plan B or plan C then you simply pay the money or risk losing him and being forced into moving on to your plan B

    How many times in the past have we heard fans say Doug wouldn’t pay the extra 200k etc

    Only time will tell if what we pay for a player as paid off, that goes for any player, if we identify a player then we buy them if we can afford them.

    At present this window is a sellers market with Covid and the financial impact it’s had, but selling clubs maybe forced into accepting lower offers as window comes to a close in order to balance their books, and at same time buying clubs who hesitate and wait for that moment could lose their target to someone else,

    Leeds, Sheffield United, West Ham and Burnley were all interested in Matty Cash, Sheffield placed a 10m bid but it was rejected by forest who’s valuation was 15m, Villa got closest to that valuation with 14m + addon and they accepted.

    They could have played hard ball but come October when window closes they could have been forced to accept a lower offer if they needed to sell to balance books.

    Villa obviously believed he was worth 14m it makes no difference what fans think.

  37. AVFCVillablog

    Danny Drinkwater is back🀣

    β€œVilla was the biggest wake-up call in terms of my fitness,” said Drinkwater. β€œI was catching up three pre-seasons, a full season with no football and half a season where I’ve played two games. And I’m thinking β€˜eight games, I’ll be fine’. I was trying to rush it and, to be fair, Dean Smith was quality. He didn’t put any pressure on me, but I felt like I had no time. I played four or five games and I didn’t manage to do anything. The fans were waiting for Danny Drinkwater and this loaf of bread turned up in midfield.”

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Vancouver your two posts are present they just ended up further down page, i was scratching my head also πŸ˜‚

  38. Vancouvervillan

    I’m guessing you’ve sorted the problem but lost some posts BB ?
    Anyway posted below on Damo’s site and wanted to share, some comment is obviously not aimed at posters here.
    UTV !
    Keeper tomorrow

  39. Vancouvervillan

    I do think its pretty clear we are after 2
    strikers. Many moaned we didn’t get an extra striker in last summer & they were right as it turned out, with Wesley’s injury & Davies, Samatta unable to find the net.
    Wesley may not recover properly either, we dont know at this stage.
    I’m not sure we’ll make the same mistake this time, we didn’t have the budget due to replacing most of the squad last summer, this time we do.
    Similar situation for keeper, unforseen injuries to both Heaton & Steer caught us out. Again with Heaton not ready & Steer probably still recovering seems sensible to hedge our bets and get another experienced keeper in.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of plan for half decent cover for SJM and Luiz is on the cards either.

    Not sure where this idea comes from that you sign players in order of priority ?
    Its more than likely that once we knew we were staying up, we made enquiries and or bids on all our targets. The fact some happen quicker than others seems logical to me. Think its fairly clear a new RB wasn’t the no.1 priority, just Cash was possibly easier.

    I’m sure Villa are more than capable of multitasking and dealing with more than one negotiation at a time. 😁 Not sure just because of the failed Wilson bid that makes Watkins 2nd choice or that we panicked. As many point out, no secret Smith wants to take the best of the players he knows from Brentford. Makes total sense when clearly our problem last season was bedding in players.
    I do agree the Wilson rejection may have spurred us on to get a striker over the line before season starts, but not sure it was ever one or the other, the Josh King interest suggests we are still in the market for a PL experienced striker.

    Think we do need to be realistic about who will come, Rashica bid proof of that. So far we’ve signed two players that will improve the team IMO, Keeper looks close & we’ve signed 2 or is it 3 kids for the academy. Not a bad start with 4 weeks to go. Worth remembering its not been that long since we knew we were staying up, and everyone and his dog has also taken a holiday in that time😎

  40. Vancouvervillan

    Other thing I read today is talk of Watkins salary, some suggesting 75k. In the big scheme of things that’s not huge for a PL striker, but regardless it’s also well reported that we will triple his salary, he was on 15k, so actually thats 45k !
    (Average PL salary is apparently 44k) the difference over 5 years surely more than covers for any perceived overpayment.
    Its so pathetic sometimes, nearly all the “objecters” would have happily paid twice the price for Abrahams.
    Small town bs

  41. Vancouvervillan

    Welcome Ollie, so pleased we got this over the line, he was the striker Smith wanted i think.
    I hope he does well and scores goals for us. Love the attitude and his ability to play across a front 3 if required, more importantly we have added pace.

    Think if we add Martinez then I’d already be happy with those 3 but I do think we will ad 2 or 3 more.
    Winger & Box to box MF would be my priorities. Cover for LB & RCB less of a priority for me.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I was thinking about him yesterday, I didn’t bother to translate the article, but I saw Liepzieg are linked with quite a few players for more money than him. My first thought was maybe they don’t think hes worth it, then was thinking if he’s still around late on in the window we might yet be in with a good chance.
      Seems a good player, fits the remit, be nice to have a bit of a wild card, unproven in with the signings like we had last summer.
      Its not my money πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  42. AVFCVillablog

    Theme author is looking at site issue in the background so comment system and other content may temporarily disappear again at some point.

