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The Chosen One Last Week This Week Next Week

Just like the chosen one, who we know sets very high standards, and who leads by example. We Villa fans also have high standards. And the majority of us realise that when the reins are handed over. That we have to make allowances, so therefore don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. But we do expect to see steady progression. That said, we can’t ignore the fact that our current league position is a precarious one. But the positive being, there is still two thirds of the season remaining. I know I am stating the obvious, but we do need to see an upturn in results, and quickly. So that a bad situation doesn’t turn into a relegation battle. That’s just the reality of where we find ourselves at present. Steven Gerrard’s said he’s accustomed to high pressure environments. He’s experienced them all of his working life.

Hot Seat

That’s probably just as well, because the Aston Villa hot seat is usually arduos and anything but plain sailing. But this didn’t deter Steven Gerrard from taking the role, such is the belief he’s got in his own ability. The infastructure is in place to give Steven Gerrard the best chance to deliver success. For that reason, the only thing that can stop Steven Gerrard being successful at Aston Villa, is Steven Gerrard. Lets hope we never need to say why didn’t we just give Dean Smith more time to turn it around. Because that would only mean one thing.

Lets just say, now that I’ve had time to get my head around Steven Gerrard being appointed. I’ve come to the conclusion, that even though there is an element of risk to this appointment. It’s bold, it’s brave, but it excites me, and as a fan I want to be excited. So I am pretty chilled about it now. I also believe Villa have a group of players that should not, under any circumstances, be worried about the threat of relegation. And regardless of his lack of managerial experience at this level. I think Steven Gerrard is the type of person where failure is not an option.

Demand 110% Commitment

In the short term I think Steven Gerrard needs to find out which players he can call upon who will sweat, give blood and keep going to grind out the results. Gerrard will be looking for players who will fully commit 110% to the cause and then build on that.

After taking on the role of resurrecting Villa’s fortunes. Last week the chosen one saw his Villa managerial career get off to the perfect start, with victory and a clean sheet. This weekend he takes his players to Selhurst park. A ground that Villa last won at in 2014, courtesy of a brilliant solo effort by Christian Benteke.

Back To Back

This week the chosen one will have a full week with the players. So hopefully all the work done on the training pitch transpires into their performance at the weekend. And enable the team to record back to back wins. That really would be the dream start, and suddenly Villa fans would be looking up the table, rather than down it. Of course there’s lots of work to be done and fans expectations will never dissipate. So while it may be a little early to expect a christmas miracle. An early christmas gift will be more than welcome. However, the reality is, the chosen one will still be assessing the players. Finding out their habits, good and bad, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses, while instilling his own methods.

Pending injuries, fitness levels etc. Does Stevie G stick, twist, or even tweak and reward some of the subs who made the difference with their cameo roles last weekend. Changing a winning team that is not enforced is always a risk, for the manager. But it’s what managers sometimes do and good teams adapt too it.

Over to the chosen one then.


23 Responses

  1. Vancouvervillan

    Good win, I liked the cheeky away team type play, Watkins ran all day for us, great SJM goal. Not pretty but now 7 points of Europe.

    1. HenleyVillain

      It’s funny how just a minimum level of improvement can make such a difference. I’m one of those fans with a modicum of intelligence that just has to put it down to Purslow and his new team ! 😂

  2. AVFCVillablog

    Good first half of football some nice passages of play only negative being we should probably be more than 1 in front.

  3. AVFCVillablog

    Steven Gerrard changed how Villa line up to face Palace

    Bailey & Young start Ings & Buendia drop to bench

      1. AVFCVillablog

        I think were fortunate to have him and thankfully to NSWE for appointing Purslow, he’s the best C.E.O since Mr Aston Villa himeself Steve Stride, looking back now at Paul Faulkner, Tom Fox, Keith Wyness era’s is like stepping into the twilight zone😂

  4. Vancouvervillan

    Anything but Stevie G !

    Yep need some patience while he finds his preffered 11. The 110% commitment is something we’ve maybe been missing and a good point.
    I’m usually pretty patient with new managers but SG will need to perform not sure fans will be as patient as they were with DS.
    You’re forgiven for not replying to my last post 🙂
    Be well

    1. AVFCVillablog

      I do apologise buddy
      I have done so now👍

      Anyone but Stevie G ​
      Hopefully not but it’s probably only a matter of time
      All we can do is show our support and cross our fingers😂😂

      After the lambert fiasco even if our fans sang there is only one pep guadiola, from the stands at the Ethiad I couldn’t get excited.
      ive heard that many names mentioned for the villa hot seat over the years from Big Sam, Tony Pulis, Alan Curbisley, that shows generally fans on blogs are as clueless as those who were singing Paul Lamberts claret n blue army.

      Now we got a bloke in charge who has a studio that’s wall to wall with hub caps🤣

      1. Vancouvervillan

        I was referring to you calling SG “Stevie G” sounds like a Liverpool fan.
        I’ve come to terms with the new tenure, I like the idea of increased effort and energy, let’s hope it lasts.
        I’m not sure we are going to see too many changes to the starting line up, but I think the subs might be interesting.

        1. AVFCVillablog

          Hate to bring him up again but the harsh reality is this team was initially built around you know who. it eventually cost Deano his job because he couldn’t get a tune out of a broken fiddle and he struggled to fine tune the replacement string. Deano just struggled after he lost his boy. He lost the main piece of his jigsaw puzzle.

          Moving forward increased effort and more energy is the only thing that can possibly help Stevie G 😂 at least until the January window opens. Then perhaps he can bring a couple of faces in who suit his style and help us push for a mid table finish.

          That’s probably the most realistic and best outcome we can hope for this season. The players signed fitted Deano system some will survive some will be shipped out. And so the revolving door will again be busy because Steven gerrard will want his own players.

          So much for Christian Purslow’s rhetoric of not repeating past mistakes because it’s exactly what’s happening now the only difference being is we should make a profit on most we ship out.

          1. Vancouvervillan

            I don’t think it’s going to be easy to ship anyone out given what happened in the summer window. There’s a distinct lack of spending power out there, home and abroad.
            If the FFP wiggle room is as close as I have seen reported we may have to sell to buy anyway.
            Traore was a17 mil & Luiz 15 mil investments !
            Can’t see us making much profit.

          2. AVFCVillablog

            I’m of the opposite view buddy. From a financial fair play perspective we’ll be in a new FFP year by time Sumner comes around. Jack sale straightened us out, it was all profit with him being homegrown.

            So I dont believe financial restrictions will prevent us buying new additions especially given that fees are paid over length on contract mostly. And I doubt Stevie G would have come if his hands were going to be tied.

            I think most our previous purchases will see us make a profit on them apart from Wesley. Overall i do think we will make money on most of our earlier purchases Luiz, yes easily in the current market, and the likes of Traore, Hause only cost us 2m, El Ghazi 8m Marvelous 11m etc.