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The Silence is Deafening At B6

The Silence is Deafening, the hierarchy really needs to communicate with fans in regards to Steve Bruce’s position. Every day the speculation increases. Social media is now awash with names linked as his possible replacement. The board’s silence on this matter is only serving to fuel that speculation.

The Owner found time to communicate on his favourite platform a couple of days ago. So it’s about time he ended the silence and addressed the wider fan base. Even if just to show support to the man he hired, at least it would stop the speculation.

Dr Tony Xia‏ Verified account @Dr_TonyXia May 28 “Still hurting, Felt, even more, when you realize how much all ppl love the club. The gaffer, the whole squad, including myself, have given everything but still didn’t achieve our target. Also very difficult to verify ppl showing their real personality and humanity at this tough moment.”

Forget the silence, It’s obvious that however close we came to promotion with the loan players and the experienced heads of JT & co. Their services came at a considerable cost, which is unsustainable because of FFP. So going forward we have to take a different approach.

Fans Loyalties Divided

This is where fans are divided, no silence from them on this matter. The majority feel Steve Bruce as steadied the ship. He’s brought about a dressing room harmony, which was once described as being toxic. To quote, Steve Bruce himself “It had too many bad apples in its ranks”. So some fans think he deserves to have another crack at promotion next season.

But the bottom line is this, Steve Bruce failed his ultimate goal with the most expensive squad ever assembled at Championship level. So how is he going to achieve success next season with austerity measures in place?. Without the likes of Robert Snodgrass, John Terry, Sam Johnstone etc. It was a quick fix approach, a gamble supported by Steve Round & the board.

I don’t know how accurate these wages are. But if they’re on the money, then the board are serving us, no better than Tom Fox did.


It’s common knowledge there is a deficit that as to be met. We must meet FFP regulations. Which probably means us needing to sell some of our prize assets. You cannot sell your crown jewels and remain competitive no matter what league you’re in. Look what happened when we lost Benteke, Delph, Gueye previously. Or prior to that, Milner, Young, Barry, all it does is set you back.

New Approach Needed

I will probably get slaughtered for saying this. But I personally think we now have to take the longevity approach. No more gambles or quick fix scenario’s. I don’t believe Steve Bruce is the man for what needs to be done. Simply because he does not have the required skill set.

We need a new approach, a young vibrant, progressive, tactically astute coach. Someone who can develop our own youth talent and any young footballing talent we purchase. He needs to be given time to develop a footballing ethos. A playing style which will be played across all levels of the club, and become known as the Villa way. Then every coach that follows in his/her footsteps adds a sprinkling of there own.

Fans Hopes And Aspirations

Every one of us wants promotion back to the premier league. We want it yesterday. As fans were generally very impatient and owners even more so nowadays. Just like the club has shown patience towards Steve Bruce, that is what will be needed in the future. No more knee jerk reactions, especially like the Robert Di Matteo sacking.

Does the Aston Villa board have the longterm vision that is needed to finally lift this great club of ours back to where it belongs?. Or will we just become another Leeds United?.

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