  43. AVFCVillablog

    I think Ian Taylor just nailed it, I can envisage this ringing out around Villa Park and in the concourse at HT
    I say…..Ollie Ollie Ollie….Oi! Oi! Oi!!!

  44. AVFCVillablog

    Official Watkins done
    Aston Villa is delighted to announce the signing of Ollie Watkins from Brentford.
    The 24-year-old striker, who scored 26 goals in the Championship last season, has penned a five-year contract.
    Head Coach Dean Smith said: β€œOllie has developed into one of the most sought-after strikers in the country and we are looking forward to seeing him show his great qualities in an Aston Villa shirt.
    β€œHe is a hugely determined character who has both the ability and personality to succeed at the highest level.”
    Watkins added: β€œI am so excited to join Aston Villa and to reunite with Dean Smith as my Head Coach. I cannot wait to wear the famous claret and blue in the Premier League.
    β€œI want to do something special here and score some goals.”

  45. Vancouvervillan

    I’m guessing Watkins will have medical and be official tomorrow, really hope so, that should relieve the pressure and allow us to wait longer and wheel & deal for a couple more. Martinez in soon would mean for me at least we can start the season with the 3 additions.

  46. Vancouvervillan

    So apparently Guilbert is not homesick and loves the club. Strange I assumed he was off and thats why we pulled the trigger on Cash ? Nantes for 5 mil was the rumour i read.
    Be happy with the two of then at RB, Elmo back up. Might even see Cash RW with Guilbert, lots of options.

  47. AVFCVillablog

    In regards Purslow statement back in Jan
    It takes 4 years to pay average Premier league wages

    what is an average Premier league wage ?

    if you have 18 of your squad on 75k wk that’s approx 70m year without counting the rest of the staff at club

    Our problem as always been income we have a 42,000 capacity stadium which we struggle to fill

    last accounts

    gate receipts 12m

    Broadcastin 22m

    sponsorship 7m

    commercial 9m

    51m turnover

    ignoring COVID now were in the PL we will receive 100m + from broadcasting there will not be a much of a change in the other income streams

    I fail to see how we are going to change the wage structure to pay 100k 120k per wk

    The trouble i have with Purslow statement is we now have a significant increase in income after being promoted and our allowed losses have increased

    FFP is all about what your allowed to spend in ratio to income, and losses allowed per year or over 3 year period

    if were now going to be run properly as opposed to relying on wealthy owners then by my reckoning we will never be able to pay average Pl wages of 100k per wk minimum

    I though this was the whole reason for future talent spotting, signing them young, and then developing them.

  48. Vancouvervillan

    I see our friend Haaland bagged a brace again today, the guy can’t stop scoring, looking the bargain of the decade. Maybe if we sign King he’ll want to link up with his Norwegian buddy ???

  49. AVFCVillablog

    Don’t even get me started on this but looks like were getting desperate plan c probably,
    another 28 nearly 29 yr old another Bournemouth player, the only positive is, he’s hit double figures twice in 5 seasons however last season 26 starts 6 goals

    so why are villa fans wetting their knickers over this?, yet the same fickle fans slagged Wesley off for 5 in 21
    I don’t want to believe this but seems like i have too considering the source – seems like villa only know 2 clubs Brentford and Bournemouth

    It’s behind a pay wall

  50. Vancouvervillan

    I think we have to be realistic, the money championship clubs are asking because of their inevitable drop in crowd revenue, the hit all PL clubs will take after the China tv deal was pulled, (10 mil per club i read ?), plus FFP (with 2 champo seasons counted as part of our 3), affecting wages we can offer right now, then it looks like the rumoured 100 k might be devalued considerably.

    At least we have money to spend unlike some. As I said below I dont think the common knowledge, championship targets we have in mind are going to change much. Given the circumstances they represent the best value with the least bedding in time and fit the remit. Probably means signings will be late on.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Yes agree with most of that There’s no doubt in my mind any deals to be done with championship clubs will get done very late on, because at present Championship clubs hold the upper hand, but as window draws to a close they will have to re-evaluate their position and possibly find themselves forced into accepting lower offers because they will need to balance their books.

      In regards this 100m to spend, i have seen nothing official to say this is accurate, i think some cockwomble on social media arrived at 100m because as a minimum that’s what survival was worth to us.

      As for ffp, my understanding is it’s been officially suspended this season if you fall under U.E.F.A ffp, basically clubs playing in Europe, Although the Premier League FFP rules are usually in tandem and pretty much run side by side, i have yet to hear the Premier league make an official statement in regards where on clubs stand on ffp with the plandemic.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        I’d like to know what “suspended” actually means ? (assuming PL follows suit).
        I mean does this season still appear on the following seasons books & years after, meaning in effect an extra season available to make the books balance, (over 4 seasons instead of 3), or does it indicate a free pass for this season ? Can’t imagine the later is the case.

  51. AVFCVillablog

    Sky earlier reported that Foden & Greenwood missed training today, now they’re saying the FA are investigating, apparently they have attempted to smuggle girls into the England hotel, breaking the strict Covid bio security rules

    If true, its stupidity at its highest level, we shall have to wait and see how accurate these reports are, but i can imagine the furore if this was Jack, i wonder if the FA and Southgates strict rules apply to two lads from Manchester clubs?

