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Villa’s Destiny Rests On These Players – Revealed

Once again, Villa’s destiny rests in our own hands. And we find ourselves on the verge of returning to the premier league. But it will be our players who decide if it’s to be, or not. What we need is a team performance, yes we have individuals who can give us a moment of brilliance. And win us any given game, but we cannot merely rely on that occurring. What got us this far, was team performances. If we deliver one of those, then I am super confident Villa will emerge as the winners on the final whistle.

From a psychological perspective, Villa has the edge over their opponents. But Derby has shown it’s a good cup side this season. And that is basically what this game is. So we cannot afford to be complacent, and we must remain entirely focused going into this game. But having said that Derby could prepare all they like, but it will make no difference to the outcome. It’s Villa’s destiny to be triumphant at Wembley. And we know It’s also long overdue. Villa is not Leeds, and Derby will be facing a focused full strength Villa team. Not a team who is missing players from injury or suspension.

Villa’s, Dean’s and Jack’s Destiny

You’re probably fed up of me mentioning Villa’s destiny. So let me elaborate Dean Smith local lad managing his boyhood club. And Jack Grealish local lad captaining his boyhood club. Both of them walking out their team on the biggest stage of all for a final. One thing is for sure they will do their very best to deliver victory for us. I can’t put my finger on anything specific. But I have said a few times that I sense something special emerging out of Villa Park. Well to reach the playoffs and then the playoff final from the position we were in, does not happen by chance or luck.

A guarantee is a something I cannot offer, but I believe this time at Wembley the real Villa will turn up. And we will conquer, and Villa will be back where it belongs playing and testing ourselves amongst the best in English football. And our life journey as Villa fans will start a new chapter.