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Steven Gerrard Welcome He Swaps Ibrox For Villa Park

Steven Gerrard has been confirmed as the new Aston Villa head coach. What we know so far is Steven Gerrard could have stayed at Glasgow Rangers and potentially taken them automatically straight into the proper stages of the Champions League by winning the Scottish League title this season. But no, he never chose the safe option, such is the bravery of the man. He clearly believes in his own managerial ability. So he’s opted for the beautiful south. He no doubt feels that Villa Park could be Rotterdam anywhere, Liverpool Or Rome. πŸ‘

I don’t buy we will just be a stepping stone for him. Some Villa fans really are stuck in 1982. The truth is the only guy who probably wouldn’t leave us to manage Liverpool was the guy we just sacked, Dean Smith.  

Villa A Massive Club

Steven Gerrard knows what a massive club Aston Villa is. So it’s a real coup for him to land this job, especially so early in his career. Honestly how could he turn it down, it was a no brainer. Make no mistake this is a huge gamble by the Villa hierarchy. But all appointments carry an element of risk. Some more than others, and this appointment falls into the latter.

What we do know is that Steven Gerrard is a winner. He wants to Impress and succeed in football management. And he has done that so far at Glasgow Rangers. Ok there is a massive difference between the English Premier League and the Scottish Premier so we can only judge him on the job he does at Villa.

Rude Awakening

I think it’s a certainty he will not accept mediocre performances. So in that sense some of the players who cost Dean Smith his job will have a rude awakening. Steven Gerrard is inheriting a far better squad of players than Dean Smith did. So there is something to work with while he assesses the squad. So there is really no reason why he shouldn’t  hit the ground running.

We all know the Villa job has been something of a poison chalice for so many who have gone before him. So I understand that some Villa fans will have reservations about this appointment. Because (A) his lack of experience and (B) being a good player doesn’t necessarily mean it will transpire into management. All we can hope for is that, when Steven Gerrard eventually parts company with Aston Villa. He leaves us in better shape than when he joined, just like his predecessor did. So all I will say for now is welcome Steven Gerrard become a bigger legend than you already are, in managment at Villa park.


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  1. Vancouvervillan

    Harder to play through was the key. Forwards a little deeper allowed plenty of cover for our MF & defence. It did mean we were getting less bodies forward at times though (MF arriving in the box) which probably doesn’t help the likes of Buendia. It did allow our FB’s to get forward though.
    Can’t help thinking had we not won he might of got some stick for his subs, Young & AEG had me worried. At the same time he has to get a look at his options in action. I think we’ll see a simitar approach for a few weeks to come.
    We’ll see, it was a good confidence building start.

  2. HenleyVillain

    Yep. I think it has a lot to do with confidence, and the win will do us a power of good. Great atmosphere yesterday, the crowd needed the win almost as much as the team did. Decent performances all round – Buendia and Bailey look like they need more match time and will hopefully be the key to upping the levels.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      I’m struggling a bit with some of the critism of Buendia I’m reading. He’s a hard working player, happy to drop deep but he’s had injuries to deal with and injuries to those around him who will help him. A settled team and position will help him no end. He needs runners and we had few yesterday maybe because we were keeping it tight and narrow.
      I watched Lucas Mora today and see a similar grafter in Buendia. Bailey needs a regular run and some confidence. A lot to look forward to from these two imo.

  3. AVFCVillablog

    Wow good game i thought our lads showed real grit and determination they put up a real fight against a very good Brighton team.
    It’s amazing what a goal does for confidence well done the lads and not only did we keep a clean sheet but more importantly Steven Gerrard has stopped the rot in his first game in charge. That win will go along way into getting the players to buy into the new methods he’s implementing like ditching the Ketchup πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚which is the most difficult thing to achieve.
    Onwards & Upwards

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Yep we needed a win and he got it done. Liked the Watkins goal, good counter.
      We always look more solid with Nakamba in there for me.
      UTV !

  4. AVFCVillablog

    Gerrard’s programme notes:

    “It has been all systems go this week. We’ll implement our ideas & philosophy the more time we spend on the grass. Standards will be extremely high. (Brighton) is a game we’ll go into & be aggressive. I know you’ll get behind us from the 1st whistle.”

  5. AVFCVillablog

    From social media

    Villa Park prepares for Steven Gerrard’s dugout debut today. The last new Villa manager to win his first game in the Premier League was JohnGregory in February 1998, beating Liverpool 2-1.

