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The Villa Has Wembley In Their Sights

I am confident the Villa will finish off the Baggies tomorrow night. And I also think the Baggies missed a trick on Saturday. For me, they have blown their chance of winning this tie. Yes, I know they can create and score, and it’s only a slim lead we hold. But its more than just a goal advantage or a psychological advantage. By going into the second leg with our noses in front, we are in control of the tie and our destiny.

The Baggies have it all to do. They have to win by at least two clear goals. And I don’t see the Villa conceding twice without reply. When did that last happen?. The Baggies got it tactically wrong on Saturday even after being gifted a goal. And I believe they will get it wrong again tomorrow tonight because they fear us. They might have been the league’s second top goal scorers this season. But we have not been too bad in that department ourselves. And since Smith came in, we now have the second-best defensive record in the league.

Villa’s Game management

Smith will want Villa to start this game how we finished the last one. And the players will know they are in touching distance of the final. We shouldn’t underestimate our own team’s ability. The Villa has a way of winning these days, and we have a little sprinkling of everything. We can see games out and if called upon show great powers of recovery. Its what has got us this far, and why I am so confident.

And after seeing the Baggies fail to take advantage of us while we were below par. It is unimaginable the baggies could do so tomorrow night without their main man Dwight Gayle. Plus we’re not going to sit back and invite pressure. Them days are long gone. The one thing we must avoid though is conceding early on, as that would change the whole complexity of the tie with a partisan crowd.

We had a few players making errors all on the same day Saturday. Something I don’t recall seeing too much of under Smith recently. So I put that down to nerves. So as long as we play the game and not the occasion, we will be off to Wembley.