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I just finished reading this and was going to post it up. I think it sums up what some of us are realizing already that this is far from a ‘normal” window.
      I think we are in a far better position than most clubs including previous spenders Spurs, West Ham, Arsenal.
      Still a long way to go until the window closes, actually makes sense to hold out for the players that might improve us rather than the comparison with last summer when we needed a whole squad of players as Rushton points out.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Really, says it all. I read this thinking crikey is this really the mail ?
          Good luck to him, obviously destined for better things.

  52. AVFCVillablog

    Hahahaha this is what happens when fans become negative surrounding potential signings or lack of, someone make them feel better??? by giving them a reminder of basically what Christian Purslow said at the Aston Villa supporters trust AGM back in January. it’s caused a bit of a meltdown now across social media

    Which was and i quote

    “It takes 4yrs to be able to pay average Prem salaries & comply with FFP. I have to comply with 1 year of Prem but 2 years of championship rules. The total wage bill we can pay is much, much lower than clubs in the prem for 3 years”.

  53. Vancouvervillan

    I assume they didn’t know ? Or else why bother. Coventry player probably hates villa plus family issues plus they finished mid table.
    Players have the power, you can’t force em.

  54. Vancouvervillan

    I’m glad Wilson isn’t coming, a striker that wants to play for “park the bus” Brucie ???
    Wait till Ashley sees his wage demands !
    Classy move by us to very publicly withdraw the offer.

  55. AVFCVillablog

    Knowing the TF window does not shut till October are you not confident of going into season as we are on the back of us beating Arsenal yesterday ?

  56. AVFCVillablog

    Comes to something when you sit there and watch Women play for 90 minutes but can’t be arsed to watch your National team ?

  57. AVFCVillablog

    FT 2-0 we go again ??

    When you move up in class and meet last seasons runners up in your opening game, you cannot afford to make simple errors, apart from that the Women can take a few positives away from today’s game, but it was in all honesty a real baptism of fire, you simply cannot gift a team like Manchester City a two goal lead and expect to get anything from the game.

    Believe me, Reading away next week will not be any easier.

  58. AVFCVillablog

    Mate since I can remember there have always been limits to our ambition who ever our owner as been. It’s always been like this with the Villa. But we are currently on our third new owners in last 14 years, which means yet again we are being sold another plan. 

    This new plan makes it virtually impossible to question the clubs ambition at present, because it’s stated we’re following a specific model, which will need time to bare fruit. This model implies we will rarely purchase the finished articles going forward, which rules out a whole heap of players.

    Mate It’s your right to hold the view Dean Smith has not got the pulling power, but bottom line is he simply the head coach, who’s there to improve the young players and it will be the same when he’s replaced unless the regime change the business model.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      It gathering pace now its being more widely reported, this may have legs, by all accounts the original source is reliable, i have know knowledge of the french media to confirm this.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Seriously though its great we are investing in the women’s game, reminiscent of us being very much involved when the football league got started. I think eventually it will become much more popular.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Taking the piss ? ? Lol, if they played in the summer I think more would watch. Women’s world cup was a good watch.

  59. AVFCVillablog

    Full on mutiny incoming 3 first team players got involved now Rice & Jack Wiltshire on instagram ??? the rent on that stadium must be killing them ??? telegraph reporting they still won’t meet benny valuation even after sale of Diangana

  60. Vancouvervillan

    Hi mate, yep most important signing, nearly always is. Let’s hope we dont end up with a joelinton or haller.
    UTV !

  61. Vancouvervillan

    Good summary Begley, I dont like the idea of 7 coming in but I think the fact we’ve signed a RB, (FBs not really a priority for me), and now need a keeper means you could probably add 2 more to the 3 or 4 i think we needed.
    My priorities were ST, WG, CM, CB, I must admit thats changed slightly im now leaning towards 2 strikers & I think we can leave CB for now. Konsa changed my mind on that, him & Mings with Engles & Hause cover + youth should work. I think Revan can be coached if really needed & Hause we know can play LB.

    Two strikers a must, don’t want to be short again. Winger and strikers must have some pace, we are currently lacking real pace upfront. If there are players that can play both roles all the better.

    I think we need a box to box type midfielder for the squad, someone comfortable in possession and could also cover at DM if needed.

    I also think whoever comes available & wants to come may be a factor, I mean im not sure we would pass up buying a LB or CB if right player is there for us even though I don’t see some positions as priorities.
    I think the mandate is also pretty clear, under 25, right attitude someone we can develop, no superstars are coming just yet, we finished 17th.
    Wilson may be an exception ? We do need experience at CF, might not be such a bad signing if a little underwhelming for me.

    I’m also glad we don’t seem to be panicking and rushing onto 2nd & 3rd choices, although we know very little really all rumour & speculation.

  62. HenleyVillain

    You’ll need to set it up on wordpress. I think you can access it via the login top right of the home page?

