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Time for change

Time for a change, Yesterday’s performance was the last straw for many. Following the game support for Steve Bruce dwindled to an all-time low. The majority of fans are now calling for his reign to end. He as lost the away fans who ended up fighting each other. It would seem many of his loyal supporters have now lost faith. It appears the tide as finally turned. I don’t think fans will get there wishes after one defeat.  But they have made enough noise for the powers that be to take notice.

Villa fans are not calling time on  Steve Bruce’s because he lost one game of football. It’s his accumulation of mistakes during his tenure. Recently he spoke about basically starting again. Why oh why are the players he purchased in January 2017 not the core of his Villa team. Hogan, Lansbury, Hourihane, Taylor, Bjarnason, Bree. There’s only one regular starter there. Out of the six players he purchased.

No style no pattern no foundations

This is Bruce’s third season. Yet there’s still no sign of a pattern of play, or style in the Villa team. It’s a group of talented individuals but not a team. How much time does Bruce need? Bruce admitted yesterday including 5 players who had not trained all week. Why play them because they declared themselves fit. Apparently, he went along with it as those in midweek did not warrant more game time. Way to go, Steve, play unfit players when you have options. Is there any player Bruce hasn’t thrown under the bus in the last few weeks. No wonder it looks like he’s lost the dressing room. How is it that after the transfer window closed. We are left with only one recognised CB. It really is incompetence when you loan your own CB out and do not replace him.


Most recently he’s loaned in two wingers and then loaned out a winger.  Losing competition for places.  Which he always harps on that you need. He also tried to loan out  Adomah our top scorer last season. What was Bruce’s plan if El Ghazi or Bolasie got injured. He’s lost the plot he brings in a striker, so we now have five. But he only ever picks one. Lets not forget he plays the DM Jedinak as CB. Even thou he’s made numerous mistakes previously. Our Proper CB Elphick could have been called upon. Who incidentally started the season and scored. Only to be dropped. We have 4 right-backs. One who is played at LB. Ahead of the LB Bruce purchased Taylor. We only have one CB because the one he loaned Tuanzebe plays RB. Time and time again he changes players there is no chance for players to settle.

Lost the plot

I think it’s fair to say fans are right. Steve Bruce does not know what he’s doing. He’s an outdated Manager who’s become stale and is devoid of ideas. We need to part company and bring in his replacement to give the dressing room & club a huge lift. Bruce is only going to cause more damage. Besides, it will allow us to build for our future and still retain some hope of winning promotion this season.

Missed opportunity

Following relegation, Villa had the perfect opportunity to reinvent itself away from Premier league pressure. An ideal stage to implement a sustainable model. Build the foundations on which the club could grow. But it became very apparent there was a clear lack of vision in the hierarchy ranks as soon Steve Bruce was appointed.

New owners

Our new co-owners have already stated fans will need to be patient while they plot our path back. This will not happen under Steve Bruce. For me there no way back for him. Worse still no way forward for the club while he remains Manager.

avfcvillablog is giving its support for the removal of Steve Bruce. It calls upon the Villa board to use this international break to appoint a new coach. Who can breathe some life back into the club? Who can lay the foundations, create a playing style, put a pattern of play into our football? Which will provide us with the ability to win promotion. We need to play our way out of this division, not buy our way out. If the board do decide to wait it will only be putting off the inevitable. Which will ultimately mean another season in the Championship next season for AVFC?