    (Note Danny Murphy looking miserable behind him 🀣🀣🀣

  6. Vancouvervillan

    Catch up in the morning.
    Got to say I’m dreading hearing the holte singing the Steve Gerrard Gerrard song πŸ™„ just don’t sit right

  7. AVFCVillablog

    Looks like Douglas Luiz has scored pic suggests he’s dating Villa Women star Alisha Lehmann.

    He would be wise to remove and stop posting these sort of pics on his social media, I dont think they will impress SG

    1. HenleyVillain

      I saw that too. And it seems that she has recently broken up with her ex from the PSG Ladies team. Swings both ways obviously 🀣

    1. AVFCVillablog

      No your not imagining it, someone decided to leave the building after throwing their toys out the pram. It meant to the wider audience some of us appeared to be talking to ourselves so those comments were trashed.

      1. HenleyVillain

        Shame that. As much as I sometimes disagree with what others have to say, it’s always good to have differing views.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          I agree it what drives debates but sadly his final comment last night was goodbye and keep your happy clappers.

          He was obviously struggling to accept that other fans are allowed to hold a different views to his own, his final response clearly showed he was unwilling to debate and would much rather berate and throw his toys out just like he had done on another occasion over Jack choosing England over ROI on that occasion he insinuated I was a racist before doing his disappearing act.

  8. Vancouvervillan

    The bottom line is I’ll be over the moon if SG leaves us in better shape than when he arrived. Not too many managers have done that and I’ll not be making my mind up on whether he can do that based on interviews and body language in week one before the teams kicked a ball.

    Expectations need to be tempered.

    The usual “best U23’s ever” stuff is already going on and has been since Jack. We have 7 players worth over 30 million pounds by my reckoning.
    I get the support the Villa manager always stuff (at least until the 1st bad sub 🀣) but I’m slightly surprised at the expectations from someone with NO record in English football whatsoever.

    With the next generation kids and the player assets I mention SG is a huge gamble, shocking for me given the investment and asset potential that we would take such a risk.
    I’m sorry but it also looks cheap & embarrassing, like Rooney going to Derby, we’re we really so desperate for a “name” that we picked someone with zero experience ?
    Don’t worry everything will be fine he’s a born winner & has passion ! πŸ™„

    1. HenleyVillain

      Nothing wrong with having great expectations, and I see no reason whatsoever to temper mine ! There are as many examples of managers new to English football who’ve made a pretty good fist of it as those who have failed.

        1. HenleyVillain

          Not so sure that’s quite what they need.
          I always thought that Traore (the Wolves one) looked like he played with a rocket up his arse. Just wasn’t able to direct himself properly.

    2. AVFCVillablog

      SG is a gamble but all appointments carry an element of risk, why would we want a safe pair of hands ? they would hardly kick us on at best keep us in the division. The fact that not to many have left us in a better position than when they joined is neither here or there. It will have no bearing on the results Gerarrd achieves or doesn’t.

      Most clubs are seldom left in a better place. Fortunately for us that was not the case with Smith

      In regards my expectations for Villa under SG I expect to see improvement across the board and that would be the same for whoever got to succeed Deano

      As they say proof is in the pudding, but there is nothing wrong with fans getting excited or those holding reservations, as Henley said below there are many examples of new managers doing a decent job but equally there are some who make a pigs ear of it like Thierry Henry & Gary Neville.

      I don’t care for all the rhetoric the PR machine what else they supposed to say so all we can do is show our support.

      1. Vancouvervillan

        I’ll get over the appointment 😎
        I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that we’re not acting like a top six club.
        As always I want him to suceed, whoever the manager is.
        I’m looking forward to tomorrow and hoping he can solve some of the problems, well see, he’s going to have similar problems with injuries, MF etc to the other fella. I’ll also be giving him some time, I’m usually pretty patient with new managers.

  9. AVFCVillablog

    I thought that was a really impressive press conference by Steven Gerrard. Surprisingly he’s very articulate when he talks. So he does have that aura about him where you get drawn in has he speaks. Whatever we think about the appointment the board have made their decision.

    Unless your a cynic you can be sure the board did their job in search of Dean Smith’s successor. Because they narrowed a list of over 20 candidates down to 4 Dwight Yorke not being one🀣🀣🀣 and spoke with all 4 but it was Gerrard who unanimously impressed NSWE Purslow and Lange in a five hour interview.