  63. HenleyVillain

    Good to have you back Begley. So you think we need 7 more players? I reckon we need another CB too, that would mean quite a shake up, especially as we are likely to be signing better players than we have already. We appered to have shorn up the defence a little after the restart, but a lot of our opposition weren’t really at it and I am unconvinced we have improved anywhere near enough. A quality CB would be my first priority. It goes without saying we need a couple of strikers. Watkins looks the part for me, not convinced about Wilson, but it wouldn’t upset me if he comes in. Target needs cover, as does Cash. Hourihane is the weakest link in midfield and needs cover/replacement. I wouldn’t be bothered if we didn’t sign another goalkeeper. Steer is good enough cover for Heaton. Goalkeeper injuries are rare.

  64. AVFCVillablog

    Anyway Begley I’m off to my bed, but it’s good to see you back safe and well, hopefully will see you again very soon
    be lucky
    night buddy

  65. AVFCVillablog

    Begley no idea why your ted post below got pulled – but to be honest i’m glad it did, it only belongs in two places Facebook and the bin the author is just someone who posts for a reaction.

    In regards Eduardo up at Celtic very similar stats to Dembele he’s not done to bad as he? so i don’t buy this north of the border rubbish spouted, besides Celtic have had a decent model for years you only have to look at the likes of Henrik Larsen etc

  66. Vancouvervillan

    Hey welcome back Begley ?
    Nice to see you on again bud, lots to look forward to in the new season.

    What are your thoughts on the Cash signing ? Any particular striker you think would fit in nicely.

  67. AVFCVillablog

    Well blow me welcome back buddy

    i was catching 40 winks and my fone woke me, kept going off when i looked it was saying attention comments need approval
    no idea why yours needed approval, same ip, same email etc all sorted now
    good to hear you now check your fcukin email?

  68. AVFCVillablog

    Sky reporting Grady Diangana’s transfer to West Brom could be hijacked as Aston Villa, Fulham & Ajax have now joined the race to sign the West Ham player

    1. AVFCVillablog

      It’s a million miles away from Bruce days were repairing the damage done by that fool.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news mate but no big names or even the finished articles will be rocking up at b6 any time soon

      The club as taken a new direction it’s all about buying youngish players with potential and developing those players and that will happen with or without Smith at the helm.

      Club said they may make the odd exception to that rule if an experienced player nearing the end of his career become available who could offer something short term.

      In regards player rumors and speculation I think it’s best if we wait to see who we end up signing, and how much we improve as a team with those individuals, because no single player is going to make that much of a difference.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        We will see if he replaces Freddy or not but he’s been a liability at times leaving big holes behind him but i give him benefit of doubt being his first season and adjusting and hope he improves but it competition regardless

        Jamie Vardy,Deli Ali,Chris Smalling,,Ian Wright,Les Fedinand all came from lower league nothing wrong with picking up players from lower divisions with our model

        We purchased some of the best and experienced players who had been there and done it in the championship when we got relegated but for us they showed naff all – repeat that in PL and your in a financial mess again very quickly

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Id say attacking FB’s do tend to leave big holes behind them at times, I like Freddy, think cashew & him would suit fine. Liverpool get around the holes left by having v good CB’s & midfield control.

          Like you, I think the writtings on the wall as far as recruits, we won’t be signing any superstars, we’ll look to be developing our own. Club has stated this numerous times and the coaching, SD recruitment confirms that for me.
          They did suggest we’d be spending big on a marquee, proven signing this summer though, can’t remember the exact wording, but I’m having trouble believing that is Wilson.
          We’ll see good to get one through the door, I do think Cash will improve us.

        2. Vancouvervillan

          I know we haven’t had much success recruiting best of the championship players in recent past, when we were looking to climb out the league, but alternative is Europeans that might take as long as last season to settle, or big bucks signings looking for a payday.
          This season championship probably offers a better value with clubs looking to cover finances, stands to reason they will adjust quicker in my view.

          As for the proven, marquee or star signing they hinted at, I still think its likely to be a youngster with potential, love to see Edouard in, he absolutely fits the mandate.

          1. HenleyVillain

            BFR You are beginning to sound a little like Kevin Starkey and a few on the other blog ?. Can’t see anything much wrong with signing promising young players from the Championship myself. And as BB said, we have a policy of investing in the youth. Looks a really progressive and exciting thing to me.

          2. HenleyVillain

            I think Kev is up right up there though ?. There are some on the other site that are driving me mad. I just can’t understand all the negativity, and it surprises me a little to see you in the same camp ?
            I don’t think it’s a priority either, but there’s plenty of time yet to fill the other gaps. I would guess they are working hard to get others over the line too. Just not in the order you might like !

          3. HenleyVillain

            I can name loads of players who didn’t make the grade. But there are also many that did. Cash could work out, or not. But I’m not going to slag off Smith and the new recruitment team until I have a good reason to do so.

          4. Vancouvervillan

            I can’t pretend I wouldn’t want Ancelotti as manager and to be recruiting Decoure & Allan right now, but big names & money didn’t work before. Worth noting both red bull clubs don’t seem to have problems recruiting with no name managers. Their model has brought success we can only dream of.
            Everton have spent huge money recently and really got no where.

