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Steve Bruce Bristol City away and that deja vu feeling

We can propel ourselves back into the pack tonight with a win. But how many Aston Villa fans believe we will. Can we start to put together some consistency? Steve Bruce is the hot topic right now. How long can he survive ?. The noose has been tightened. It’s reminiscent of when the curtain came down on Paul Lambert. Remember his visit to Hull. I’ve got that Deja vu feeling. Mind you I get that feeling every game under Bruce. For all the wrong reasons. So all eyes are on Aston Villa this evening.

Steve Bruce and the fans

It’s fair to say the relationship between fans and Steve Bruce has become arduous. Some Aston Villa fans would happily accept defeat tonight. If it were guaranteed Steve Bruce’s tenure would end. That’s a damming indictment. I’m not convinced a loss will bring about the end. There are lots of assumptions from fans in regards to our new owners. How much football knowledge do they have ?. Randolph Lerner & Dr Tony Xia era’s proved you need more than just money?. Who is advising them on Football matters ?. That last bit is significant.

NSWE business acumen

NSWE business acumen is not up for debate. It’s there for all to see. But the Football Industry is a different beast. They never came into this with their eyes shut, unlike Dr Tony Xia. Who in Fairness only failed because of Steve Bruce’s instructions at Wembley. Our new Owners will hopefully have a structured plan. But they may well be forced to amend it. You don’t pay Yannick Bolasie wages if the Managers remit is not Promotion. So on that basis, they are expecting a promotion. Our current form along with some of the media being critical lately will have caught their attention. It feels like the blind leading the blind right now.

Actions speak louder than words. That goes for the board, our C.E.O and Steve Bruce. If the board or C.E.O fail then the Manager is most likely going to fail. If the Manager fails they all fail. That is what’s happening now. If they fail to relieve Steve Bruce of his duties, hoping all will come good. Then ultimately they will be to responsible for our club’s failure. Aston Villa should be dominating this league with the money that has been invested.