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Villans Don’t Look Back In Anger.

Villans Don’t look back in anger what’s the point. We cannot change the past, we can, however, determine our future. Our goal remains the same as we head into the new year. Winning promotion any which way possible. If automatic is beyond us then we do it the hard way via the playoffs.

The first test of 2019

QPR will be our first test of the new year and it’s going to be tough. Lets remember we have lost only once in our last 10 games. In what was described as a very difficult fixture period. So it’s not all doom and gloom even if we have dropped points. A point away from home is always good. It’s at home where you need to pick up all three. If you do that throughout the season you win promotion.

What villans said

Most Villans were happy with Bruce getting his marching orders. And on Smith’s arrival given the state of the unbalanced squad he inherited. Said lets see where we are placed come January. If we can stay in touch with the pack we can push on when Smith as his reinforcements in. We have done that, we’re in the chasing pack.

Villans were mostly in agreement with Smith being given the time to build his own squad and create a football identity & philosophy. Is it me or as there been a general sway away from that consensus. As that now appears out the window ?. Is this down to Smiths impact since walking through the doors? It seems expectancy levels have increased and promotion is at the forefront of fans minds. Regardless of the shape, we go up in.

Right or wrong way to go up

Is there a right or wrong way to go up Villans ?. No not really the holy grail is the holy grail. Besides the odds suggest you will come straight back down even if you have a football philosophy such is the gulf in class. Only one thing matters and that’s the cash cow as far as owners are concerned. It’s all about the cash injection.

In reality, it’s a pipe dream that we go up as some sort of junior Barcelona team and take the Premier League by storm and consolidate. All that really matters is getting there and having funds to invest to purchase quality players to keep us there. With rich owners, a decent scouting network and a good coach the rest will take care of itself.


An equally important thing to remember villans is if the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth and Huddersfield can consolidate and survive then why can’t we without being mini Barcelona. This plan, that plan is mainly PR rhetoric to manage expectation levels. I can tell you everybody in the boardroom wants promotion yesterday.

But if we don’t win promotion come May. Smith still deserves at least a preseason and summer window to rubber-stamp his mark on the villa squad before we can properly judge him. Just to answer a question I know will be coming. Obviously, I’m not expecting him to lose the next 11 on the bounce.

Happy new year villans lets hope it’s a good one UTV