          5. AVFCVillablog

            Still trying to think of a big name manager who in recent times achieved success without spending bucket loads I can only think of Ranieri at Leicester

            Most of these so called big name managers only bring success from spending bucket loads of cash and that is not sustainable for us at present, it was not under O’neil and nothings changed,

            They do not develop players if you take away the cheque book most if not all will fail. we simply cannot afford to pay excessive wages at present

          6. Vancouvervillan

            All I know is we gave Bruce best part of 3 seasons, he achieved, well nothing apart from down grading our playing style. Some even wanted him to stay on even towards the end.
            Where has Smith failed exactly ?
            Achieved our promotion within half a season, cup final, kept us in PL. I think any luck associated with these achievements is negated by the crap Bruce left him with and the need to replace 14 players on promotion.
            He may not be perfect, he may fail and be replaced but at the moment he has my backing and has tbh achieved more for AV in his short tenure than most recent villa managers.

          7. AVFCVillablog

            He can look down at his cock for all i care mate?
            It makes no difference what he does once they cross that line until he gets them back in at HT
            Him waving his fcuking arms, or screaming shouting would result in same outcome imo.

        3. AVFCVillablog

          Agree, if you have a weak area’s it affects the whole team’s balance and impacts how you play, circumstances last summer meant we we had to flood squad with numbers and stay within ffp, now we can build on that going forward, it small steps for us.

          Only time will tell which players come good with a years pl experience under their belts

          Yes I think Lange’s arrived too late to have much of an impact on our first team targets this window, he will have just been updated on current targets etc the sort of players smith wants to bring in.

    2. Vancouvervillan

      Only one in so far and targets are rumours for most part tbf. Bruce would have lined up more RB’s and sold Mings by now ?

      1. AVFCVillablog

        Who’s this?
        Damo you never cese to amaze me the complete and utter boll ox you talk our best season for years yes losing to derby and shed Wednesday cannot beat millwall a squad that pays more money by a mile than any other club the worst football ever seen in 100 years how many points off the leaders not a chance in hell in the play offs as never beten a club abov e 9th the worst manager in living memory and we are having our best season for years gaud help us

          1. AVFCVillablog

            Yes indeed

            you are as i said before spuds love child the managers you run down mc muppet and lambert won games in the prem and kept us up and all had good wins against prem teams unlike your lhero spud who is just a wan ker who knows nothing on the modern game wake up you idiot and see the dross and money he is paying pure dross

    3. AVFCVillablog

      J .Percy saying Grady Diangana is having his medical at the baggies tomorrow Morning after agreeing personal terms earlier.

      It would appear that Sky were trying to make a story out of nothing

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Yes i think i could look good in a compilations, that said i have not been able to find one of Guilbert or Elmo to compare?

    2. Vancouvervillan

      I do like his goal celebrations, not corny at all & clearly pure excitement & pride.
      Let’s hope we see a few.

      How long you had that video post cued up ? ???

  69. AVFCVillablog

    Matty Cash

    Firstly there is no truth to the rumour that his Forest team mates called him cashew because he is fcukin nuts?

    All i know about him is what i have read and heard from a Nottingham Forest supporter/journalist, that he’s a very attacking player basically he was a winger until last summer, then the forest manager Lamouchi made him play RB, it wasn’t that alien to him as he had played wing back previously under Warbuton and Karanka. so he’s definitely versatile.

    So It’s going to be a case of wait and see where Smith decides to play him, regarding GK – I guess the question is do we need one until Heaton comes back? that depends on what management think of Jed Steer, and how his rehabilitation is coming along which i imagine they will judge him on his pre season lets remember steer himself is coming back from a serious injury not to dissimilar to Heaton’s not sure any of us have to much faith in Orjan Nyland.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      What’s 9 hours among friends?? maybe he signed late last night but was only unveiled this morning in which case i was on the money.

  70. Vancouvervillan

    Can’t believe fans elsewhere now moaning about Callum Wilsons injury record !
    A PL proven striker most seem to want as a mandate & probably only one we actually stand a chance of signing, now he’s injury prone & big risk ?
    You couldn’t make this up, i sometimes wonder who some think we could sign risk free.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Well we didn’t need to bring in Johan Lange if Callum Wilson is a target ?? i like Wilson but he’s not going to improve us imo

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Who knows i am only going by his stats looks lively enough on MOTD ?

          Last season
          Callum Wilson 35 appearance goals 8 

          5 seasons in PL hit double figures once 

          Fans will be screwing if Wesley and Samatta have a record like that
          p.s 29 next year so no sell on value

  71. HenleyVillain

    OK BB – Where did my post go ?? ??
    Ah. Found it.
    At the bottom of the replies, just where it should have been !!

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Okay so logged out, logged in again and …
      FYI. not seeing my welcome avatar at the top right of page either.

      Tbh mate logging in and out each time pain in the ass. Just saying.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        My points all still say 1172 for all posts today.
        BTW not complaining, I know you like to get these things right

          1. AVFCVillablog

            i am because i manually adding them – just pray Begley dont come on and thumb down your comments that will take pts away ??

          2. Vancouvervillan

            Okay 1178 now on above post, lol, I am using my back up reading glasses as others in for repair after I sat on em !
            All good mate ?