    So let the new chapter begin
    I don’t care for the past, what others have achieved or those who have failed, it’s history, it’s been, and it’s gone, it’s only the future that should matter and concern Villa fans. It’s a new era, one that fans should support & embrace.

    1. HenleyVillain

      Yep, comes across really well, seemingly astute, appears to have picked up a lot of the best from some very impressive managers / coaches he has worked with in the past. I have a very good feeling about it – hopefully it’s the injection we need to get us moving forwards again. I was a Smith man, now I’m getting quite used to being a Gerrard man. Onwards and upwards. UTV.

      1. AVFCVillablog

        Proofs in the pudding has they say, but I’m liking what I am hearing thus far.

        SG said he will put his stamp on things and the aim is to become a possession based team. in the short term I am hoping he can inject some spark into us and get us moving up the table.

        Obviously the naive fans will expect miracles overnight where the rest of us will understand were again going through a transitional phase, but at least we have some foundations already in place thanks to Deano, SG remit might be the same but Deano as given him a base to work off which is more than he got off the cabbage.
        Onwards & Upwards

  10. Vancouvervillan

    Any thoughts on who in the squad will benefit the most from a new lease of life under SG?

    I would think Sanson and a few of the youth for sure. I also think a few like Luiz, Targett and Mings might have to up their game especially the captain. 😎

    1. AVFCVillablog

      Agreed Henley, i’m loving his mentality, having said that, it’s easy to be impressed by words in an interview, only time will tell will if he’s the real deal, but there is no denying Steven Gerrard is a born winner, he appears determined to take the success of his playing career into management, so I am really excited for the new Villa era to begin.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          I did catch the podcast you posted the link to and yes he did sound impressive, both in that interview and the one today. All new managers do though don’t they?
          I think the fact he clearly won’t accept mediocrity from the players is a big plus. I can’t see the January market being huge for us, any sales going to be extremely difficult and I’m sure FFP is still a factor. So he’s going to have to get a tune out of what he’s inheriting and we do have 6 or 7, 30 million pound players don’t we.

  11. AVFCVillablog

    Austin MacPhee, Aaron Danks and Neil Cutler, will remain at Villa park as part of SG backroom staff along with Gary McAllister (Assistant Head Coach), Michael Beale (Assistant Head Coach), Tom Culshaw (Technical Coach), Scott Mason (Lead Analyst) and Jordan Milsom (Head of Fitness and conditioning.

  12. AVFCVillablog

    Do it the Liverpool way lets hope not 1 title in 30 years besides wouldn’t they of employed a German 🀣🀣🀣

    1. Vancouvervillan

      πŸ‘ one who we’ll see progress nicely under SG I would think.
      He’s possibly been our best midfielder this season so far.
      SG might have a few pleasant surprises with some of our youth.

  13. Vancouvervillan

    How many mangers have left us in a better shape then when they arrived over the years? Graham Taylor, BFR, Houllier, Smith ? There aren’t many. Sure hope that’s true.

    I wish him luck and I’ll support him. I think he’ll motivate or scare a few but that doesn’t improve standards only effort.

    For all my reservations about his experience & ability at least apparently he plays attacking football, we’ll see. Survival in the PL is a very different animal to a two horse race up north with no or little consequences for failure.

    I’m just still shell shocked that we would change manager without it being a clear upgrade, it’s a huge risk.

    1. Vancouvervillan

      Mate, he’s done nothing yet I think we all know he’s motivated, bare minimum required from a new manager surely. In reality what had he achieved do far? I mean as a manager. Huge, huge risk for us based on pure nepotism by the looks of it.

        1. Vancouvervillan

          Actually I think that might have been easier to swallow back then, but we set ourselves up to be a progressive forward thinking club when we hired Smith, as for now ?
          Anyway, we’ll see.

          1. HenleyVillain

            Ah, but this is not just talk. It’s serious, on the psychiatrist’s couch stuff.

            Although an adoptive Brummie (brought here as a 6 year old) I actually dislike the accent myself, and I have a bit of a twang. Prefer the less refined Scouse version 🀣

    2. AVFCVillablog

      Thanks fella, i thoroughly enjoyed listening to that, I now have a better insight into Steven Gerrard the man and Manager.