    2. HenleyVillain

      I seem to get more points and I have been posting a fraction just lately, compared to your good self ! Somehow I am always about a hundred ahead. Just given you a thumbs down – that should keep me nicely ahead ??

  72. Vancouvervillan

    Difficult wading through the rumours & innuendo but do you think the interest in Martinez means we have to recruit a keeper ?
    Seems their might be a lack of trust in Steer (recovering from same serious injury as Heaton) & Nyland. Think we’ve given up on kalamity Kalanic.
    Not sure who started the pre-season friendly’s ?

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Agree both not good enough, 10 mil wasted on the two of them !
      Id be happy with Heaton & Steer but with both recovering from serious injury we probably need some insurance from a no.2 type keeper.
      I dont mean a sh*t keeper ! ?

    2. AVFCVillablog

      Jed Steer played in the friendly against Bristol, but not sure if Nyland also played as team rotated on 60mins.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        Thanks BB
        So he is fit then. Not sure if I want us to sign a keeper or not. Seem to have wasted so much money on that position, but like I say maybe some insurance needed.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Images from Bristol game on O/S show he played, Heaton is apparently due back within 4/5 games of season starting, so i have dismissed links to a GK but you never know.

  73. Vancouvervillan

    When you think about Bree, De Laet, I thought we’d solved the RB position for 5 or 6 seasons some 4 or 5 seasons ago ? good old Bricie sticking with Hutton !
    Let’s hope Cash fairs better. Think his ability to play anywhere on the right should help him getting starts.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      The really sad thing is most were either never used or played out of position. Most disappointing for me has been Lansbury, I still think there might be a player in there.

    2. Vancouvervillan

      Yeah, think a Cash announcement looks pretty close. Think he’ll be a good signing.
      At least we can see a plan regards signings unlike previous incumbents signings.
      We may not get the exact ones we want but I think we will address the relevant positions.
      Really hope we keep away from Harry Wilson.

    1. HenleyVillain

      Not before time. Media pressure I guess, he’ll probably get 10 minutes at the end of one of the games ?

  74. AVFCVillablog

    We’ll see if the speculation linking Watkins to us materializes now as Brentford have announced Ivan Toney.

  75. AVFCVillablog

    Today’s Friendly
    Villa 5-2 Wycombe Wanderers

    Goals – A brace from Anwar El Ghazi, Samatta, Konsa & Trez also on target – Orjan Nyland saved a pen.

  76. Vancouvervillan

    BTW where’s me points ya tight bastard!? ?
    Been on same total providing absolute quality for 2 days ?

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Thanks for the heads up

      Initially when i read your comment i thought you were going senile and forgot i had to roll site back and lost some comments and pts along with them.

      But on closer inspection it’s me who perhaps is going senile and needs to go to spec savers ?? the log shows you getting pts, but only for logging on etc?? lol

      I will have to keep my eye on things over next few days

      according to log it’s been 18 days since you got awarded any pts for the comments you made so after checking i believe your owed 142 pts which i have manually added to your total

      I have also checked log for all other users and adjusted their pts tally accordingly.

      Obviously somethings not right i have a sneaky feeling a certain plugin is responsible for causing me all sorts of issues.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        I only noticed yesterday & thought I’d have a bit of fun with it.
        Don’t sweat the small stuff mate.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Things like this really bug me especially when it’s happens out the blue

          The plugin is working in every other dept except the bloody hook which awards the pts for comments made.

          I have completely deleted it and all its data, cleared the cache and done total new install, deactivated every other plugin 1 at a time and still no change.

          beginning to think the new wordpress update 5.5 as caused a conflict.

          1. AVFCVillablog

            It’s not you just got awarded 5 pts for site visit and 1pt for viewing post, but naff all for your comment

          2. HenleyVillain

            Well, the site doesn’t update properly for me (using firefox browser) so I log in more than I should need to do i think ! And have to refresh manually to see any new comments.

          3. AVFCVillablog

            I use chrome and occasionally i have had to use fn+f5 to manually refresh but overall not been a issue – trouble is we have all been spoilt with Disqus and everything else now appears alien.

          4. HenleyVillain

            It’d probably behave better if I used Edge. I have to do that for a few things that don’t like Mozilla. Not really an issue for me though. Keep up the good work !

  77. Vancouvervillan

    Reading Dani Cebellos now wants to go back to Spain, fucking newsnow got me again ! ? nailed on and happy at Arsenal yesterday.
    22 mil, sign him up ffs !

    Too add im absolutely outraged that Arsenal can lay off some 200 employees and then enter the transfer market, bastards shouldn’t be allowed ?

    1. AVFCVillablog

      They will miss Cebellos if he goes, like Douglas Luiz for us, Cebellos was very much improved after restart – was he not there initially on loan to begin with ?
      sounds like a bit of Karma to me ??

      Disgusting what they have done

      They signed William on a reported 250,000 per week although that included his basic of Β£100,000, plus a large signing on fee paid across the duration of the deal,

      4 months of his wages would have paid the wages for a year of those who lost there job.

    2. HenleyVillain

      5 weeks wages from Mezut Ozil would have paid for those staff at Arsenal a year’s salary each. It’s disgusting. Another example of the game being broken.

  78. AVFCVillablog

    It wouldn’t be a Villa Transfer window without us signing a defender

    Aston Villa are in advanced talks to sign RB Matty Cash for Β£12m
    J Percy Telegraph

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Yep and a keeper ?
      Just praying we don’t sign all RB’s ! ?

      I like Cash, seem to remember he played well against us in the past, the 5-5 draw in particular.
      I read he was played at RB for first time this season after previously being right side MF & Wing. Forest player of the season with a good attitude, a battler by all accounts.
      If he has that flexibility to play a few positions might be a very good signing, 12 mil + add ons won’t break the bank either.
      Swift rumours seem to have resurfaced too, former Chelsea youth, box to box MF, again shouldn’t break the bank or affect the budget for a winger & a striker.
      Talking of MF i think we are rumoured to be interested in Chelsea’s Conor Gallagher as well.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        I was kind of hoping he never played in the 5-5 draw ??

        RB is a position i think we need to look at but it was not high priority for me
        so I am asking myself does Matty Cash really offer that much of an improvement to us and if so much better than Guilbert and Elmo his he?

        All i can see is that he fits the remit and will most likely increase in value in the future

        I no I sound negative before the guys joined or kicked a ball in claret and blue, but that’s because to me he seems to be, more of the similar sort of buy as we did last season.

        What ever happened to us buying top quality players, or players in that next bracket of 30/35 mil region who would significantly improve on what we have really.

        I am kind of hoping it’s not true especially the bit that he’s was 2nd choice and only came into equation because we would not bid above 15mil for Kieran Trippier

        Also did West Ham not bid for Matty Cash in January? and have a bid in region of 12mil rejected back then, if so then this would indicate we are offering far more than is being reported perhaps with addons.

        I am beginning to think Watkins is our Number one target – i heard some ridiculous rumour we was in for Eddison Cavanni ?? free agent, but out of our reach i feel – I don’t think were in for Tammy or Edouard either.

        As for Swift i only ever envisaged us signing one player with potential this window but this is Villa, so i guess it’s possible that we will sign 3 or 4 with potential given it’s unlikely we can attract players of real quality at this moment in time.

        P.S if we do sign Cash i suggest we look at the player data base for someone called Tango??

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Yep cash & tango, although I always preferred vimto to tango … ?

          I think Cash is an upgrade on Guilbert, I like Guilbert but we need 2 RBs long term with Elmo on his last year & Guilbert looks like he won’t last a season without injury. The other issue is possibly Cash can cover RMF if McGinn needs a rest or god forbid is injured. Also a decent RW option as we saw in the 5-5. Sounds a flexible addition that ticks all the boxes for me.
          I read west ham bid 10 mil earlier and were rejected, with forest asking 15 mil. 12 mil + add ons would do it, with him able to stay in the midlands.
          I never believed we were in for Trippier as too expensive, fee & wages.

          I think I’m looking at this slightly differently to you, assuming we have definate targets and a plan in place for rough maximum amount we’d pay for each position, (a given really), not sure signing a RB first makes any difference to the overall plan or spend. We may have worked out that 12/15 mil is the maximum amount we’d have leftover after the more expensive, more essential signings are done.

          I agree RB is not really a huge priority compared to other positions but it might just as easily mean we are on budget & taking advantage of an opportunity that might not be there in the future.
          I’m not sure it’s an indication that we won’t still target quality for 30/35 mil in the other positions. I’m sure they know they have more or less promised us a marquee signing.

          Mopping up the championship again for the best players is a worry but realistically as far as top forwards go that might be the best option. How attractive are we for a young Edouard, Rashica or an Origi when we finished 17th ?

          1. Vancouvervillan

            To add, with championship clubs struggling for revenue with no or reduced gate receipts this season, this window might be a somewhat unique opportunity.

          2. AVFCVillablog

            Yes unlike the pampered clubs in PL all clubs in lower divisions will suffer financially the most so will probably force there hand on sales.

          3. AVFCVillablog

            I think maybe us targeting a RB as been brought forward and is an extra because the reports of Bree joining Luton permanently are accurate, I think it’s something we would have done next summer regardless with Elmo near retirement, but we can’t let Bree go until replacement is sourced.

  79. Vancouvervillan

    Well reading through rumours and transfer talk, little has changed still more outrageous swap deals for Jack mentioned, Toney to Brentford now on … again, Ceballos ony 22 mil !
    Very little actually happening, no surprise.
    I’m struck by how little regard & respect the media have for Villa, despite billionaire ownership and no real need to sell the Jack to utd rumours don’t go away.
    I did see Tomori CB is unwanted by Lampard, good player imo, and was shocked Ceballos is valued at only 22 mil after virtually single handedly winning the cup for Arsenal.

    More patience required by the sound of it, i do hope we get some quality in for 3 or 4 positions, surely we are currently one of the few clubs with a decent budget outside the top 4.
    We’ll see ?

  80. Vancouvervillan

    hi mate, it is silly season right now and I can see this one dragging on forever. I was thinking it would be kept short after the restart but no such luck.
    Remember Le Tissier, Tony Currie … ignored for years because they weren’t from fashionable clubs.

  81. AVFCVillablog


    Sky sports have reportedly sacked Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Phil Thompson from their iconic soccer Saturday show.

    Regardless of anyone’s personal views on them, there is no denying, between them they had a great chemistry going on. It was fun just watching them bicker over trivial things, it’s the end of an era for me.

    Phil Thompson on his twitter account said :

    I’ve had a great 22 years with @SkySports
    Enjoyed every minute with some amazing people on the show and behind the scenes which made it the iconic show it is today.
    Good luck to Sky, Jeff, Merse and the new gang on @SoccerSaturday

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Familiar story, Matt le Tissier doesn’t make the skysports squad, he never made the england squad either barr a couple of times ?
      Sad when TV co’s, radio etc get new producers that break things up people enjoy, sometimes its PC,ers or simply change for the sake of it.
      Merse now involved ? Omg says it all, too many idiots on TV or working in media.

  82. AVFCVillablog

    Villa played Bristol City in a pre-season friendly earlier this afternoon,

    apparently Bristol players drove over to the south Wales hotel venue, as it was important to keep the game under wraps to prevent supporters from travelling and watching the game at the hotel.

    John McGinn started for villa but there was no sign of Jack Grealish, not until later in the game when he came off the bench.

    Bristol City took the lead through Jamie Paterson before Mbwana Samatta equalized for Villa. the game ended 1-1.

    Villa are expected to head back to the Midlands on Thursday

  83. AVFCVillablog

    where do folk think Grealish plays if he goes to the likes of Manchester
    central Midfield or out wide?

    While jack may not come out and say it because he loves the club and would play anywhere, is Jack playing out wide on left hand side and drifting inside hurting his National chances? as it got to a point now where Jack says privately to Dean Smith look I want to play for Villa but it as to be through the middle or i’m off? because at present i am expected to compete with Sterling Rasford and Sancho in Southgates eyes.

  84. Vancouvervillan

    Think its an important window for us, maybe even more so than the last summer window. No secret we need quality additions and I think we’ll take our time to try to get Smith what he wants. Ideally we’d have them all signed & training with the team by now but window never works like that.
    Lange also new to the position can’t help, although are our targets suddenly completely changed due to his arrival, i doubt it.
    Think we just have to be patient and hope we make the right decisions and don’t panic, for example imo we can wait for a CB but can’t do that for a ST and winger.
    UTV !

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Agree on different time scales for different positions and being patient and not panic buying. The last thing we need is another Kalinic type player on our hands

      It’s not just about signing a quality player for any positions we need to fill is it, if only it was that simple – they have to have to fit the remit and have the right attitude & mentality so they fit into the existing group.

      It’s similar for every club except the blooz ?? they take anyone

  85. Vancouvervillan

    Oooops I accidentally only gave you a 0 or 1 out of 5 rating for the post ? any recriminations I’ll accept.
    BTW is there a big reveal on its way with the claret velvet curtain at the top? Waiting for a new signing ?

    Yeah, I think its fairly obvious its something personal with the Jack snub, maybe they had a falling out at u21 level, who knows.
    No big deal for me, he’ll get his chance one day and is all AV for now.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      No worries 1/5 is a fair score and It reflects the content within post

      I have no idea what your referring to in regards velvet curtain at top – i see nothing can you take a screenshot?

      Look at my final words to HenryVillaIn below
      Southgate on Grealish

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Good man – I let you into a little secret i have no idea who votes for what and if it is recorded somewhere i am yet to find it, but i do like your honesty

  86. HenleyVillain

    Perhaps our delayed start could also be seen as a disadvantage. We will begin our first game against a team already having got their first game in, and could be significantly the better for it. As far as Jack Grealish not being selected – well, there must be something we aren’t privy to regarding his relationship with Southgate. According to a reporter on Sky, he was asked not to question Southgate on the subject. I agree, he is clearly good enough to play for England, and when you consider he has chosen Dier after his recent antics, and McGuire after apparently just taking his word on his criminal behaviour in Greece, it must be something personal for me.

    1. AVFCVillablog

      If your referring to Rob Dorsett on sky there is no truth in rumors he was asked not to question Southgate on the Grealish subject

      he’s come out with this

      for clarity and all #avfc fans asking/abusing – let me be very clear.

      I had 5 initial questions –

      4 went on the #mufc captain in court in Greece,

      1 went on Sterling facing Covid tests in Jamaica.

      Is the non-selection of Grealish a bigger story than those?

      In the subsequent TWO questions, I asked about the three first-time call ups for Foden, Greenwood and Phillips.

      I accept the non-selection of Grealish is a big issue which we have addressed since on #ssn, but which of those questions should be dropped, in its favour?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some truth in this below though ??

      Southgate on Grealish exclusion: “I know he’s scored, assisted and created more than any other English midfielder in the top league, but I’d rather my team were as dull and mediocre as I am. I’ll stick with Eric Dier thank you”. ???